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If you are a fan of Innova golf discs and planning on purchasing a new one from them, it’s about time for you to read this, our Innova Destroyer review. We will have a look at them in general, about their brand, features, etc. Let’s get right into it!

About Brand

Innova Destroyer has earned a high reputation in the golf disc industry during its 35 years of working. It’s popular to catch a player with a frisbee from Innova, even if they are beginners or pros.

The discs are available in a variety of colors and materials for different levels, preferences, and skills of players. Maybe due to this reason, besides its high quality, the golfer never gets bored of owning a new one from Innova.

Known for their top-notch frisbees, they are sponsored and advertised by many famous, influential players. For example, you can see Ken Climo (with 12 champion titles) holding and playing them in all of his competitions. Other superstars like Ricky Wysocki also place their trust in Innova’s items.


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Overview of the Innova Destroyer Review

The disc is well-known as a fast-moving thrower at a speed of up to 12. Since it is a fast-pace driver, it has great glides to get it to an excellent distance.

Besides, this one possesses an overstable nature with turn (-1) and quite a smooth fade (3). With all things combined, you can perform several hard shots such as spike hyzers, forehand rollers, tomahawks, or thumbers.

It also means that if you don’t have enough skill to control your throws, you will not aim at the target as supposed due to the fade and distance. Yet, when you are throwing with both forehand and backhand drops, this buddy can easily be controlled.

Plus, players can handle it ideally in a windy atmosphere and still maintain the high speeds to cut through the air thanks to a slim rim.

For all the overall features of Destroyer discs, this is mainly used by intermediate players or higher-level players, so you should consider it before buying them. If you are confident in your strength and can throw for a big distance, this frisbee will be worth you a try!

Here’s When To Throw the Destroyer

Even though sometimes you don’t feel the Destroyer will empower your game due to the wind, air, and so on, it’s commonly good for those followings:

  • Hyzer Flips: Lightweight discs are flippy enough to give you a stable direction. If you aim at a certain angle, it can get you in the right place. It can be released to flip then flat when gliding.
  • Forehand & Backhand: You can both use both forehand and backhand to make your throw flexible and apply more skills. Though it is more convenient to play forehand than backhand, using them, in turn, will be more fun and professional. So let’s switch between the two to bring your game on!
  • Maximum Distance: This is an outstanding point to own such a high-speed one. With a glide of 5, not many competitors can keep up with you. It will give your throw as far as you can.
  • Windy Conditions: This is just as good if the disc is not so lightweight mold. The thin rim combined with the wind will be a headwind, cut it through the air, and get an extra distance in a tailwind.


We will wrap up some of the strengths of this golf disc to fill you in:

  • Designed for some skill levels of golfers: That is including intermediate or professional players. It can be easy for golfers to perform advanced shots from a great distance.
  • A maximum distance: If you are trying to reach out a long distance, you can take advantage of its advanced profile. Coming with a long throw is its high glide and maintains a high speed out of your hand (when you put enough power, of course).
  • Easily interchangeable between forehand and backhand: It’s a great whip for you trying to play with both forehand and backhand. It enhances your skill levels and amazes you how well it will go with both hands.


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There are conditions that are not the best time to play with this disc. We will figure it out with some disadvantages:

  • A disc can be too lightweight than flippy: some of them made from DX plastic will have a downfall in turning back when gliding. Things will get better  in a less windy environment. Or else, you’d better get a heavier one for those situations.
  • Require more control: As for its high driver, disc players, especially beginners, may have some difficulties controlling the throw. The hard part is that it will not fly to where you plan, which asks the player to have a cleaner release and techniques.
  • Flight pattern will not be consistent when overusing it: This Destroyer disc, like any other one, has a shelf life when you fly them too much. Especially, a poor plastic-type starts to flip more often before breaking apart.

Flight Path


Available Plastics

Innova Destroyer comes with four main materials:

  • Star (160-175 g): the top-tier grip. It will give you a superior experience with its durability and consistency.
  • Champion (170-175 g): maintain a smooth flight and go for reliable throws with extra power.
  • Pro (168 – 175 g): A cost-effective pick in case you need to tip some grip or glide.
  • DX (150 – 170 g): diverse in weight and prizes for your preferences and skills. Consider one when you are a new golfer!


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Innova Destroyer Specifications 

  • Plastic Characteristics: Air Bubbles, Basic, Durable, Midgrade, Premium
  • Common Use: Distance Thrower
  • Level: Intermediate or higher
  • Stability: Overstable
  • Speed: 12.0
  • Glide: 5.0
  • Turn: -1.0
  • Fade: 3.0
  • Weight: 150-175g
  • Beadless: Yes


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If you are an Innova disc lover, you certainly know how well-performed this Destroyer is, considering speed, glide, stability, and plastic. The brand leaves you spoiled with choices, but you will see the difference when you try it.

It’s by far the most fast speed driver and consistent glide disc, which will be a great choice for intermediate and professional players!

And after you gather all the information you need through our Innova Destroyer review, you can surely choose the best assistant for your game!

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