Top Disc Golf Towel: 5 Suggestions And A Full Buying Guide

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Disc golf is gradually becoming a sport trend, attracting more and more people looking for a novel and potentially health-enhancing sport.

Before each departure, you will realize that you have to prepare a lot of things to enjoy the game to the fullest. But remember to reserve a corner of your bag for towels because this is an indispensable use in every game!

Professional players were acquainted with the existence of this item. But if you are a newbie with this game, we will help you learn more about its use!

Disc golf towel helps users remove small objects that appear on the surface (including leaves, grass, dust, and so on). In addition, it can remove steam water stains and thoroughly clean the surface, making the disc more consistent and ready for every attempt.

Such a useful item is definitely worth your effort to learn and choose. But, what is a top disc golf towel that you should not miss? And how to choose the right towel for your game?

Here we have a collection of the five best towels for you to choose from. Don’t waste any more time. Scroll down and see which one is just the right item you’re looking for!

Top 5 Best Disc Golf Towels Worth Your Consideration

Axiom Discs Logo Disc Golf Towel– Best For Unique Design


  • Material: Cotton
  • Dimension: 23.25″ x 16.5″
  • Package weight: 0.29 kilograms
  • Color: Blue

Detailed Review

Vibrant colors are the key to making the manufacturer proud of this product more than ever. While other towels tend to have a dark or light look, this Axiom stands out with its vibrant dark blue! It has succeeded in attracting customers’ attention at first sight.

In addition, the logo is placed in the corner of the towel. This fits the preferences of those who like simplicity.

This tri-fold towel is extremely absorbent, thanks to the cotton. Besides, this material also makes it easier than ever to remove dirt and all sorts of grime.

The package includes an attachment clip to support your game. You can attach it outside the bag to save space or clip it on your pants for more convenience whenever you need it during the game.


  • Eye-catching colors
  • Soft and absorbent


  • Heavier than the other products on this list

INNOVA DewFly Microsuede Disc Golf Towel – Best For Cling-Free Texture


  • Material: Microsuede
  • Dimension: 17″ x 16.5″
  • Package weight: 0.05 kilograms
  • Color: Black

Detailed Review

The towels provided by the Innova brand often attract users because of the superiority in the non-stick texture of the microsuede clothes. As a result, using this product would be a smart idea if you want to remove leaves and grass on the disc.

Many people wonder if the microsuede fabric will make the towel lose its ability to absorb water. Do not worry. This ability always works great!

In terms of size, it is quite compact compared to Axiom, while the thickness is also a bit smaller. It makes it possible to save space in your pocket.

Yet, it does not include the attachable clip included in the package. That’s why before every game, you should reserve a small corner of your golf bag to store this product.

Lack of attachment is also a minus point that you should consider carefully before purchasing. Please buy an attachment if you want to enjoy the best experience with this product.


  • Lightweight
  • Compact size
  • A unique material with cling-free texture


  • Less absorb heat ability (than the 4 other products)
  • No attachment

MVP Disc Sports Orbit Logo Disc Golf Towel– Best For Overall


  • Material: Cotton
  • Dimension: 23.25″ x 16.5″
  • Package weight: 0.14 kilograms
  • Color: Black

Detailed Review

Overall, this towel is sure to satisfy you as it fulfills all the requirements that a towel should have.

This all-in-one product is made of cotton- suitable for humid conditions. Use the product, and you will notice it works very well even when there is steam, grime, or even grass on the disc.

What about its color? The jet black color will be a great choice for users who love simplicity but elegance!

The manufacturer has attached a clip inside the package so that users can conveniently move and fix the towel.

If you’ve been using this product line for a long time, you’ll find it quite similar to the Axiom towel – even in size. However, it is slightly inferior to the competition in terms of durability. But with its budget-friendly price, you can refer.


  • Upper for overall
  • Affordable price


  • Less durable

Dewfly Disc Golf Towel-One Towel – Best For Color Variety


  • Material: Cotton
  • Dimension: 17″x17″
  • Package weight: ~0.05 kilogram
  • Color: 6 (Red, light blue, orange, pink, black, and yellow)

Detailed Review

While the DewFly Microsuade line has only one color, this sample provides users with a collection of colors to choose from. The color of this product is light and bright, bringing relief to the eyes.

These towels have been on the market since 2013. To this day, this version still works extremely well and has become a familiar product of countless disc golfers around the world.

So, what makes this model so quality?

Out of the five products, this is the only towel line with a square design length of 17″ on each side. If you feel that the tri-fold towel takes too much time to clean each disc surface, then choosing this product is the advice we have for you.

Cotton clothes make it easy to clean up water, grass, and water. It comes with a loop that allows you to hang this towel anywhere in your bag.


  • Large cleaning area
  • Various of color
  • A budget-friendly choice


  • Poor durability

Dynamic Discs Stacked Logo Disc Golf Towel – Best For Keeping The Discs Dry


  • Material: Cotton
  • Dimension: 16″ x 24″
  • Package weight: N/A
  • Color: Lime green

Detailed Review

Besides getting rid of the grime in every golf game, keeping the disc dry is also a top priority. With a special 100% cotton material, this towel is a great choice for removing all kinds of water and steam from your disc!

Lime green is rarely seen in disc towel products. Manufacturer Dynamic Discs has taken advantage of this and created a distinctive color for its products. It is soothing to the eyes, has a deep tone, and feels as smooth as the grass you are playing golf on.

In addition to the breakthrough in materials, the manufacturer also has a quite breakthrough step in design – printing a large logo on the product’s surface.

It makes most users feel interested because it is easy to find the brand of the towel. However, some golfers stick with the plain towel pattern and small logo above it.

You will not find the attachment hook in the product’s package. However, its loop will serve you very well throughout the game.


  • 100% cotton
  • Upper on keeping the disc dry


  • High price

How To Choose The Best Disc Golf Towel– Buyer’s Guide

If you are new to disc golf, you will surely have difficulty choosing the right towel for your game. So, what factors must be considered before deciding and making a purchase?

Let’s scroll down for a more detailed look at this issue.


Source: Pixabay

Clip Or Attachment To Bag

Players use towels in many important situations. These include cleaning the putter (before making an attempt), and this is essential. Once you skip through it, water and objects on the disc will adversely affect the quality of the game.

Besides, letting the plate get too dry will also cause a loss of consistency. So no matter what happens, timely preparation of a towel is essential.

The first factor you need to consider is the ease of finding your scarf. You will have to use the towel quite a few times during the match. Therefore, you don’t want the game interrupted just because you can’t find the towel.

If you come into contact with many different towel models, you will realize that product packages often have an attachable clip, loop, or no attachment at all.

Choosing models that have a clip and attachment to the bag available will help you fix the position of the towel. You can attach it to your pants or somewhere near the playground. Whenever you need it, you can quickly find it instead of rummaging through your golf bag.

Golf Disc Golf Disc Frolf Frisbee Golf Frisbee

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However, using the clip will sometimes cause entanglement and touch the ground if the user puts the bag down. Thus, if you want to attach it outside of the bag, you should carefully check the towel’s length to ensure that it’s shorter than the bag’s height.

For products whose package does not include any attachment, you should not prioritize it. Or, if you still insist on choosing such a product, buy additional retail attachments to best support the game.

Towel Material

The ability of a towel to work largely depends on the material it is made of. So, how do you choose the right material?

According to statistics, we found two materials most used to make a golf disc towel- Microsuede and cotton. Overall, both bring a very good user experience but let’s analyze it carefully to see if they work comprehensively.

Let’s talk about microsuede and its great use in removing small objects on discs. The non-sticky texture makes removing grass, leaves, dust, and countless small grime easy.

However, it is inferior to cotton in dealing with moisture-related problems. In frosty (or watery) conditions, it’s going to take some effort to dry the disc with a microsuede towel.


Source: Piqsels

What about a cotton product? Its softness makes it excellent at absorbing and drying the water while still allowing the user to remove dirt and grime from the disc surface. That is the reason that this material is often targeted by manufacturers, as well as chosen to produce their products.


Typically, material criteria worth considering include drying, removing surface obstructions, and absorbing moisture well. While microsuede makes it easy for users to remove grass or leaves, remember, you can do it with your hands!

Therefore, we recommend choosing a towel with cotton clothes. Of course, a microsuede towel is still worth your consideration, but give preference to cotton because it can serve you under any environmental situation.


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Final Verdict

The article above includes the products that deserve the top disc golf towel position you should not miss. Any product is worthy of your choice.

If you are still wondering about them, we recommend you choose the Axiom Discs Icon Logo Disc Golf Towel since it has all the criteria that an elite item should have.

The suggestion above is worth considering, but the decision is still completely up to you. Before making a purchase, consider all aspects of the product you are looking for. Good luck!

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