Paul McBeth Disc Golf: A Story Of Success

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Paul McBeth is a legendary disc golfer. But do you know everything about Paul McBeth disc golf

This professional golfer has made a significant impact on the game. His skills and accolades have inspired disc golf players of any level. You may have to spend a whole day searching for all of his achievements. 

We have gathered some interesting information about this famous golfer. So today, this article will help you discover his incredible journey. Let’s check it out!

Who Is Paul McBeth Disc Golf?

Paul McBeth is an American professional disc golfer. As one of the greatest disc golfers now, McBeth has achieved remarkable success in his career.

Here is some basic information about Paul McBeth:

  • Full name: Paul McBeth
  • Born in: July 9, 1990
  • Birthplace: Huntington Beach, Southern California, United States
  • Nationality: American
  • Residence: Virginia
  • Spouse: Hannah McBeth
  • Career wins: 145
  • Career events: 401
  • Classification: Professional
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Who Is Paul McBeth’s Disc Golf Wife?

Paul McBeth’s wife is Hannah Croke. She’s also a professional disc golfer, and the couple got married in 2018. 

While Paul McBeth’s career has garnered higher earnings, Hannah is steadily progressing in her disc golf career. Her effort contributes to the family’s budget, too. 

Paul remains active on YouTube and other social media platforms. Hence, you can follow this couple easily. 

How Many World Titles Does Paul McBeth Have?

Paul McBeth has won the PDGA World Championships six times. He secured four consecutive victories from 2012 to 2015 and then won again in 2019 and 2022. These accomplishments make him a six-time world champion in disc golf.

This video will show you how Paul McBeth won at the 2022 PDGA Pro World Championships: 

Additionally, McBeth has an impressive performance at an elite level in the World Championships. This golfer never finishes outside the top two for the past ten years. 

McBeth’s achievements even extend beyond the World Championships. For example, he was the top disc golfer of the PDGA in 2015, 2017, 2018, and 2019. These accolades have cemented his reputation as the best disc golfer now. 

It’s worth noting that McBeth turned professional in 2008. As of 2022, the golfer has earned $652,124. 

Now, let’s look at his six PDGA Pro World Championships:

Year Location  Winning Score Prize Money
2012 Charlotte, NC -83 $5,500
2013 Crown Point, IN -90 $5,000
2014 Portland, OR -69 $5,000
2015 Pittsburgh, PA -75 $6,000
2019 Peoria, IL -45 $10,000
2022 Emporia, KS -46 $20,000


Where Is Paul McBeth From?

Paul McBeth is from Huntington Beach, California. Born in Southern California, McBeth had access to a vibrant disc golf scene and a variety of courses to play on. This exposure and proximity to disc golf hotspots likely contributed to his liking for the sport. 

Paul McBeth Disc Golf Age

Paul McBeth was born on July 9, 1990. Since his professional career began in 2008, he would have been around 17 or 18 years old at that time. 

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How Much Does Paul McBeth Make?

McBeth’s exceptional performances and consistent triumphs have firmly established him as one of the highest-earning figures in the realm of disc golf.

With over 300 Professional Events, McBeth has won over $1.5 million in prize money. The 24 career wins have also made him the most successful player in Professional Event history.

Over the years, McBeth has secured sponsorships from esteemed brands such as Discraft, MVP Sports, Innova Champion Discs, and more. These sponsorships contribute to his annual salary of approximately $150,000.  

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1. Does Paul McBeth own Innova?

No. Innova is a disc golf company that produces discs and other disc golf equipment. McBeth has a strong relationship with Innova. This company also has sponsored him for many years. However, he is not the owner.

2. Is Hannah McBeth married to Paul McBeth?

Yes. McBeth proposed to Croke in April 2017. Then, the couple had a happy wedding in December 2018. 

3. What is Paul McBeth’s rating?

As of May 2023, his rating is 1044. Interestingly, he had a rating of 1060 in September 2012, which was the highest ever achieved by a disc golfer at that time.  

4. Does Paul McBeth throw a forehand?

Yes. Paul McBeth even once shared his pro tips on throwing forehand in disc golf. Even though McBeth is famous for his backhand throws, the professional golfer has shown versatility in using both forehand and backhand techniques. 

5. Why did Paul McBeth switch to Discraft?

Paul McBeth switched to Discraft because he saw an opportunity for both personal and professional growth with the company. The golfer said his goals aligned perfectly with Discraft’s model, so he signed a four-year deal with the company. 

6. What gram disc does Paul McBeth use?

Paul McBeth often uses discs in the 160-175 gram range. Please note the disc selection depends on his shot and course conditions. Hence, McBeth uses discs of different weights to perform best in certain situations.

7. What does Paul McBeth throw?

As aforementioned, McBeth chooses his discs according to the conditions. But generally, he uses Discraft Z Zones for throwing putters. And for midrange discs, he prefers Malta, Z plastic Wasp, and Big Z plastic Buzzz. 

8. What does Paul McBeth earn?

Paul McBeth had career earnings of $652,124 as of 2022. However, professional athletes’ earnings can change over time as they compete in tournaments and secure sponsorships.

For example, McBeth’s earnings are contingent on tournament winnings and sponsorship agreements. Endorsement deals play a role here, too. 

9. How does Paul McBeth hold his putter?

Paul McBeth holds his putter by lining up his feet in line with the basket. One notable aspect of his form is that he squats while bending his front knee to the right.

This technique generates more power from his legs while enabling the disc to drop further down and align with the basket. Hence, McBeth can maximize the potential for accurate and robust putts.

10. What is Paul McBeth’s main putter?

Paul McBeth’s go-to putter is the Luna. In addition, he carries a Zone in his disc golf bag specifically for approach shots.

11. What Zone does Paul McBeth throw?

After joining Team Discraft in 2018, Paul McBeth uses Discraft Z Zone for throwing putters. 

12. Is Paul McBeth sponsored by Adidas?

Yes, in the past. McBeth had a grassroots sponsorship with Adidas in 2016, which involved him receiving free products from the company. Then, the endorsement involved a financial partnership. 


Paul McBeth is undeniably a legendary figure in the world of disc golf. His unwavering dedication has set the bar high for promising golfers. 

To achieve success, McBeth has undoubtedly gone through a hard time. Hopefully, you can learn the lesson of determination after exploring his journey. Then, success will be on your way. 

Thank you for reading!

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