Every Disc Golf Etiquette Any Players Must Know (Update 2023)


Like many other sports, disc golf comes with its own rules, unique gameplay, and regulations. Besides accumulating the necessary skills and knowledge, knowing about disc golf etiquette is essential for any player. 

However, many beginners joining disc golf really don’t know about these etiquettes on the field, and it’s not their fault to blame. It takes many lessons and hours of playing to turn you into a classy and professional player. 

With this post, I will discuss every disc golf etiquette that is easy to remember and follow for both beginner and adept players. Keep reading to find out!

Disc Golf Etiquette For Everyone 

Disc golf etiquette can be as simple as keeping the field clean to protect the other players’ properties. Meanwhile, there are some subtle rules that are mutually agreed upon by adept disc golf players. 

So, what are they? Which is the most critical etiquette for a disc golf player? The sections below have the answers you’re looking for. 

Always Respect The Other Player’s Privacy And Properties

The first and perhaps most critical disc golf etiquette is learning to respect the other players’ privacy and property. You should not distract or create noise that affects anyone’s playing experience on the field. 

Everyone pays for their own space, and you should not violate others’ playing ground without permission. Also, never touch any disc golf equipment if it doesn’t belong to you. 

Always Follow The Rules And Regulations Of The Playing Field

Every disc golf course has a set of regulations and rules that all participants must follow. For example, some sites require customers to wear a certain outfit or limit the playing time to a specific hour. 

If you are using their services, respecting their rules and regulations is obligatory. There will be fines charged when you violate the rules, and it will also leave a negative impression on the place’s owner. 

Respect And Protect The Course 

The course has many landscapes and infrastructures like trees, lakes, and roads. 

Many golf disc players still walk on the grass or touch the natural landscapes, which is a very uncivilized behavior. 

You should only enjoy the natural landscapes with your eyes and stick to the course’s road. Don’t do anything that harms the place’s beauty, or you will face heavy charges. 

Respect The Course’s Natural Landscapes
Respect The Course’s Natural Landscapes

Never Liter Or Leave Trash 

It’s understandable to bring along your own food and water bottles onto the field, especially for long playing hours. Many disc golf courses provide trash cans spreading across their sites to make it convenient for players. 

Meanwhile, some disc golf courses don’t support trash cans, so you should bring along a plastic bag to put your litter and trash. After finishing your play, bring that trash bag out of the site and put it in the right disposal place. 

No Weed On The Disc Golf Course 

Smoking weed or cigarettes on a crowded site like a disc golf course is very impolite because it will affect the other players’ health. In addition, cigarettes can easily catch fire on trees and dry leaves and cause a catastrophic flame. 

Some sites have straight regulations against smoking cigarettes and weeds. Even if they don’t, you should never bring along these things on a disc golf course. 

Keep It Quiet

Many players prefer to play loud music to make their playing time more enjoyable. However, a loud noise will affect the other players’ playing experience and paint you as an impolite person. 

Imagine a small site where everyone plays their favorite music tracks at loud volume. It’s no longer a playing ground, but a music festival. Therefore, it’s best to use wireless headphones if you really want to enjoy the music. 

Don’t Make Loud Noise When You Play
Don’t Make Loud Noise When You Play

Keep Up With A Fast Speed

Always try to keep up with the other players’ speed and moving pace because no one wants to get lagged behind. Your slow pace may make others feel uncomfortable and waste their time waiting for you. 

Let Faster Players Go Ahead.

Groups will try to maintain their moving order in tournaments. However, you slow down and let the groups behind get by if they are moving at a faster speed. This rule is called “play through”. 

Try To Return Lost Discs

If you accidentally lost the discs, try to find them on the course. 

Also, avoid throwing the discs through lakes and high trees because they may get stuck. This equipment is not expensive, but it will surely hurt your pocket. 

Don’t Brag

Always respect the other playing skills, whether they are at the intermediate or entry level. Everyone has to start from the low point, so don’t try to brag about anything if you have got some decent skills in the game. 

Don’t Cling To Your Phone 

Besides checking the map, hour, and weather, you should not use your phone for any other purpose. The disc golf course is meant for playing sports, not surfing your phone. 

Rather than clinging to your phone, try to enjoy nature, watch the landscape, and talk to the other players you feel comfortable with. 

Be Aware Of Your Dog And Pet

Playing disc golf with your lovely four-legged friend is such a fun experience. 

You can spend time in nature with him but always consider carefully before taking your pet to a disc golf course. 

Many players may not feel comfortable with a big dog around, so you should ensure safety precautions.

If your dog has an aggressive nature, it’s best to not bring him to the course. 

Support The Sport

If you love disc golf and want to make this sport more prevalent, don’t hesitate to show your support through simple and kind acts. You can donate a little fund to the local disc golf courses if they are going through a hard time. 

Also, join the online disc golf forums and websites to learn more about disc golf. 

You can also spread the disc golf tournaments to more players to add more reputation to this sport. 

Support The Local Disc Golf Community
Support The Local Disc Golf Community

Disc Golf Etiquette If You Play In Groups

These courtesies and etiquettes should be prioritized if you regularly play disc golf with your friends. They will help build mutual respect and create a friendly playing atmosphere for even more enjoyment on the field. 

Don’t Distract Other Players

Let the other players focus on their game whenever they are preparing to make a shot. Making distracting noises or gestures will make them feel uncomfortable and leave a negative impression on you. 

So, don’t drink, talk, or cling to your phone and do other disrespectful actions when someone is about to take a shot. 

Don’t Distract A Player When He Is Making The Shot
Don’t Distract A Player When He Is Making The Shot

Know The Basic Rules Of The Game

Even if you have just joined disc golf for a short time, it’s critical to grasp all the basic rules and knowledge relating to the game. Don’t come to a course and have the others instruct you on how to play. 

It will waste your friend’s time and ruin their playing experience. Therefore, you should grasp basic knowledge on the Internet before joining a disc golf game. 

Be Respectful

Respect is the foremost important characteristic of a professional sports player, whether it is golf disc or any other sport. Respect shows you humbleness and a will to learn. 

So, always watch the other players play attentively and give you contributive comments. There’s no need to assert your skill or brag about your knowledge. When mutual respect is built, the game becomes much more enjoyable. 

Remove Your Disc After Each Throw 

The disc you throw inside the basket can obstruct the other players’ shots and playing experience. Therefore, you should remove the disc from the basket after each successful throw. 

Don’t Leave The Disc In The Basket After Each Throw
Don’t Leave The Disc In The Basket After Each Throw

Keep Your Temper

The bad shots and lucks can totally ruin your day and affect your temper. But no matter how frustrated you are, always keep the frustration to yourself. 

There’s no need to ruin the mood of the other and throw away your temperament when things are not playing out as you desire. A cool and calm player will always be respected by friends and other players. 

Don’t Hesitate To Compliment

Whenever your friend or another player makes a good play, don’t hesitate to compliment or give them a thumbs up. It will show your humble mind and respect, which is essential for any disc golf player. 

This way, the others will like you more and compliment you when making a great shot. Also, don’t forget to cheer your friends up when they are not having a good day playing. 


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Final Thoughts

You don’t necessarily have to remember all the disc golf etiquette mentioned in this list. If you play with a kind heart and pay respect to the other players as well as the course, everything will turn out fine. 

If you learn to respect and make it convenient for the other, they will do the same thing in return. Preserving and following disc golf etiquette is essential for maintaining a friendly and enjoyable playing ground.  

I hope that the information in this post can help you become a more professional and respectable player. Feel free to comment if you have any other ideas or suggestions. Thank you for reading!

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