Disc Golf Putting Tips: How To Master The Play

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Disc golf is very similar to regular golf, players of both need to complete each hole with the fewest strokes possible. But the differences are that disc golf players use a flying disc instead of a ball and clubs, and it is usually free to play in public parks.

In disc golf, you will use something that looks like a frisbee to play and throw it around on each hole until it lands in a basket. A basket serves as the disc golf equivalent of a golf hole.

You also have 18 holes to complete, and, like traditional golf, you play outside in a large open environment. However, somewhat less equipment is required; thus, the game is not as challenging.

A golf disc may be thrown in various ways, and the creative possibilities afforded by each shot are a large part of the sport’s appeal. That is why disc golf putting tips is always the most concern of every player, both novices and professionals.

For example, the most popular disc golf throwing style is the backhand throw. When most people think of Frisbee tossing, they think of the backhand. Which one is the best? How to perform these techniques properly? How can I practice to increase my winning rate?

Do not worry! Keep scrolling down to this article. The part below will give you 7 effective tips and some valuable notes for your games.


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7 Effective Disc Golf Putting Tips For Every Game

Putt Without Consequence

Most of us would get a set of putters, go to a course, and then start putting when we want to improve our skills. Indeed, you must put much effort into it if you need a good result. Practicing throwing but no clear aim might waste your time.

Yet, this way does not work that effectively. Instead, it can cause more damage rather than benefits to putting game.

Throwing aimed putts at the basket is the fastest method to improve the results! Every putt should be part of a routine with a specific goal in mind, even if you are in a short easy play. It will help train your disc golf mindset and work in the long run.

Following your pattern repeatedly places you under the same pressure you would face on the course or in a competition and puts you in the right frame of mind to smash that putt. You can also step aside from the place you throw the previous disc to enhance the efficiency.

As a result, your practice will be considerably more productive if you establish a routine and prioritize each putt. It is amazing to observe the change when execution begins to match expectations.

So be patient with the learning process, as you should appreciate the time and progression.

At times, disc golf may be overwhelming. If you have trouble with your game, go back to the basics and establish a good practice regimen. Or you can make use of applications that might help you track your putts and development.


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Apply The Same Technique

When learning to putt in disc golf, it is straightforward to make mistakes while altering your technique. The greatest method to enhance a routine or skill is choosing a technique and following it.

You will be able to detect whether the problem comes from your technique or other concerns once you have established a putting routine.

Moreover, some might entirely change their toss whenever they miss a throw. However, it is another typical error of most new players, so you should not do this because too many changes will cause you to trace them down.

Instead, keep putting in the same motion yet pay attention to where you have missed the ball. For example, is the majority of your shot missing to the left? Do you think you do not have enough time? Do you cause shaky on the disc when it first comes out?

A series of questions like this will help you reflect on your recent missing throw. Then, after more putts, you can determine exactly which throw components should be tweaked.

It is simpler to avoid reverting to faulty form by going over and slightly changing some aspects of your technique to improve.

If you make too many changes at once, you will not remember them all, so please just pay attention to little changes over time!


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Practice Short Putts Rather Than Long Ones

Some players might spend time practicing long putt but not many times. Then, stop wasting your time watching yourself fail again and over; instead, locate a suitable distance and begin there.

When you have made considerable progress, you can be more confident and know how to handle the putt in a longer distance.

Another disadvantage of practicing long putts is that it takes a long time to enhance even a tiny quantity. You may practice on those putts for weeks and still not see a change.

What is more, you should not spend too much time on the long putts as they should not be attempted too frequently on the course. Usually, you will be near to the basket.


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Find Out Your Comfortable Putting Style 

It is quite common for beginners to be overwhelmed by the large amount of information found on the internet and get dizzy by the questions like what the most effective stance is? Should you use a putter with a spin or a push?

There are many different methods, but replicating other players is a tremendous error. The most vital aspect is to feel at ease, which will not happen if you mimic others.

So to gain the best results, you should first know the most popular putting styles:

  • Spin putt is the type of putt that you spin the disc straight out towards the basket after bringing it back to your body.
  • Push putt means you lower the disc and raise your arm to push the disc towards the basket’s top.
  • Straddle putt is applied when you take a broader stance in front of the basket and bring the disc between the legs before releasing it.

You can try any of these and decide on the most suitable one. Also, you can view some professional putting footage since you can notice a lot of beneficial parallels.

Put Commitment To The Putt

It seems a bit funny when we can effortlessly sink 20 putts in a single row during practice yet miss a simple one in the round. It is not a common mistake, but it frequently occurs when you have trouble committing to the putt.

There is practically no pressure when training in the backyard. It will make maintaining smooth, steady form a lot simpler. The easiest approach to avoid making this error when training is to have the same thought throughout. Practice as though you are in a real match!

Take a step back and alter your perspective if you feel like you cannot make an excellent putt!


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Practice Putting With Some Fun Games

One of the most significant disc golf tips for beginners, and something you should remember for the rest of your life if you play this great game, is that the one who has the most fun wins! In case everything else fails, remember you have had a good time nonetheless.

If you have the play with friends, the simple joy of being outside and participating in a fun, competitive activity should be enough to make you want to do more.

Relax, have a good time, laugh at your blunders and rejoice when you make a nice shot. Most of us already have too much stress in our life, so do not add disc golf to the list of things to be concerned about. Inhale the fresh air, take in the lovely scenery, enjoy moments being with your friends and have fun playing one of the world’s most popular games!

If you prefer to play it at home, it would be more straightforward to have a practice hoop in your yard so you can practice it whenever you are free. You can also use the app called Perfect Putt 360 for more experience.

Thanks to this premium application, the way it tracks your score and allows players to compete against your previous top score when they practice putting is great.


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Focus On The Release Point

Consistency is the game name in disc golf. One of the most significant distinctions between pros and amateurs is this. High-level playing all of the time necessitates a certain amount of dependability.

Your disc might most fly all over the area if you do not have a clear and stable release point. It can be tough to change your putt based on the distance unless you release the disc at the same spot each time.

Once you have determined your own release point, all left is to ensure a clean disc release. It will remove any wobbling you may have when putting and make it easy to figure out the mistakes whenever you miss the putt.

To make it more clear, you can know that turning your wrist during your release is the most typical cause of disc wobbling. Many rookie players, especially those who use drivers with a high speed, do this without realizing it.

So disc down is a smart technique to avoid this. Stick to mid-range discs and putters when acquiring good throwing form.


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Overall, disc golf is becoming more popular for players of all ages and ability levels as it is quite accessible, incredibly inexpensive, and enjoyable. Yet, it is also a demanding game that many players find hard and challenging to play.

So hopefully, our disc golf putting tips can be helpful to you. It might appear difficult at times, but do not panic because everything takes time. Now is a great time to start learning disc golf. We are sure you be well on your way if you follow our simple tips on mastering the play.

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