Innova Thunderbird Review: Lightweight, Plastics & Flights


Want to have a better flight and longer distance with your beloved disc? Innova makes some powerful strides in design technology with its Thunderbird.

Many advertisements say Thunderbird is consistent, super accurate, and easy to control flight. Yet, not every version with this superior 9-speed driver is suitable for both newbies and pro players.

In the Innova Thunderbird review, I will evaluate this disc in many ways and give you the best advice. Let’s explore it now!

Quick Review Of The Innova Thunderbird

The quick review of the Innova Thunderbird
  • Flight Ratings: Speed ​​9, Glide 5, Turn 0, Fade 2
  • Weight: 1.65 – 1.75 pounds
  • Stability: Great
  • Skill Level: Beginner

The Innova Thunderbird has a perfect glide and the best minimum opacity I’ve ever tried. It gave me many reliable straight throws in actual test throws and ended the flight with a slight blur left.

It has a wider rim design than my others. Therefore, its flight speed has increased significantly. At first, I thought it would take me a while to get used to its design. But the truth is that I mastered it after just a few test throws.

I would say that the Innova Thunderbird is not a short-range driver. It is a longer fairway ride with the perfect S line. 

I appreciate its ideal combination of controllability and flying power. Thanks to its controlled throws and perfect cut, it gave me the best distance.

Even in the harshest upwind conditions, the Innova Thunderbird handled my complex movements smoothly and gave full output performance.

After testing this model with different throws, I found it quite helpful with the hyzer flip. It flips when I give it higher and starts to the left of the center. 

Overall, it can do an excellent job in a neutral flight and provide easy control.

Who Is The Innova Thunderbird For?

Green Golf Disc Golf Frisbee Golf Frisbee
Green Golf Disc Golf Frisbee Golf Frisbee

The Innova Thunderbird has a relatively large rim. You may wonder if such a design would be difficult to throw and unsuitable for newbies. Yet, I think this model is for all players, including beginners and more experienced players.

This high-speed driver doesn’t need you to exert too much force if you want it to fly over longer distances. Due to its large rim, it provides an easy grip and rotates well to deliver outstanding long and long glides. It also has various speeds, surfing levels, and relatively high flexibility.

Innova Thunderbird is ideal for beginners because of its ease of use and simple design. As for more experienced and professional players, it is an effective solution for them to improve their skills and improve their throwing technique.

When Should You Throw the Thunderbird?

There are different styles for throwing the Innova Thunderbird, including accurate, hyzer, and straight throws. In each, this disc has a relatively perfect performance for you to consider.


Most Innova Thunderbirds can easily maneuver and control the throw for perfect glide and distance. Also, keeping your disc on the fairway or towards the basket shouldn’t be tricky with an accurate throw.


It is available for hyzer throw
It is available for hyzer throw

The hyzer is the best tee angle on my recommendation for backhand pitchers. Due to a downward slant or left edge, the disc moves left faster than a straight throw. 

Using an extra hyzer is the ideal solution if you want your disk to have a longer travel distance to the left.


As the name suggests, straight is the best way for you to throw directly at your target. It will keep your disk on a straight cycle even through the tunnel. 

While its trajectory may not be of the highest standard, I think it’s still up to the mark of most professional disc golfers.

Thunderbird Plastics


DX is the cheapest plastic and has superior traction in all different throwing situations. It is currently available for most disc and throw styles in Innova. 

But I don’t appreciate its durability because it often warps when flying over trees, rocks, or obstacles.

The DX will give you the ideal range if you are a forehand pitcher. It’s also the straightest disc I’ve ever had.


Pro has a more robust performance and more durability than DX plastic. Overall, it can surf far with high reliability at a lower price than Champion, GStar, and other high-end discs.


One of the most premium discs is Star. The ones from this plastic all come with outstanding durability, sturdiness, and performance. It still keeps its shape well when colliding with many obstacles.

I bought a few Stars, which are relaxed with their stable flight and super-accurate throws to any position I want.


GStar is well-known for being an expensive, high-grade plastic with superior strength and flexibility. Compared to Star or Champion, it beats them by longevity and perfect flight shape.

Yet, I think its stability is relatively low. In return, I get a good grip and easy control over the end position with this GStar plastic disc.


Innova has launched super expensive discs with the main structure from Champion. This plastic is sturdy with long life with resistance to environmental impacts. Yet, it tends to be softer and less flexible than other plastics.

I could use more force to throw the Innova Thunderbird Champion at any time because of the sturdy grip. I loved these plates; they flew straight like an arrow with a nice hyzer line finish.

Metal Flakes

Metal Flake is another version of Champion plastic that Innova produced a few years ago. Its distinguishing feature is the integration of metal traces.

The metal flake surface texture will be more durable, more impact-resistant, and heavier than the original one.

Thunderbird Weights

The Innova Thunderbird comes in various styles with different designs and weights. Specifically, this model’s weight is from 1.65 pounds to 1.75 pounds.

For instance, Innova’s Champion products are now available in various weight options, including 1.7 – 1.72 pounds. The Gstar model might be the right solution if you need a lighter one.

Pros Of The Innova Thunderbird

The Innova Thunderbird is a great 9-speed driver, and it’s perfect for players of all skill levels. So, what outstanding advantages does this model have?

  • Innova Thunderbird comes with a long glide and minimal blur, so it creates quite a bit of distance in each throw
  • Consistency and flexibility are pretty high
  • Suitable for all throws, including forehand and backhand
  • A wide range of premium options offers excellent durability and ideal ruggedness at a very affordable price
  • Work well in any crosswind or even inclement weather
  • Many designs in different styles and designs, different weights
  • An ideal choice for the need to improve technique and throwing skills

Where Can You Find the Innova Thunderbird?

Choosing a reliable place to buy Innova Thunderbird is the best way for you to own a good quality product. In addition to your local stores, I recommend the following online shopping websites as a priority:

Infinite Discs

Infinite disc is an online store dedicated to providing you with the information you need about quality disc options at the best prices. Here, you will quickly identify the product through the captcha. 

Comparison of similar models is also quick based on flight ratings, plastic type, durability, and price.


Amazon is no stranger to savvy shoppers because of its high reliability and excellent customer support service. Furthermore, the resellers on this platform will also offer goods in all sizes, styles, and weights for your consideration.

Amazon also offers many free shipping services and supports returns on request.


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With this Innova Thunderbird review above, I have shown you its outstanding advantages and the most effective throws. I believe that after this article, you will know if it suits your needs.

If you find this post useful, do not forget to share it with your relatives or colleagues. Thank you for your interest in the article!

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