Innova Firebird Review: An Excellent Disc For Flex Shots

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Let’s get to know some info about the brand first.

Innova Discs was founded by Dave Dunipace, the company’s CEO. In 1983, he started manufacturing his innovative rim golf discs.

Star, Champion, Pro, and DX are Innova’s four plastic frisbee lines with different flight qualities.

These discs are made in California using procedures that ensure the quality and features of your equipment live up to those used by the world’s best players.

Among them, the Firebird is an outstanding disc with extremely overstable performance. This frisbee will deliver a large fading hook, but it won’t be so quick to manage it for players who use less power. The  Innova Firebird is also an excellent forehand driver that can easily handle headwinds.

You might not understand or believe why this disc has so many remarkable features. Do not be concerned! When you check our Innova Firebird review, you will be even more surprised!

We’ll find out some crucial aspects and the disc’s flight path as well as learn some useful facts in this post! It’s now time to go exploring and let your hair down!

Overview Of The Innova Firebird 


  • Brand Name: Innova Disc Golf
  • Dimensions: 9.6 x 5.9 x 2.9 inches
  • Weight: 0.4 Pounds
  • Color: Various Options
  • Size: 151 – 164gm ; 165 – 169gm ; 170 – 172gm ; 173 – 175gm
  • Flight Ratings: Speed 9, Glide 3, Turn 0, and Fade 4
  • Stability: Overstable and Excellent
  • Primary Use: Control Driver
  • Available Plastics: DX, Star, Champion, XT, GStar, Glow,  R-Pro
  • Beadless: Yes
  • Recommended Skill Level: Intermediate and Advanced Players
  • Best For: Headwind drivers, big hyzers, flex shot


Choosing amongst all options might be challenging when it’s time to buy a new disc. Let’s look at a few critical features below to help you make the right purchase!

Plastic Types

The Firebird disc can be manufactured out of various plastics.

DX, Star, GStar, and Champion are the four plastic options for the Firebird. We should check the distinctions between each plastic kind before deciding which is best for your gaming.

    • DX: Dx is ideal for beginner players because it allows them to try out more discs for a lower price. It also provides an excellent grip in a variety of weather situations. When wet, they have a stronger grip than the Champion.
    • Champion: Of all the polymers, this one is the most durable. The Champion series is made out of high-tech plastic that is long-lasting and performs well.
  • GStar: GStar is fantastic material. It has the best grip and is ideal for winter use. This plastic is just as tough as Star, but the disc is more flexible.
  • Star: Star plastic is made from various polymer blends that have excellent grip and toughness. It’s extremely tough – Innova believes it’s even tougher than Champion plastic.

However, Champion has a stronger grip. The flight path of discs manufactured of Star plastic is nearly the same as discs made of Champion plastic.


When determining which disc to utilize, disc weight is an important factor to consider. Wind will affect a lighter disc more, and it is generally not a choice to throw. Now you can tell if the Firebird is working effectively or not when there is a high breeze.


In detail, lightweight discs fly farther than heavyweight discs, while heavier discs may fly with a breeze due to their stability. Throwing Firebird discs weighing 160-165 grams for maximum distance is a smart choice for average players.

Lighter discs require less power to toss than heavier discs and are frequently more accurate.

There are situations when using a lighter disc makes sense. For example, using a lighter DX Firebird provides you more stability and lets you throw in a way that you wouldn’t be able to do with a heavier Champion Firebird.

That being said, there’s no foolproof way to determine what weight affects a disc. It all relies on the player and the weather conditions. We’d like you to test different weights because it improves our skill and knowledge of  disc tossing over time.

Different Shot Types

In truth, there are many shots in disc golf when you don’t want to go too far but want a powerful managed fade. The Firebird is ideal for this purpose!

The Innova Firebird’s most impressive feature is the various throwing options you have in five distinct types of disc golf throws, including backhand, overhand, sidearm, Hyzer, and Anhyzer.

It appears to be one of the most well-balanced drivers on most course holes.

Forehand and advanced players will appreciate how effectively it handles difficult flicks with many other discs struggling, such as S-Shot, roller shot, and a hyzer flip. You can watch this video to learn more about how to throw a hyzer flip.

The Firebird was designed for and is most effective with the following shot types:

  • Headwind Drives: The converse is true when there is a headwind. By pushing against your disc, a headwind makes it less stable and carry. A headwind will also elevate the disc, necessitating a lower throwing motion.
  • Hyzer Throws: A Hyzer throw uses the disc’s inherent slant to its benefit. The natural angle of the disc flies toward the left. For a right-handed disc golfer, you should use a backhanded throwing motion.
  • Flex Shot: The flex shot is thrown by Anhyzer with a disc that does not roll out but fades back. That’s either because it is too overstable for a player to generate sufficient power or because a player powered down too much of the disc’s high-speed overstability.

Flight Path

The flight path of your disc is the path it takes when you release it. We’ll offer two popular flight paths for the Firebird: right-handed backhand and right-handed forehand, and then calculate the stable distance for each.

  • Right-handed backhand: All Innova flight characteristics assume players are throwing right-handed with a backhand motion.

It’s crucial to realize that the landing angle considerably influences the disc’s flight direction. The Firebird will fly through about 80 meters (stable distance) before slowing down, turning left, and landing at 108 meters.

  • Right-handed forehand: It can be used to reverse the right-handed backhand flight characteristics. This flight has a similar landing angle to the backhand but is in the other direction. The disc will most likely fly to the right as a result.

This disc maintains a consistent flight, whether you use it for forehands or backhands. Although its profile doesn’t come with a high glide rating, you will be astounded by how far it could fly the course.

Who Is the Innova Firebird For?


Source: Pixabay

This Firebird is designed for players that are intermediate or advanced. New players will most likely lack the arm speed required for the disc to follow its flight path accurately.

As a rookie, you could find this disc to be excellent for precision shots around obstacles. You can use it for both backhand and forehand strokes.

Remember that you should choose a disc that isn’t too heavy to practice with and play with your dominant hand. As such, you will get a good first-time outcome.

If you want to throw a disc further and advance your skill, it does give you an extra 40 – 50 feet that a hyzer shot might not give you.

Also, it promises a range of powerful throws if you want to improve your overhand and sidearm game.

The slender rim of the Firebird feels wonderful and smooth in hand when playing. Because of their narrow rims, power gripping and controlling the disc is simple.

With its reliability and pleasant, many professional frisbee golfers have at least one in their backpack.

Final Thoughts

Hopefully, our Innova Firebird review will help you determine the best suitable disc that meets most of your needs. There doesn’t appear to be a disc on the market with extraordinary features. Still, this disc flies steadily and fades reliably near the end, making it ideal for so many holes with a steep turn.

Trust us, and you will never be disappointed after purchasing this Firebird you have ever owned!

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