Innova Roadrunner Review: Best High-Performance Distance Driver [2023]


Since 1983, Innova Roadrunner has made significant changes to provide an excellent experience for professional disc golf players. Especially, it can cover more distance than most other speed 9 models.

Because it comes in many different styles, it causes many difficulties for players to pick up a suitable version. So, in this Innova Roadrunner review, I give you some specific thoughts for each to help you make your choice easier.

Quick Review Of The Innova Roadrunner

A quick rundown of the Innova Roadrunner
A quick rundown of the Innova Roadrunner.
  • Flight Ratings: Speed ​​9, Glide 5, Turn -4, Fade 1
  • Item Weight: 1.5 – 1.75 kg
  • Skill Level: Beginner
  • Stability: Super High

The Innova Roadrunner has the best stability and flexibility I’ve come across. 

This versatility is evident in its three ratings: speed 9, glide 5, turn -4 and fade 1. Its flight distance is very long while the price is only one half of my old one.

Also, it allows me to guess the flight pattern easily. I can quickly orient the stroke or reverse it even with the most force.

More detailed on the flight path, this Innova Roadrunner has a straight flight and reliable opacity. I do intense flips with it after 250 feet. And as expected, it did a good job and gave me the perfect getaway.

Even though it only has a -4 turn rating, it still flips up powerfully and flies very straight when I do the hyzer flip. It also exhibits super high glide performance by gliding at a vertical anhyzer angle in the air.

I think the only limitation is its relative longevity. Over time, it wears out sharply with rim warping and steady deterioration.

I’d recommend the Innova Roadrunner to anyone looking for a straighter flight and more power. Furthermore, it is also ideal for those who want to experiment with perfectly consistent wrist position and release.

Who Should Throw the Innova Roadrunner?

Based on many aspects, I think the Innova Roadrunner is the perfect version to improve hand speed and create more long throws. This product is relatively easy to get used to, especially suitable for beginners to learn basic skills.

As such, this Innova Roadrunner is suitable and friendly for all players. If you are looking for a versatile design with high glide and versatility in throws, I believe the Innova Roadrunner is the right choice.

When Should You Throw the Roadrunner?

I tested and rated the best throws for the Innova Roadrunner to answer this question. Keep reading if you want to determine how the disc will fly and choose the best time to throw.


Some discs are well-suited to ground-rolling throws without flying through the air or blowing through strong winds. I appreciate this style because it doesn’t cause my discs to topple during the flight.


Unlike Roller, Tailwind is a throw that supports and pushes my disc forward. This throw tends to make the disc to the ground, so I think my disc is overworked and less likely to have a slip problem.

Hyzer Flip

Hyzer Flip is always the most effective throw with almost any disc. It allows my disc to slide straight for longer with ideal opacity and rotate or flip quickly.

If you’ve tried doing S-Shots without success, this model will probably be a timely solution for you to improve your skills.

In short, as long as you ensure Innova Roadrunner stability, you should quickly determine the best time to throw it.

Also, a low-precision disc is the best way for you to make straight shots and go further without too much arm strength.

Roadrunner Plastics

Roadrunner plastics tend to maintain structural integrity for quite a long time. Here are some popular types with high durability and grip.


The first plastic on my list of recommendations is Star. Models from this resin all come with outstanding durability and ideal overall grip.

I was impressed with its comfort and easy grip from the first time. Notably, it performs well in even the harshest weather conditions and is highly affordable.


One of the most expensive and advanced types is the champion. Absolutely a value-for-money option, it is highly durable with long service life and low wear. 

Also, it maintains a stable flight trajectory during any collision with trees or rocks on its journey. Yet, its lack of flexibility is what you need to trade when choosing this super strong and durable plastic.


GStar is highly competitive compared to other expensive plastics because of its flexibility, softness, and ideal stability. Indeed, GStar can thoroughly beat other popular models like Plastic Star or Champion. 

Moreover, it can maintain its shape and flight cycle longer than DX, Pro, and other high-end discs.


I appreciate the softness and grip of this EchoStar plastic, which is better than most other benchmarks. The combination of 50% – 100% recycled plastic adds to the eco-friendliness of every sold disc.


Its most obvious advantage is its lightweight, averaging about 1.3 pounds. This parameter is less than half of the standard models on the market today.

Roadrunner Weights

Disc weight isn’t the first thing you need to consider, but it’s worth considering for professional competitions. An Innova Roadrunner usually ranges from 1.5 pounds to 1.75 pounds.

Yet, you can find lighter models made from StarLite, which weigh as little as 1.3 pounds.

Pros Of The Innova Roadrunner

In this section, I will briefly mention the main advantages of Innova Roadrunner:

  • Super durability and reliability
  • Support a variety of throwing techniques
  • Wide range of sizes and weights to choose from
  • Versatile and powerful in performance
  • Excellent performance in the most extreme weather conditions
  • Easy to control the flight path and control the landing position
  • More extended range with high slip rating and low opacity
  • Suitable for beginner players who want to improve their forehand
  • Right to improve comprehensive throw technique for professional players
  • Multiple options are available in all popular resins, such as Star, Champion, Gstar, EchoStar, and StarLite.

Where Can You Find the Innova Roadrunner?

Many reputable places and establishments offer high-quality Innova Roadrunner at an excellent price. Also, I highly encourage you to look into online stores like Amazon and InfiniteDiscs. 

You will easily find the right choice by carefully examining the actual image, brand, and plastic type and reading helpful reviews from other users.


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In short, the Innova Roadrunner is an enjoyable driver and allows you to set new records. I think you should have it in your pocket to make perfect shots and improve your technique.

Hopefully, my in-depth Innova Roadrunner reviews above have helped you better understand this popular disc.

I believe that you have made the right decision for its suitability with the wishes that you are aiming for. Thank you for reading!

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