What Is An Ace In Disc Golf? We’ve Got the Answer for You!


Disc golf is a rapidly growing sport gaining immense popularity in recent years. 

One of the most exciting aspects of this sport is the possibility of achieving an ‘ace’ shot. But what is an ace in disc golf, and how can you score one? 

This article will delve into the details of this exciting term, how to score, its history, tips to achieve, and answer frequently asked questions about it.

Let’s dive into the reading for more details!

What Is An Ace In Disc Golf?

An ace, also known as a hole-in-one, is when a player successfully throws the disc directly into the target basket in one shot, completing the hole with a score of one. 

This is considered the best possible outcome for any disc golf shot, and people highly appreciate this in the community.

Skill, accuracy, and luck are the components of achieving the ace. The player must throw the disc with the correct amount of power and angle to travel precisely to the target basket. 

An Ace is a term used to describe the impressive feat of hitting a hole-in-one (Link).

The player also needs to take into account wind conditions, obstacles, and the distance of the hole.

Aces can happen on any hole but are more commonly accessible on shorter holes with less distance between the tee and the target basket. 

Some courses also have designated “ace runs,” which are shorter holes explicitly designed to give players a chance to make an ace.

When a player makes an ace, it typically gets cheers with excitement and enthusiasm from the player and their fellow competitors. 

It is a rare and impressive accomplishment, and many players strive to achieve their first ace and to collect as many aces as possible throughout their disc golf career.

Players can award special prizes in many disc golf tournaments, such as cash or commemorative discs, when they get aces. 

Some players record their aces and the date, course, and disc used for each shot.

It is a rare accomplishment in disc golf (Link).

How to Achieve an Ace Score?

Scoring an ace in disc golf is a remarkable achievement every player dreams of achieving. 

An ace occurs when players throw their disc from the tee pad directly into the basket with one shot without requiring additional throws. 

This requires the player’s accuracy, skill, and a bit of luck. The likelihood of scoring an ace varies depending on the length and difficulty of the hole. 

  • A shorter par three hole, which typically ranges from 100 to 300 feet in length, offers the best chance of achieving an ace as they require less distance to cover and fewer obstacles to avoid.
  • To score an ace on a long par four or five hole, a player would need to throw their disc directly into the basket in one shot, which is much more complex and rare.
  • Par four holes can range from 300 to 600 feet long, and par five holes can be even longer. 

These holes typically require more throws to complete and often have more obstacles to navigate, making it much more challenging to achieve an ace.

Throw your disc to the basket with one shot to get an ace score (Link).

The Origins of the “Ace”

People believe the first recorded “ace” in disc golf history stems from Kevin Donnelly in 1978 at La Mirada Disc Golf Course in California. 

Donnelly reportedly threw a Frisbee-brand disc into the basket on the 145-foot 17th hole, and several other players witnessed his shot. 

Donnelly’s ace helped popularize the term and the achievement, quickly becoming a sought-after accomplishment among disc golfers.

Since Donnelly’s historic shot, countless players have recorded aces on courses worldwide. 

The Professional Disc Golf Association (PDGA), founded in 1976, keeps track of aces as a statistical category. Players often receive special prizes or recognition for hitting an ace during a tournament.

The term “ace” has the origin from ball golf (Link).

3 Ace-worthy Discs

If you want to get an ace in a disc golf game, one necessary tool is the discs. I recommend my 3 top options for enhancing the game.

#1. Innova Aviar

The Aviar is a classic putter and one of the most popular discs in disc golf. It has a straight flight path with a moderate fade at the end, making it a reliable choice for approach shots and putting. 

The Aviar comes in various plastic blends, each with a slightly different feel and flight characteristics, allowing players to choose the one that suits their playing style best.

#2. Discraft Buzzz

The Buzzz is a mid-range disc known for its consistent flight and versatility. 

It has a straight flight path with a gentle fade at the end, making it suitable for short and long throws. 

The Buzzz is popular among players of all skill levels and is a reliable choice for approach shots, long putts, and navigating tight fairways.

#3. Dynamic Discs Sheriff

The Sheriff is a high-speed driver that is appropriate for maximum distance. It has a wide rim and a slight dome, allowing it to cut through the air quickly. 

The Sheriff has a moderately overstable flight path, making it suitable for both backhand and forehand throws. 

This disc is popular among advanced players looking for a reliable driver to handle distance and accuracy.

Strategies to Enhance the First Ace in Disc Golf Game

Scoring an ace requires practice and patience. To increase your chances of landing your first ace, I give you some tips below:

#1. Choose the right disc

Select a disc that you feel comfortable and confident throwing for the distance and conditions of the hole you are playing. 

Generally, it would be best to use a stable or overstable disc for a straight shot into the basket, but this can vary depending on the hole and conditions. Some perfect options are the three discs I recommended above.

#2. Understand the course layout 

Take time to study the course and understand the distance, elevation, and obstacles you’ll face. 

Knowing the course layout will help you plan your shots and increase your chances of landing an ace.

#3. Practice your form and technique 

Focus on developing good form and technique to increase your chances of hitting an Ace. 

Ensure you follow through with your throw and cleanly and smoothly release the disc.

Practice more to adjust your form and technique
Practice more to adjust your form and technique (Link).

#4. Scout the hole 

Take a few moments to study the hole before you throw. Look for any obstacles or wind conditions that could affect your shot. 

This can help you adjust your aim and power accordingly.

#5. Play the odds

Some holes are more likely to yield an Ace than others. Look for short, straight spots with clear sight lines to the basket. 

These holes are typically easier to hit an Ace on than longer, more challenging holes.

#6. Visualize and focus

Visualize your shot before you throw, and focus on your form and the target. Try to take deep breaths and maintain your focus throughout your throw.

#7. Stay positive 

Hitting an Ace is rare, so keep going even if you don’t achieve it immediately. 

Stay positive and keep practicing your form and technique. Remember, even getting close to the basket can lead to a birdie or other favorable outcome on the hole.

Stay positive in every turn in disc golf game
Stay positive in every turn in disc golf game (Link).


What counts as an ace in disc golf?

An ace in disc golf is when a player throws the disc directly into the target hole in one shot without hitting any obstacles or bouncing off.

How rare is an ace in disc golf?

Aces are considered rare in disc golf, with the odds of scoring one estimated to be around only 21%.

How many points is an ace in disc golf?

Aces are typically worth one point in disc golf.

Who has the most ace in disc golf?

The player with the most aces in disc golf history is still up for debate, as there is no official record-keeping for aces. 

However, some notable players who have hit many aces in their careers include Ken Climo, Dave Feldberg, and Nate Doss.

Is an ace considered a 1?

Yes, an ace in disc golf typically scores a one on the hole.

Is an ace 1 or 11?

In disc golf, an ace scores a one on the hole, not an 11.

Do I hit a 16 vs. an ace?

An ace is typically scoring a one on the hole in disc golf. Therefore, you would not hit a 16 vs. an ace.

Is 10 higher than Ace?

No, an ace is typically considered the highest score on a hole in disc golf, and a ten would be a much higher score.

Does an ace beat a 10?

Yes, an ace would beat a 10 in disc golf.

Can the dealer choose if the ace is 1 or 11?

Disc golf has no dealer, and people typically consider aces scoring a one on the hole.

What is the longest ace in disc golf history?

The longest ace in disc golf history recorded by Guinness is from Caleb Hall, who hit a 611-foot ace at the North Cove Leisure Club in North Carolina, USA.

Why is it ace instead of 1?

The term ‘ace’ has been used in traditional golf to refer to scoring a hole-in-one, and disc golf adopted the word as well.

Do you retire ace discs?

Some players may retire a disc that helped them achieve an ace to commemorate the accomplishment, but it is not a requirement.

Is an ace good in golf?

Yes. Scoring an ace in traditional golf is considered an impressive feat and is celebrated by golfers worldwide.

Has there ever been an ace on a par 4?

It is implausible to score an ace on a par four hole in disc golf, but there have been some recorded instances of aces on par four holes in traditional golf.

Which ace is the highest?

An ace is typically considered the highest score on a hole in disc golf.

Is three a high ace score?

No, a score of 3 on a hole is not considered an ace in disc golf.


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Ace refers to when a player throws their disc from the tee directly into the basket in one shot, completing the hole with the lowest possible score of one.

It is an exciting part of disc golf culture, and achieving one is significant for any player. Understanding what an ace is, how to score one, and using suitable discs and techniques can increase your chances of landing your first ace. 

You’ve also known the information about the history, strategies to increase the ace, and answers to some FAQs.

Keep practicing, stay patient, and who knows, you’ll become the next disc golf ace champion. Thank you for reading!

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