Discraft Luna Review – Is It A Great Putter For Your Course?

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Discraft cooperated with Paul McBeth,  a five-time champion, to develop a series of premium disc lines. The Luna is a stand-out putter in this collection.

We bet you have heard about it multiple times. Now, you might wonder if it is a great-quality putter to have in your bag. What shots can you go for with the help of this disc?

The following Discraft Luna review will discuss all the impressive features, specifications, common shot uses, and comparisons with other great discs.

Thus, you will find out the detailed answers to your questions and decide if this putter is the right one for you.

Overview Of The Discraft Luna

Before getting started, let’s quickly go through a brief overview of this putter.


The first remarkable feature of the Discraft Luna is the blend of materials used in the putter construction.

The material blend consists of Jawbreaker, an excellent cold weather plastic, helping reduce the effects on the flights in cold conditions. The Discraft brand also uses rubber to enhance the disc’s durability and tackiness.

Combining these two materials leads to a comfortable touch and provides the players with the utmost confidence on the course.


Furthermore, it comes with great control. You will love how it feels in your hand when gripping because it comfortably fits in your fingers.

Hence you can focus on the angle and putting style, and rest assured that it will carry a reliable line over a long distance.

No more worry about generating too much power from the jump putt with the help of this disc.

Weight And Glide

Another thing to consider about the Luna is its weight. At the moment, the brand offers two size selections: 170-172 grams and 173-174 grams.

It also comes with a 3-glide rating, which is quite accurate in high wind situations. These factors mean the Luna is a neutral disc golf putter, making it a staple for throwing in open-style or wooded courses.

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What about the stability of the Discraft Luna?

As the primary flying disc for Paul McBeth, this putter is more overstable than most on the market. Its fade rating is 3.0, indicating it will hook pretty hard at the end of the flight.

Discraft Luna Upshots And Approaches

Discraft Luna is an excellent putt and approach disc. It offers a straight flight path on approach shot or upshot.

As a result, you would have tons of fun playing with the hyzer angles to park approach shots on different distances. This disc is controllable, so manipulating it to release preferred angles and obtain straight flights would be quite simple.

Try out this disc, and you will be amazed at how it flies with a perfect line, then fade slowly and reliably towards the basket.

Discraft Luna Comparables

In this part of our Discraft Luna review, we will bring this putter and some great discs, Innova Nova, Discmania S-Line P2, and Dynamic Discs Judge, on the table.

Discmania S-Line P2

The beadless S-line P2 offers a nice round rim that is slightly on the deeper side. It brings a comfortable touch to the hand despite your way of holding it.

This disc is stable to handle headwind throws and fairly long approach shots. However, the S-line P2 seems inconsistent on days with high wind speeds.

It becomes hypersensitive to the wind and the power you put on it. Thus, it would be different to adjust the angles and force it to reach your desired destination on those days.

As a result, compared with the S-line P2, the Luna is the winner due to its great stability in different conditions.

Innova Nova

Innova Nova, a straight-flying Aviar type putter, is a great approach disc on normal days. It provides a unique straight flight with 0 fade out to 250 feet.

Nevertheless, using it on windy days on an open course is not a great idea. It might fly like a kite, and you can hardly adjust the angles and forms.

Again, the Luna outperforms this putter on the side of stability and ease of control.

Dynamic Discs Judge

The Dynamic Discs Judge has a great glide for putting and fights the wind pretty well. It works well for backhand throws and forehand shots.

However, the feel in the hands for putting is quite bad because it does not fit our grip. As mentioned above, Luna brings a super comfortable grip in our hands. So, once again, Luna is the winner.

Who Is The Discraft Luna For?

First, Discraft Luna is a perfect disc for all golf disc players with different skill levels. No matter if you are an amateur or a pro, this disc is a good one to have in your bag as using it is pretty simple.

This disc also works well with all putting styles. Try it now, and you will feel consistency in the putter flight.

We would highly recommend this disc for aggressive players who want their putts both outside and inside of the circle in the game.

Besides, it is a great throwing butter because it has a slightly overstable flight path with a decent amount of fade at the end. It also offers maximum control and firm grip characteristics.

What’s more?

It is an excellent choice for PDGA-approved tournaments. That is because it enables you to shape multiple shot types.

Discraft Luna Flight Path

What makes us most impressed with this Luna is that it did not fade out as much as you would think of it. Nevertheless, it flew very straight for quite a long distance.

We tested it a few times on the windless and windy days, and it flew consistently on the line we threw it despite the wind level.

During the testing process, we also noticed that it would fly more overstable if you threw it softer, giving it more of a 3-fade.

Another great thing about this putter is that it still lands flat even if you throw an anhyzer shot. This suggests that you can use it for all sorts of fights.

Discraft Luna Specifications

  • Material: Jawbreaker plastic
  • Item package dimensions: ‎8.46 x 8.31 x 1.14 inches
  • Putter weight: ‎170-172 grams or 173-174 grams depending on your size selection
  • Flight ratings: Glide 3, fade 3, speed 3, and turn 0
  • Stability rating: 1.0
  • Primary use: Putt and approach
  • Color selections: Vary


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Final Verdict

In this final part of our Discraft Luna Review, we can conclude that this item is perfect for trying regardless of your skill level.

It is a solid and easy-to-control putter that helps you play all types of shots with the best possible performance. Even if the wind speed is high, this one surely brings stability to the flight.

Hence, grab this amazing putter and take your disc golf game to the next level with confidence.

If you still have any questions about this putter, leave your comment below. We are here to help you out!

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