Disc Golf Discs Vs. Frisbees: What’s the Difference?

Disc Golf Discs Vs. Frisbees

Disc golf discs or frisbees look so similar that many people are confused about them. So, disc golf discs vs. frisbees: What’s the difference? 

We will talk about the size, shape, drag, speed, and other factors that help you distinguish the discs. If you intend to use them interchangeably, we also have advice for your experience. 

What’s The Difference Between A Disc Golf Disc Vs. A Frisbee?

Disc golf discs and frisbees are round. However, they differ in size, shape, drag, aerodynamics, speed, distance, and some other factors. This comparison table will highlight their differences. 

Criteria  Disc Golf Disc  Frisbee
Size 8 inches 12 inches 
Shape Sleek Rounded
Weight  6 to 6.25 ounces 6 ounces
Drag Less drag More drag 
Aerodynamics More aerodynamic in general  Less aerodynamic
Speed Faster Slower
Distance Longer  Shorter
Material  Rigid plastic  Flexible plastic 
Price  More expensive Cheaper 


Frisbees Vs. Disc Golf Discs: Side-By-Side Comparison 

Now, we will discuss each difference between frisbees and disc golf discs in detail. They will affect your performance, so please pay attention to each. 


When comparing a disc golf disc and a frisbee, the size of each object will stand out as the most significant difference. 

Golf discs are typically eight inches long, compact, but dense. Meanwhile, frisbees are bigger, measuring about 12 inches. 

Golf discs must meet the standards set by the PDGA (Professional Disc Golf Association). This organization has created a set of rules for discs used in disc golf, including their dimensions and weight. 

Most golf discs follow the standards. The exceptions are their usage on some professionally sanctioned occasions. 

Since we use frisbees for recreation, manufacturers make them in many sizes. So feel free to find the one that fits your hands and preferences most. 

Frisbees are available in more sizes and bigger (Link).


The rim of a frisbee is very rounded. This feature makes it fly differently from a disc golf disc. 

Meanwhile, the disc used in disc golf is sleeker. Some models, especially the drivers, nearly point at the outer lip. 

The outer lip gets more rounded as you move closer to mid-range discs or putters. Although putters look like frisbees, they aim to fly farther and faster.


A frisbee typically weighs 6 ounces, but a disc golf disc weighs 6 to 6.25 ounces on average.

Frisbees and disc golf discs, though, come in various weights, with some designs weighing as much as 7 ounces or more.


Drag refers to air resistance or friction against a flying object. It acts against the disc golf disc and frisbee, slowing them down. 

Disc golf discs and frisbees similarly travel across the air. However, disc golf discs have less drag due to their aerodynamics, shape, and size. Hence, they can fly farther. 


Aerodynamics is about a shape that can reduce the friction of the air as it passes an object. The more aerodynamic, the farther and faster a disc can fly. 

Drivers, putters, and mid-range discs are different in disc golf. They come in different shapes to help them achieve particular purposes. 

Disc golf putters are generally slower than drivers, while they have the same shape as frisbees. Yet, putters are more aerodynamic and can fly farther. 

Disc golf discs are more aerodynamic (Link).


Frisbees and discs used in disc golf fly at different speeds. Frisbees can fly fast, but they can’t beat their competitors in this term. 

Golf discs aim to fly extremely fast and far. Meanwhile, people play frisbees for entertainment, so manufacturers don’t focus on speed. Only Ultimate frisbees are fast enough compared to disc golf discs. 

Disc golf discs first appeared in 1964, completely changing the disc games later. Since they had to reach the basket from the tee pad, they should travel really fast. 


A disc golf disc’s ability to cover more distance than a frisbee further sets it apart from the latter. On the contrary, frisbees aim for accuracy rather than distance. 

As aforementioned, disc golf discs are smaller and have a sleek design. Hence, they can fly faster and cut through the air better. Hence, they can travel farther. 

Disc golf discs can fly faster and farther (Link)


People mostly use flexible plastic, like polyethylene, to make frisbees. This material makes the discs flexible enough to deform and bend without breaking. 

Meanwhile, the materials used to make disc golf discs are more rigid, like polypropylene and polymer composites. 

Rigid plastics are sturdier and more resistant to breaking or cracking. These characteristics are suitable for disc golf. 

The material’s stiffness also enables discs to maintain their form and flight features, improving throw accuracy and consistency.

Frisbees and disc golf discs can have various additives and treatments, such as UV stabilizers and colorants. All treatments aim to support their performance. 


Depending on the brand and style, frisbees may cost anywhere from a few dollars to $20. They are generally cheaper than disc golf discs.

So how much do disc golf discs cost? They can range from $10 to $20. Professional players buy high-end models, which cost much more. 

The unique materials and design elements make disc golf discs more adapted for disc golf games. 

Moreover, while most people play frisbees for fun, they are only willing to pay for the discs at a low cost.  

The price of these kinds of discs varies considerably, depending on their type, brand, and features. As a result, always check and compare the prices before purchasing. 

Disc golf discs for professional tournaments are expensive
Disc golf discs for professional tournaments are expensive (Link).

Can You Use Frisbees For Disc Golf?

Technically, yes. You can use frisbees to play disc golf. However, it may have benefits and drawbacks. So consider both sides before heading for the course. 


First, buying a set of golf discs won’t be necessary if you don’t intend to play this sport regularly. These discs are not really expensive, and they cost more than frisbees. 

Moreover, if you want to play with players with frisbees, it must be more fun if you all have the same tools. 

Second, having some fun with a frisbee can help you practice. Disc golf discs are more challenging to throw. 


Although you can use frisbees for disc golf, they are not an ideal choice for the sport and are not advisable for serious play. 

Accuracy, speed, and distance are three criteria needed for discs used in this sport. You have to throw them into a target precisely. 

The goal of every disc golf game is to put your disc in the basket or target with the fewest number of shots from the starting position.  

Disc golf discs, as their name implies, are the best choice. They are heavier and more aerodynamic, making them fly farther and more accurately. 

Additionally, the shallower rim of disc golf discs helps you control and drip them more effectively when throwing. 

There are different types of golf discs. This video will explain each and recommend the best option for certain cases:


On the other hand, frisbees are often lighter with a deeper rim, making them less suited for disc golf. In fact, frisbees are better for multiple types of flight than disc golf discs, especially for recreational play. 


You can use frisbees for disc golf in some cases (Link).


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Frisbees and disc golf discs are different in size, shape, material, and weight, leading to differences in speed and aerodynamics. 

You can use frisbees for golf discs because they are easier to throw and cheaper. However, stick to disc golf if you play this sport as a serious player. 

Thank you for stopping by. Don’t hesitate to contact us if you have questions about this topic. See you in the next post!

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