Innova Leopard Review – Is It Perfect For Beginners?

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Aside from good skill, every player looks for a quality throwing putter that offers them a comfortable feel in the hand when launching the shots. And if you start to play this sport, you have to pay more attention to this issue.

Innova Leopard is a product that will give you the standard long throw or fairway. This is a decent golf disc that helps newbies get their shots right and achieve their desired goals. For strangers, our Innova Leopard review will walk you through the nuts and bolts of this popular product line in the market.

Whether you are a beginner or an experienced player, it assists you in gaining confidence and reaching a more consistent form on every shot. So, let’s find out why this right-hand works the magic.

Innova Leopard Review – Summary 


Innova Leopard has a throwing speed of 6.0 – a medium rate for speed. For beginners, it is an ideal choice. A slower speed means it is easier to steer the disc in the right direction.

The higher pace means it will be more difficult to throw and keep the disc under your control. Professional golf throwers will usually be more concerned with the speed of the frisbee. However, newbies should look for one that will help you hit your shots with a more consistent distance.


The Innova Leopard makes it easy to predict the disc’s flight path due to its simple features. When you try the backhand, it can keep the shot incredibly stable. It can fly far, with a straight and high path. Sometimes, it terminates the throw with the rollers. However, this will not affect the overall outcome of every shot.

Comfortable Feel

Innova engineered this Leopard disc from durable and lightweight plastic materials. The thin rim gives you a light and comfortable feel when holding the disc and applying force from your arm to the frisbee.

A comfortable and stable disc keeps throws accurately on target. It also aids in adjusting the force and poses of the disc throw.

Consistent Grip

A dependable grip usually comes from the quality and standard materials. Poor quality discs will make you uncomfortable and hard to hold and throw. It is because the sweat from your hands spills onto the disc. Generally, Innova’s products have great properties to minimize this situation.

Who Is The Innova Leopard For? 


Innova Leopard is a product line aimed at beginners in disc golf throwing. With its medium speed and simple features, you will easily learn how to handle straight or roller shots without spending too much time. Both your skill and throwing form will easily be improved.

In addition, it can adapt to the weather and throw through obstacles and trees. If you are getting used to throwing discs and do not know how to handle the shots that require a lot of skill, this item should tick the box.

It is also a reliable disc and offers highly accurate flight predictions. The ability to predict the flight path is what all players want when choosing this type of sports equipment. You’ll know how it can benefit you in many competitions or games.

More Experienced Players

Innova Leopard is not the best product for players with a lot of experience and skills. However, many people still have one or two of these in their collection.

With its speed rating of only 6, it barely meets the needs of high-speed throws. Besides, it is a throwing disc with simple features that do not bring too many challenges or require high handling ability when starting. That is why as you become more professional, you will want to look to more skilled frisbees.

However, many experienced golfers still choose this type of disc because it gives confidence to each throw. Especially when you play in difficult positions, with trees or on windy days, this disc will shine its best. At such times, Innova Leopard will help you have an excellent straight shot with a more stable flight.

Flight Path 

As mentioned earlier, it is a disc that specializes in straight and long flight paths. Although the speed is not ideal, Leopard has a good glide (5) and minimal fade rate (1). Usually, it just hooks a little bit at the end of the flight path.

When making right-handed forehand throws, the disc tends to turn slightly to the left at the end of the flight. Meanwhile, the direction of flight can reverse if you do it with a right-handed backhand. The disc can keep a stable flight path within a range of nearly 100 meters.

Innova Leopard Specifications

Here is the most basic information that you will be interested in before deciding to buy an Innova Leopard golf disc or not:

  • Weight: 175 grams
  • Height: 1.6 centimeters
  • Diameter: 22.1 centimeters
  • Rim depth: 1.1 centimeters
  • Rim width: 1.6 centimeters
  • Speed: 6
  • Glide: 5
  • Turn: -2
  • Fade: 1
  • Stability: understable
  • Primary use: control driver
  • Beadless: Yes

Pros Of The Innova Leopard 

  • The great glide ability
  • The excellent fairway drives
  • Handles well with hyzer shots
  • Best suitable for long and straight throws
  • Rare fades at the end of the throw
  • Great for throwing over obstacles
  • Versatile and easy to learn
  • Friendly for beginners
  • Reasonable price for all players

Cons Of The Innova Leopard 

  • Only medium rate speed
  • Not very suitable for professional players
  • No outstanding point compared to other competitors

Types Of Plastic For Innova Leopard

An advantage of the Innova Leopard golf disc is that the manufacturer offers many options for materials. Although the materials are all standard and quality, they still have their highlights. It is an opportunity for users to compare and choose the most suitable product.

Star Plastic

Products made from Star plastic are usually tough and have high elasticity. They can be considered a perfect blend between Champion plastic and Pro plastic.

The outstanding characteristic of champion plastic is its durability. Meanwhile, the Innova golf disc from Pro plastic has the ideal grip for the starting point of every shot. Due to this combination, Star plastic makes a good impression and becomes a frequent choice of many players.

The origin of Star plastic is polymer fibers, synonymous with their strength, lightness, and flexibility. Because of these features, Innova Leopard golf discs achieve positive flight characteristics.

The products have great straight flight ability, basket access, and high performance. Besides, thanks to their lightweight material, these discs are ideal for roller or turnover shots. They can be hot stamped to be customized for specific throwing goals in different games or competitions.

Apart from good performance, Star plastic is also a reliable product. According to many players, it provides an accurate prediction of the disc’s flight path. The reason is the excellent grip and the ability to adapt even in windy weather. The product’s lifespan is also quite long, saving you money and effort because there’s no need to get used to another product.

Champion Plastic

Compared to other products in the same Leopard line, Innova discs from champion plastic deliver superior durability. Owing to the high-tech plastic line, it boasts outstanding hardness. This strong point helps prolong the lifespan of the disc.

Using this disc helps minimize damage from impact or grounding in rough terrain or surrounded by obstacles. Throwing through the trees, branches, or rocks on the ground can not destroy your disc.

It can maintain the stability and high predictability of the flight path. In addition, since the disc is difficult to damage and wear, after a long time of use, you will feel that the flying characteristics of the disc remain the same as before.

Champion plastic also impresses players with its unique and different design. The thin rim and the included grip provide convenience and ease of handling for fairways.

With its rigidity and quality, discs from champion plastic offer high performance for long and high throws. However, due to the unique design, it requires a high grip to manipulate the force. Because of this, longtime players with a lot of experience will be more suitable for this product.

GStar Plastic

With the GStar plastic version, Innova Leopard retains its toughness and elasticity. Not only that but this product line is also improved in flexibility. It gives power to each throw but still ensures the stability of the flight path to land on the right target.

The external design is similar to Star plastic. However, it is inlaid with a pearlescent sheen, as this is one of the most premium versions of Innova.

The slim rim and rounded, neat frame help increase grip and feeling when you hold it. If you are a person with poor grip or are not used to the feeling of throwing discs, it is a great assistant. Besides, the feeling when holding the disc on sunny days (hands are sweaty) or cold days is much more comfortable and firm.

Another advantage of GStar plastic is to help keep the flight path longer and more stable. Usually, a disc golf putter will tend to turn in the other direction at the end of the flight before stopping. The flight path of the Innova Leopard disc will be consistent and less wobble.

Pro Plastic

Innova Leopard Pro plastic includes four types: Driver Pro, KC Pro, R-Pro, and JK Pro. The most outstanding feature of Pro plastic discs is their durability and reasonable cost. It is a mid-range product among materials. Many people love this product for the affordable price, durability, and stability.

Pro Plastic still provides a good grip when manipulating discs but a bit worse compared to GStar or Champion. In return, the manufacturer added the ability to glide on the fly in this product. Leopard Pro plastic is the right choice if you want disc golf that glides smoothly with a long flight.

The product lineup also offers stability whether you throw disc golf by a right-handed forehand or right-handed backhand. Besides, weather conditions will not affect the performance of your shots too much. Because of this, professional athletes like Ken Climo or Juliana Korver have chosen the disc for their competitions.

Despite being a mid-range product, pro plastic still ensures the stability of flight characteristics. Whether an amateur or a professional player, you do not want to have a changeable disc with unpredictable flight paths. At this point, pro plastic disc versions can satisfy you.

DX Plastic

Products made from DX plastic are the most economical. Also, it leaves you spoiled with designs and sizes without being interior in grip. A solid grip provides confidence and comfort in every shot. Also, it is easier to control the disc even if you are starting to pick up this sport.

This product has its moment when providing players with a stable flight path in different weather conditions. Throws with DX plastic ensure the power to help the disc fly and reach the target as expected.

One point that needs to improve in this product line is durability. Innova Leopard review mentions five types of plastic, and DX is the least durable. The product will wear out after being used for a long time. As such, the flying characteristics of the disc become unstable after the time of use.

For new players who need stability and consistency in every throw, DX plastic will be a hindrance. However, some longtime players find this feature interesting. It helps them experience and conquer new and varied flight patterns without replacing a new one.


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Final Thoughts On The Innova Leopard 

After the above Innova Leopard review, you have a better understanding of this line of golf discs. It is a product that gives you lots of options including models and advantageous features. Depending on your purpose of playing, you can choose the best suitable version for yourself.

Due to its durability and good grip, this series provides you with stable straight throws in both flight and power. It is also suitable for hyzer flip shots. In general, whether you are a new player or a professional, it is worth the choice and experience for your games.

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