Top 10 Best Disc Golf Courses In Maine: Which Is Suitable For You?

Best Disc Golf Courses In Maine

Are you looking for the best disc golf courses in Maine? Maine has over 80 fantastic disc golf courses; therefore, it’s tough to choose the best one.

I have played some rounds on various courses in this state. And I’m here to bring you the 10 best ones. So, let’s read on to get my 10 top picks right now!

Top 10 Best Disc Golf Courses In Maine

Top 10 best disc golf courses in Maine
Top 10 best disc golf courses in Maine. Source

Here is a list of the top 10 best disc golf courses in Maine I’ve tried.

#1. Sabattus Disc Golf: Hawk, Falcon, and Eagle

Going to Sabattus, you have access to three full 18-hole courses and one 9-hole one that is perfect for new disc golf players. The three large courses here include the  Eagle, Falcon, and Hawk, with the difficulty level going from hardest to easiest.

All these courses are well-maintained frequently and have no problems with overgrown bushes or long grass. There is an excellent combination of harder holes in the woods and more open shots on the disc golf course.

There are some holes where water may come into play, so take your time and carry the best disc golf retriever, just in case! There is also a great pro shop next to these courses, where you will find various discs, apparel, bags, and other gear.

#2. Acker’s Acres: Twisted And Wicked 

Acker’s Acres is among the most beautiful disc golf courses in Maine. It is well-maintained, features nice-looking signs, and is perfect for all disc golf players.

It has two official courses, Twisted and Wicked, though many people prefer the Dirty 30, a combination of 30 holes from these two courses.

The first one has some of its longer holes on the golf course. But, like the other course, many technical shots would require precise aiming to stay anywhere near the fairway.

The second one stays in the woods for most holes and will finish with a short par three over a pond to go back toward the parking lot.

#3. Woodland Valley – Black Bear

Woodland Valley - Black Bear disc golf course.Woodland Valley - Black Bear disc golf course.
Woodland Valley – Black Bear disc golf course. Source

This 18-hole course is wooded with several large field shots. It is 4,864 feet and a par 58. It is designed to be enjoyed by players of all levels. It is also dog friendly, but keeping your dog with you is necessary.

#4. Pineland Farms – The Patriot

Are you looking to play a very difficult and long course? If so, you should consider heading over to Pineland Farms courses. It is open all year long. Hence, it is feasible to enjoy disc golf in the snow if you come here in the winter months.

The Patriot, the first disc golf course on the farm, covers more distance than the other, the Minuteman. Playing a whole round would cover over 7,000 feet, various terrains, and great views of the surrounding areas, such as Campus skiing trails.

For disc golf players wanting a shorter and more challenging course, they should spend their afternoon at the Minuteman, the newest course. 

It was designed for newer players and is around 4,000 feet from hole one to the end. The course features a great mix of shot types, going through open fairways and tight wooded areas.

#5. Quarry Run Augusta Disc Golf

Quarry Run Augusta Disc Golf is a picturesque and fun intermediate-level, beginner-friendly course. It roams over gentle hills out and in the beautiful Maine woods. Through open fields with lollipop birches and popcorn pines and over a notably steep-faced granite quarry.

#6. Woodland Valley – The Grizzly

Woodland Valley - The Grizzly disc golf course.
Woodland Valley – The Grizzly disc golf course. Source

This disc golf course has an honor box available if you come to play when we are not open. It is open all year round and just closes on Christmas and Thanksgiving. Fortunately, it still welcomes disc golfers on those days for free.

It provides over 5,000 discs from Discraft, Innova, Latitude 64, Dynamic Discs, Discmania, MVP, Axiom, Westside, Streamline, and Gateway discs. You will also be served ice cream, beverages, and snacks. 

On weekends, you also get coffee and sandwiches until 10 and lunch (hot dogs, sandwiches, and pizza). In cold weather, dishes are available as well. This course is dog friendly, but you must keep your dog with you.

#7. Devils Grove Disc Golf

If you are keen on a technical course with many good shots, the Devil’s Grove course might be the best and most fun option. It covers 45 acres and includes two 18-hole courses: the Devil and the Demon.

Between these two options, the Demon is the more difficult and technical one, especially because it has more elevation changes and wooded holes. 

The Devil, the second one, is more popular as it has more open fairways with beautiful views all around. One of my favorite features here is the three different tee pad locations supported:

  • Red: It is designed mainly for new players and consists entirely of par three holes. Most holes are short enough to throw putters and midranges.
  • White: It is built for disc golf players of all levels. It is technical enough to keep experienced golfers entertained and deliver a good improvement goal for new disc golfers.
  • Blue: It is for more advanced disc golfers looking for a challenging round. It is the hardest and longest layout available at Devil’s Grove.

This place also includes an excellent pro shop where you can choose some new golf discs or drinks and snacks before the game!

#8. Pleasant Hill Disc Golf

This beautiful 18-hole course has perfectly groomed and wides open fairways and makes good use of the trees for some more technical shots. 

You aren’t allowed in the ponds, even though your favorite disc sinks into the water. A professional diver was hired to come three times a year, and he will return your discs free of charge. So, you must keep out of ponds. Also, your dogs are welcome on this course, but they are not allowed inside the Clubhouse.

#9. Enman Field

Enman Field disc golf course is located in Brunswick and was opened in 1996. It is an awesome course with a great owner.

It is pretty short but very technical, with many elevation changes. Generally, it is a great place to go if you are keen on improving your game.

#10. Campbell Highlands

It is an excellent course suitable for disc control that is well-marked and well-maintained. It is mostly wooded and enjoyable.

There are many trees, making it challenging, but on hot sunny days, the shade is also well worth it. The owners are also great.


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The Bottom Line

I hope the information can help you find the best disc golf courses in Maine.

If you are uncertain of your choice, it is wise to follow the reviews from previous disc golf players to make an informed decision.

Thanks for stopping by, and see you in another post!

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