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Discraft Zeus is specially made for Paul McBeth – the 5-time winner of the PDGA World Championships. This fast-flying disc has now become popular in the distance driver market, and every golf disc player can now purchase and experience this product.

Compared to other conventional golf discs, Discraft Zeus has unique styles and features. However, not all golfers understand the specifications and features of this item. Hence, it is important to know if your playing style is suitable for this product, otherwise, it will be a waste of money when you purchase it.

For such a reason, this Discraft Zeus review explains all the primary features of this amazing distance driver golf disc, as well as provides a thorough answer for who is this Discraft Paul Mcbeth Zeus for? Is it the correct item for your playing style? If you are interested in Discraft Zeus, scroll down to discover!

Discraft Zeus Review

Discraft Zeus stands out from other conventional golf discs due to its high-speed rating of 12.0. The speed may be too high for an inexperienced golf player, but this does not mean beginners can not use the Zeus distance driver. With a little basic experience and practice, you can have full control over this item.

The Zeus pleases many disc golfers for its high glide rating of 5.0. When you throw the item in a proper technique, it will stay up and fly consistently along the fairway, even in the windiest conditions. This great feature is all thanks to its sharp rim, which cuts out all the resistance from the winds.

You can rest in mind about the Discraft’s comfortable grip. This is because its main material is ESP – a special type of plastic made by Emsco Sports Productions with high durability and can provide a firm grip. Plus, its shallow rim allows you to hold the item tightly in your hands.

Since you can control the stability while holding the driver, feel free to throw it at maximum force. The Discraft’s special design is the answer for why any player can easily achieve his longest throws when using this golf driver.

Of course, while speed and distance increase, the product still remains a high accuracy. The item features a wide rim and a wing length of 2.3 cm. This design offers high stability when throwing, whether you do backhand or forehand shots.

Who Is The Discraft Zeus For?

It is needless to say that the Discraft Zeus distance driver is ideal for power throwers. The product meets exactly the needs of players that always throw at strong force, as it drives over the max distance and offers the highest consistency.

Both backhand and forehand disc golfers can get along well with the Discraft. Its wide rim and 2.3 cm wing length offer optimal stability and accuracy for the players.

As mentioned, the Discraft is good for beginners and experts. But the speed of 12.0 may be too high for a complete newbie to control. So if you just get started with disc golf, this is not an ideal item for you. Our advice is that beginners should test other types of disc golf discs to find out which one is suitable for them.

The Zeus would be our best recommendation for advanced and intermediate players. Golfers at these levels get used to their playing styles, thus they know how to align and throw the item for overstable distance drivers for the most successful results.

On the other hand, if you have not played disc golf for a long period of time, we recommend you use other distance drivers at first. As soon as you get back your feeling and stabilize your playing style, you can continue with this advanced golf item.

Discraft Zeus Flight Path

The chart below describes the flight path of Discraft Zeus:

The flight path of Discraft Zeus.

After you throw the item, it will keep a straight flight path over a long distance. The flight seems to be highly consistent until it reaches the speed of 12.0. At this point, the golf driver turns to the glide of 5.0.

While most golf discs fall immediately after they reach full speed, this one does not. You can notice that the line deviates just a little bit during the flying process. The reason is the sharp rim has prevented the resistance from the winds to maintain the straight line.

The difference only shows clearly when this overstable driver has reached the maximum distance.

Discraft Zeus Specifications 

In this part of Discraft Zeus review, we include a table with the item’s full specifications:

Diameter 21.1 cm
Height 1.6 cm
Rim Depth: 1.2 cm
Rim Width 2.3 cm
Rim Shape Sharp, shallow
Weight Options 160 – 166 g167 – 169 g

170 – 172 g

173 – 174 g

Max Weight 174.1 g
Speed 12.0
Glide 5.0
Turn -1.0
Fade 3.0
Type Distance Driver
Stability Overstable
Skill Levels Advanced, Intermediate, Experts
Plastic types EPS – Emsco Sports Productions
Throws Backhand drives and forehand shots

The standard speed for distance driver golf discs ranges from 1.0 to 14.0. This tool owns a speed rating of 12.0, thus among the fastest distance drivers. In addition, this driver has a glide of 5.0, which is a high glide rate, as the standard glide ratings are from 1.0 to 7.0.

The standard turn number of this golf disc is +1.0 to -5.0. The lower the number, the more turns the product will make during the flight. As you look for a straight line, a turn number of -1.0 is good.

The mid-range fade number of 3 ( the range of fades is from 1.0 to 5.0), the item will hook to the left at the end of the flight, but not too hard.

Overall, this is an overstable distance golf item which is our best recommendation for experienced players who often make power distance drives.

Final Verdict – Discraft Zeus 

This Discraft Zeus Review has provided a detailed insight into this high-end sports product. This is a good maximum distance driver golf disc that offers high speed, consistent glide, and low turns. The design of a shallow and sharp rim allows this overstable disc to make maximum distance flights in the windiest situations.

If you are an intermediate player who often makes powerful throws, consider expanding your disc golf collection with this item! This definitely will be the perfect disc that helps achieve the best golf disc performances!

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