An Ultimate Guide To PDGA Membership Cost: Check Before You Register


PDGA (Professional Disc Golf Association) is a non-profit organization promoting disc golf. If you want to become a part of the organization, you need to get a membership. 

There are several packages for you to choose from. You may also want to know more about the policies to ensure your membership is worth it. 

This article will provide a comprehensive guide to the PDGA membership cost and other valuable information. Let’s read on to discover!  

How Much Does a PDGA Membership Cost? 

You need $30 to $75 per year to join the organization. There are three PDGA memberships available:

  • Junior: $30 per year for those who will turn 18 or younger 
  • Amateur: $50 per year for those who get prizes at PDGA tournaments
  • Professional: $75 per year for those who accept cash prizes from PDGA tournaments

Once you become a member, you must renew your membership every year at the same fee you paid in the previous year. It’s the most significant expense for disc golfers who wish to participate in a league, apart from buying discs.

There are three packages to consider
There are three packages to consider (Link

What Can You Get From A PDGA Membership?

As aforementioned, you can choose from three membership options. But whatever you get, the benefits and items are as follows: 


A full membership package consists of the following:

    • DiscGolfer magazine: The membership allows you to get four magazine copies throughout the year. 
    • A free UDisc Pro account: UDisc is the official app published by PDGA. It helps you check out disc golf courses in your area, analyze your throws, track your progress, and locate nearby tournaments.  
    • Official guidebook for disc golf: The PDGA also provides a copy of the disc golf regulations, which is a fantastic opportunity to become familiar with the specifics of the sport. 
  • 10% discount to purchase at PDGA stores 
  • A PDGA member number to use for life
  • A membership card, logo disc, PDGA sticker, mini marker, and reusable scorecard


The genuine PDGA logo disc is a fantastic bonus of membership, and it comes in the package. You can’t predict which disc you will receive each year because both the disc and the logo change annually.

The discs given to members in recent years are Discraft Stalker, Latitude 64 Compass, and Latitude 64 Explorer. 


PDGA will offer some extra benefits for those who use the same address. It’s the family discount. 

For example, if you and another family member register for the membership, PDGA will reduce your membership cost. 

Moreover, the second member will receive a five-dollar discount for registration. This policy applies to players who share the address. 

Two members of a family have the same benefits and items, except for the DiscGolfer magazine. PDGA only sends the magazine to the first one that signed up. 

Premium packages 

Junior, Amateur, and Professional are basic membership packages. You can get premium ones, and they are:

  • Birdie: $50 (bag tag and official disc included)
  • Ace: $100 (metal mini, logo disc, logo shirt, and bag tag included)
  • Eagle: $2,000 (two customized logo discs, logo jacket, and a permanent membership) 

These premium charges help the PDGA develop its system and keep all sanctioned events getting better for players.

One big aspect where the organizations contribute to improvement is disc golf course construction and maintenance. 

The benefits and items you can get from your membership are numerous (Link)The benefits and items you can get from your membership are numerous (Link)

How Long Do The PDGA Memberships Last?

Each membership is valid until December 31st of the year you purchased it

Hence, you should apply for membership in January to receive the most benefits for a full year.

You can register for five years when you join as a new member. Once you are a part of the league, you can renew your registration every year for the same price as when you enrolled.


  1. Your membership is valid until the end of the year
    Your membership is valid until the end of the year (Link

Should You Apply For The PDGA Membership? 

If you intend to participate in any of the sponsored events, the PDGA membership is a good investment. Also, it allows you to join all activities and increase your chances of winning prizes.  

The PDGA membership is worth it because it brings many benefits, such as:

Track your progress

Members of the PDGA get access to their own player profile that records their overall player scores and data. They can also view additional materials and tools that improve their experience. 

Once your latest competition scores are official, the player page will update your personal rating. 

The website also shows how you’ve improved compared to other competitors and gives advice on which category you should engage in.

By becoming a part of PDGA, you can increase your competition level, improve, and use your player points to stack up to qualify for professional tournaments.

Get a discount 

As a PDGA member, you can participate in C-tier PDGA-sanctioned events. It costs you $10 less than non-members. Once you participate in a few events, the membership almost covers it. 

Support the events

With a specialized staff and event management resources, the PDGA supports tournament administrators and organizers with membership fees. It improves the gameplay for participants of all ages and skill levels.

The PDGA support team never stops working to keep more than 6,000 PDGA events running successfully by offering real-time assistance. This effort will be essential until 2022 and even beyond.

Voice your opinion

By competing for a position on the Board of Directors, PDGA members can influence the course of the game. 

And as a coordinator, you can contribute a lot as a volunteer or simply give your vote in the annual elections.

Support disc golf community

Becoming a part of the PDGA is one of the more fundamental ways to show your support for the sport’s development.

The membership base keeps expanding each year, making it evidence of how entertaining and readily accessible disc golf is.

There are many benefits to expect from your registration
There are many benefits to expect from your registration (Link

Can You Transfer Your Membership?

The answer is no. All PDGA memberships are non-transferable and non-refundable. Each PDGA member receives a number that will always be associated with their account, even if the member cancels it. 

Participants can apply for tournaments using this specific number, and the organization uses the number to search for the player. Using the given number, you can look up statistics and event information for any PDGA member.

You cannot transfer your membership to anyone
You cannot transfer your membership to anyone (Link


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Final Thoughts 

Depending on your age and the events you intend to participate in, the PDGA membership cost might range from $30 to $75. Players under the age of 18 can register at a lower price.  

So is PDGA membership worth it? Yes. You will get many benefits from the subscription. It’s also a great way to improve your performance and socialize with other disc golf players. 

Hopefully, you will find this article helpful. Please feel free to ask if you need further information about PDGA and its membership policy.

Thank you for reading, and see you in the next post! 

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