Innova TeeRex Review: Is It An Excellent Disc Golf?


Innova TeeRex is a familiar power driver for beginners and adept disc golf players. This item is notorious for its fast speed and stability, bringing your playing experience to a new level. 

So, should you purchase the Innova TeeRex? Who is this power driver suitable for? I will discuss its quality and features through this Innova TeeRex review and give you a straightforward answer. 

An Overview Of Innova TeeRex

I was able to test out the Innova TeeRex for a while with my favorite sidearm position. The first impression this power driver gave me lies in its mighty force and fantastic speed. 

In addition, it possesses an excellent resistance capacity at high speed, making this power driver an excellent choice for windy conditions. It’s like a combination of the TeeBird’s flight with the Wraith’s speed. 

Given these premium features, sidearm players and adept disc golfers won’t get disappointed with the Innova TeeRex. 

I will discuss these features more clearly in the sections below, but first, let me walk you through the driver’s core speculations. 

Innova TeeRex’s Speculations 

  • Diameter: 21.1 cm
  • Height: 1.7 cm
  • Rim Depth: 1.2 cm
  • Rim Width: 2.2 cm
  • Max Weight: 175.00 g
  • Speed: 11.0
  • Glide: 4.0
  • Turn: 0.0
  • Fade: 4.0
  • Primary Utility: Distance Driver
  • Stability: Very Excellent 
  • Recommended Skill Level: Advanced
  • Plastic grade(s): Premium, Durable
  • Beadless

Innova TeeRex’s Design

Highlight Features Of Innova TeeRex

Besides the optimal stability at high speed and the mighty power this power driver possesses, its hardness at the flight’s end is another plus point. So, what are the materials, qualities, and pros of the Innova TeeRex? 

This section will show you everything. 


The Innova TeeRex is exclusively available in the Star TeeRex plastic mold. 

This material features high durability without compromising the overall grip, just like on the Champion plastic. 

The grip and comfort level can match the Pro line plastic mold, but Innova TeeRex possesses higher firmness. The Star TeeRex plastic mold is also ideal for different weather conditions thanks to its high durability. 

However, Star TeeRex is significantly cheaper than the other high-end plastic materials, giving it another price edge. 

Available Weights And Best Throws

The weight options for Innova TeeRex start from 170 grams and reach 175 grams maximum, which is not so wide. Therefore, it’s an ideal option for sidearm and adept players. 

Speaking of position, the best throws for Innova TeeRex would be Sidearm, Hyzer, and Tailwind. 

Tailwind: Since Tailwinds move in a similar direction to the power driver, it will push and facilitate the disc’s forward movements. It also increases the disc’s stability and prevents gliding when the disc flies near the ground. 

Sidearm: The overstable power drivers are always an excellent choice for sidearm throwing. The disc’s wide rim allows you to make a powerful strong with clear release and proper forehand technique. 

Hyzer: This is a releasing angle used by right-handed disc golf players with the left edge and the outside edge tilted downward. 


I have tried throwing the Innova TeeRex using both backhand and forehand, and its excellent glide impressed me. The fade at the end is also reliable when the disc has flipped and turned a little on its flight. 

Advanced disc golfers will love this power driver with backhand controls and forehands on straight flights. The disc gave a really dependable fade and nice straight paths.

I chose the maximum weight, so Innova TeeRex showed no problems when playing in the rain or in windy conditions. 

Should You Use The Innova TeeRex?

In summary, the Innova TeeRex is among the most stable power drivers for long-range throws you can find on the market. Its high speed and mighty power are what power throwers always long for. 

There aren’t many flying discs that can match the Innova TeeRex’s fantastic speed and far-flying path. It would be a perfect power driver when you play at maximum distances. 

I would recommend the Innova TeeRex for windy conditions, forehand throws, and fading shots. The durability of the driver’s grippy plastic is another thing you will love. 

Due to the disc’s advanced features and flexibility in each shot, Innova TeeRex would be more suitable for adept and experienced players. It will get harder to maintain the disc’s angle and speed so it won’t flip during the flight. 

However, the driver’s stability will decrease slightly in the long run, making it less ideal for straight drives. If you expect the driver to retain its strong fade over its lifespan, the Innova TeeRex may not be the ideal option. 

Where Can You Find Innova TeeRex?

The Innova TeeRex is manufactured exclusively by Star plastic, and it’s distributed in many disc golf stores across the US. If you can’t find this power driver in retail stores, switch to online disc golf sellers. 

You can also find many high-end power drivers from Innova, such as the Innova Wraith and Krait, at affordable prices. 


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Final Thoughts

I hope that this Innova TeeRex review has brought the information and details you need before making the purchase decision. It’s a high-quality power driver with excellent stability, speed, and a flying path that no one should overlook. 

If you’re an adept disc golf player who loves to play in sidearm positions, the Innova TeeRex would be a perfect match. Thank you for reading the post!

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