What Is An Eagle in Disc Golf? Strategies to Enhance the Golf Game


Disc golf is a fun sport gaining popularity because it combines the precision of golf with the athleticism of frisbee to create a challenging and rewarding game.

If you’re new to this sport, you may wonder: “What Is An Eagle in Disc Golf?”

This post will explore what an eagle is in disc golf, how to achieve it, and how it can help you enhance your game. 

We’ll also share tips and strategies to help you get more eagles on the course and become a better disc golfer overall. 

So grab your disc, and let’s dive in!

What Is an Eagle in Disc Golf?

In disc golf, an eagle is a score achieved by completing a hole in two fewer throws than the number of throws designated as par for that hole. 

For example, if a hole is a par 4, you can achieve an eagle by completing the spot in just two throws.

People consider eagles in disc golf quite rare, and they achieve this by throwing a long, accurate drive followed by a well-executed approach shot and putt. 

Disc golfers must possess skills, strategies, and a bit of luck to achieve an eagle in the game.

Just like in traditional golf, eagles are a significant accomplishment in disc golf, and they can help a player gain an edge in a tournament or round. 

A player who can consistently achieve eagles on sure holes can quickly climb the leaderboard and put pressure on their opponents.

It is a term referring to a score achieved by completing a how in two fewer throws (Link).

How to Achieve an Eagle Score in Disc Golf?

To score an eagle in a disc golf game, you must complete a hole in two fewer throws than the number of throws designated as par for that hole.

First, pick the right hole to play. Look for a spot at least two strokes under par, usually a longer par 4 or 5. 

But, if you’re confident in your skills, a shorter par four could also allow you to make a long, accurate throw.

Once you’ve picked the hole, it’s time to make a good drive off the tee. This is the foundation of your eagle opportunity. 

So it would be best to use an accurate driver or mid-range disc to get you as close to the basket as possible without getting into trouble.

Once you’ve thrown a good drive, set up a good approach shot to get as close to the basket as possible. 

Depending on your style and the hole layout, this could be a forehand or backhand throw. Make sure you’re accurate and mindful of any hazards around the basket.

Now, for the most exciting part – making a long putt. You need to focus, keep a steady hand, and make a confident, accurate throw from outside the circle.  

This is where you’ll need to focus, keep a steady hand, and make a confident, accurate throw from outside the circle. Focus on making the shot rather than worrying about the result.

Set up a good approach shot near the basket
Set up a good approach shot near the basket (Link).

The Impacts of Eagles On the Course

Eagles are a coveted achievement for players on the disc golf course. Not only do they allow players to complete a hole with a good score, but they can also provide a confidence boost and excitement.

#1. Confidence Boost

One way that eagles help players on the course is by boosting their confidence. 

Achieving an eagle is a fantastic feeling that can put players in a positive mindset for the remainder of the round. This can help you approach the remaining holes with a winning attitude.

#2. Score Improvement

Another way that the eagles can help players is by significantly improving their scores. As an eagle is two strokes better than par, it can give players a considerable advantage and help them climb the leaderboard. 

This added pressure can also make competitors rethink their strategies, creating more opportunities for you to outplay them.

Eagles can also make up for any mistakes made earlier in the round. If you’ve had a few foul shots or made mistakes earlier in the round, scoring an eagle can help you make up for lost ground. 

This is especially important in long tournaments, where every shot counts.

#3. Fun and Excitement

Achieving an eagle can be a fun and exciting experience, making the game more enjoyable. It’s a rare accomplishment that players will remember for a lifetime, and it’s a sign of mastery and skill in disc golf.

Overall, eagles are a sign of mastery and skill in disc golf, and they can positively impact your game, both mentally and strategically.

Scoring an eagle brings you fun and excitement
Scoring an eagle brings you fun and excitement (Link).

The Origins of Eagle

The word “eagle” in disc golf originated from ball golf and was coined in 1903 by Abner Smith, who also created the term “birdie.” 

The term referred to a score of two strokes less than par and caught on in America, where the national bird is the eagle. 

While its first use in disc golf is unclear, the term remains crucial to scoring and can give players an advantage.

5 Strategies to Enhance Eagle on Disc Golf Game

Improving your disc golf game and scoring more eagles can be challenging. I suggest five strategies that can help you get more eagles on the course:

#1. Improve Your Distance

Improving your distance in disc golf increases your chances of scoring an eagle. 

A longer throw can allow you to reach the basket in fewer throws, making a significant difference in your score. 

You must practice proper throwing techniques and practice regularly to improve your throwing distance.

It would be best to focus on your body positioning, grip, and throwing motion to achieve proper throwing technique. 

Maintaining a good balance and footwork and keeping your arm and wrist in the proper position can significantly improve your throwing distance.

It is essential to have a relaxed grip on the disc and throw with a smooth motion, which helps generate more power and speed.

#2. Master Your Putting

Disc golf putting is the act of throwing the disc towards the basket, typically from a shorter distance compared to driving or approaching shots. Mastering it can significantly impact your overall score in the game. 

Consistency and accuracy in putting can help you get closer to the basket, giving you a better chance of scoring an eagle or making par.

To master your putting skills in disc golf, you need to focus on the fundamentals of the technique. This includes developing a comfortable and repeatable stance, grip, and release. 

  • A good stance involves positioning your feet shoulder-width apart with one foot slightly forward, maintaining a stable and balanced position. 
  • Your grip should be firm yet comfortable, allowing you to control the disc’s flight. 
  • A consistent release is also essential, allowing you to deliver the disc with constant spin and angle.
Practice putting to master this skill
Practice putting to master this skill (Link).

#3. Use the Right Discs

In disc golf, selecting the right disc for each shot is crucial for success. The game involves using different discs to perform other throws, such as distance driving, mid-range shots, and putting. 

Each disc has unique flight characteristics, including speed, stability, glide, and fade. Understanding how each one affects the flight of the disc is essential.

When selecting a disc for a particular shot, it’s essential to consider several factors. It would be best if you thought about the distance, angle of the shot, wind conditions, and other environmental factors. 

For instance, a long-distance shot that requires a slight turn to the left might require a high-speed, understable driver disc. 

In contrast, a mid-range disc with a stable rating might be more suitable for a short-range shot that needs to go straight with minimal fade. 

#4. Know the Course

Knowing the course you are playing can significantly impact your performance. Familiarizing yourself with the course is essential to performing well in disc golf. 

Knowing the layout of the course and the specifics of each hole can help you plan your shots more effectively. This can help you avoid mistakes and increase your chances of scoring an eagle.

Generally, understanding the course can help you:

  • Identify potential obstacles like trees, water hazards, or other challenging terrain. 
  • Plan your shots more accurately and avoid costly mistakes. 
  • Choose the right disc for each shot and increase your chances of success. 
  • Better anticipate how the disc will fly and make more accurate throws. This can help you save strokes and increase your overall score.

#5. Play Smart

Playing intelligent means using your knowledge and experience to make well-informed decisions on the course. 

One key aspect of playing smart is avoiding unnecessary risks. This could mean avoiding shots that are difficult or beyond your current skill level or avoiding shots that would put you in a risky position on the course.

For example, if you’re playing a long par 5, it might be tempting to try and hit a long, risky shot to reach the green in two.

Another important aspect of playing smart is making strategic decisions. This involves taking into account many factors to make the best possible shot. 

For example, if a strong wind blows against you, hit a shorter shot that stays low and avoids getting caught in the wind.

Play smart in the game to avoid the unnecessary risks (Link).


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An eagle refers to a score achieved by completing a hole in two fewer throws than the number of throws designated as par for that hole. 

It is a rare and impressive accomplishment in disc golf, requiring skill, strategy, and a bit of luck. 

By understanding the origins of eagles, ways to score, and strategies to enhance them, golfers can improve their game and maximize their enjoyment.

So get out there, have fun, and aim for that eagle!

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