Top 12 Best Disc Golf Beginner Sets: Which Is Right For You To Choose?


Disc golf is among the rapidly growing sports. That growth has been fueled partly by clips of phenomenal shots that have gone viral on Youtube and professional coverage on ESPN.

More eyes than ever have been on this game. Some people are fascinated,  some in awe, some in curiosity. Therefore, many people are jumping into the game and looking for an affordable disc golf beginner set.

If you are a newbie to this game, I’m here to help. Here is a list of the 12 best disc golf starter sets for beginners you should consider today.

Let’s check them out!

Why Choose Disc Golf Starter Sets?

Your Inexperience

In most cases, as a beginner, your inexperience shines through when trying to pick out discs. For example, I started with an Innova Beast and a Prodigy F1 which is too fast for me.

Beginner sets give you the best disc golf discs for your level as a beginner. They are put together with the beginner in mind with a complete set. 

The Price 

Whenever you buy a starter set, there is a high chance of getting a deal. Although it may not save you too much money, buying discs already assembled in a starter set will typically be cheaper than purchasing them separately.

As A Beginner, Do You Have To Get A Starter Set?

Given you are a newbie, I always recommend beginner sets as they are easy and cheap. But my main goal is to help you choose the proper discs. And this starts with easy-to-throw and slow-speed discs that are literally made for beginners.

Many starter packs have these discs, but you do not have to get any of them if you do not want to. Want to make it easy on yourself? Just pick out one of the starter sets I mentioned below. If not, just choose whatever feels best to you.

The 12 Best Disc Golf Starter Sets For Beginners Review

Here is a list of the top 12 best disc golf beginner sets in 2023. Think carefully and choose what works best for you.

#1. Innova DX Set

Key Features

DX is the basic, most affordable plastic kind of Innova. Buying a less expensive soft plastic is actually ideal for beginners. Thanks to that, you can get a feel for the different discs and how they fly before spending $10, $15, or even $20 on the more long-lasting, durable plastic discs.

The Innova DX Starter Set includes very basic discs that are friendly for new players. They are popular with a Leopard short-range driver, a Shark mid-range disc, and an Aviar putter.

This pack covers the basics, and if you can learn to throw with those discs, you should be ready to move on to other ones with varied purposes and designs.

#2. Discraft DSSB Set 

Key Features

The Discraft DSSB beginner set is the best selection of Discraft for brand-new golfers. It typically has the same price tag as the Easy to Throw or the DX sets. 

Given you pick this set, you will gain a Buzzz (mid-range), Magnet (putter), and either a Stratus,  Heat, or Avenger (driver). 

Some sets vary in the driver, but you will always get the first two discs. In addition, all of these discs are completely fine for beginners. 

#3. Innova Dx Upgraded Set 

Key Features

This set features 5 beginner-friendly discs selected by experienced disc golfers from Innova, the big name in Disc Sports.

This set includes Aviar Putter (the no.1 putter in disc golf), a Roc3 (a straight disc), a Leopard (the great first fairway driver), The TeeBird (the accurate, stable fairway driver), the Destroyer (a fast driver with more distance glide).

This pack also includes a Special Mini Disc, which is used to mark your shots before throwing from the lie.

#4. Axiom Discs Set

Key Features

This Axiom starter set is an excellent pack for new disc golfers, including the Alias (mid-range), Wrath (driver – you shouldn’t confuse it with the Innova Wraith), and the Envy (putter). 

As a beginner, you will have a pretty easy time throwing with these discs since they are designed for new golfers. Yet, this disc golf set is also an excellent gift for experienced players.

#5. MVP Premium Set

Key Features

This premium set from MVP features three great discs for both beginners to intermediate players. This set includes a Relay (driver), an Axis (mid-range), and an Ion (putt and approach disc). All 3 of those are very balanced and decent choices for the beginner disc golfer. 

#6. Latitude 64 Retro Burst Set

Key Features

Latitude 64 is a famous disc maker from Scandinavia, and they have some great discs designed for beginners. This Latitude 64 advanced starter set sounds like it is for the pros, but the discs are great for new disc golfers.

The discs included in this set are the Saint (which has superior control), the Pure, and the Fuse. All of them are low-speed, easy-to-throw discs that will help you advance your disc golf game enormously. 

I have a teenage daughter that is also a beginner, and she threw these discs easier than some of the other heavier, beefier ones that I carried around. So I believe they will make an excellent addition to an already-started beginner bag.

#7. Viking Discs 8-disc Set

Key Features

One of the fastest ways to enhance your score is to improve your putting. 

And among the best ways to improve your putting is with more practice or repetition. The easiest way to get more putting practice is to have multiple putters, and this set is unique in that it has 3 putters!

The Viking Rune is among the highest-rated putters. This set also contains two matching Rune in a grippy base plastic and the third Rune one in ultra-durable Storm plastic to be utilized as your approach/throwing disc.

The set is generally a fun way to improve your putting and approach game while trying several other new discs.

#8. Dynamic Discs Set

Key Features

This set has everything you need to play this sport. It includes the Judge, their famous putter, the Truth (mid-range), and the Escape (control driver).

These discs are great for learning and are made from Dynamic Disc’s Prime plastic, their soft plastic.  

#9. Innova Gstar Premium Set

Key Features

Next up is also a product from Innova, which is a famous brand for disc golf gear and is loved by beginners and experienced players alike. This set comes with three Innova discs, including a fairway driver, a putter, and a distance driver.

Each disc is made from plastic material, measures ‎8.5 x 8.5 x 2 inches, and will provide fun for years. Apart from being a great pack for beginners, this is a good transitional set for new disc golfers who have played a bit of disc golf already and already own some discs.

#10. Latitude 64 SPZ Beginner-friendly Set 

Key Features

The Latitude 64 SPZ starter pack from Dynamic Discs is among the most beginner-friendly sets available out there. It is great for ladies, younger players, and players with weak arms. On top of that, it is super cheap as well.

It includes three discs: The Superhero (SPZ3), The Zombie (SPZ1), and the Pirate (SPZ2). The first one is designed to give maximum distance for new players. 

The second is the perfectly balanced disc that will sail smoothly to the basket. The other is slow yet extremely effective from a close distance.

The Sphinx Driver is ideal for most new players as it will help them get more distance than any other golf disc. In addition, the Anubis is so glidey, making for an easy transition for beginners.

Finally, the Alpaca putter is among the best disc golf putters. 

#11. Infinite Discs 3-disc Set

Key Features

In terms of value, this set gets a 10. The difference between it and many other sets is that the Sphinx driver is made from durable grade plastic, whereas most of the drivers in the other sets are based on plastics. 

In my view, you should never buy disc golf drivers in a base plastic. This premium plastic also contributes to the high-value rating because this disc set has the same price tag as, or even less than, most of the other quality sets.

All discs included in this set are very beginner friendly. It is the top-selling putter with a good neutral flight for beginners, but it will also grow with you.

#12. Divergent Discs 3-disc Beginner Disc Golf Set 

Key Features

Divergent Discs is a promising brand focusing on recreational disc golf players. This focus enables it to have one of the best value starter sets of 2023. 

All three discs in this set are extremely beginner friendly. The thing that makes this beginner set to stand apart and takes the spot as my #10 recommended sets are that the plastic feels and look of these discs are excellent. 

Most beginner sets come with cheap plastic, but the Divergent plastic looks great, is ultra grippy, and is the same or an even lower price! 

If something is of better quality but less expensive, it is typically a great option. For beginners, these discs are easy to control and throw.

Buying Guide: How To Choose Proper Disc Golf Sets

How To Choose Proper Disc Golf Sets
How To Choose Proper Disc Golf Sets

As a new disc golf player, you may be overwhelmed by the various choices when selecting suitable discs for yourself. Choosing a disc golf set should depend on many factors, including your needs, purpose, budget, and more.

Your skill level will also decide the kind of product you should choose to help develop your game.

The need for a new player differs from an advanced or intermediate player. Likewise, professional golfers also have other requirements regarding acquiring their disc golf equipment.

Your Level 


When choosing beginner disc golf sets, disc selection is essential. It should include beginner-friendly discs which don’t need a lot of speed and power to glide during the throw.

I have mentioned different types of sets which are ideal for beginners in my review. Most of them include beginner-friendly discs to help newbies develop and improve their game.


Intermediate golfers are those players who already have some knowledge of the disc golf game. Plus, chances are they’ve already found a go-to disc that works best for them.

But regarding looking for a disc golf set, most intermediate players are searching for golf discs that can be utilized for their practice sessions. They already own a go-to disc in their backpack, so the reason for them to look for a disc golf set is to find something to improve and develop their game in practice.


Do you think professional or advanced players need a disc golf set? In my opinion, the answer is probably not. Advanced and experienced golfers do not purchase disc golf sets anymore. 

So they already have some discs in their pack for practice sessions and competitions in most cases. In other words, these players don’t buy disc golf sets. Instead, they purchase depending on their needs on the game.


Some popular brands offering disc golf sets include Innova, Infinite Discs, and Prodigy. Meanwhile, some relatively unknown brands caught my attention in making good quality disc golf sets, including Dynamic, Axiom, Latitude, and Divergent Discs.


Apart from having some discs in a disc golf set, there are some accessories that you can get on a particular set. Depending on the set, some of the extra accessories are:

MiniDisc Marker

As their name suggests, the mini disc marker will “mark” a disc golfer’s lie on the course after throwing. It is a consistent part of a disc golf set.

Its primary purpose is to assist disc golfers in keeping track of where they will throw in the next shot. 

Disc Golf Bag

A disc golf bag is available in different shapes, forms, and sizes. Some bags come in the form of a shoulder bag or a backpack, whereas some have different styles. But those bags have one thing in common, which is they can carry the discs securely. 

The capacity of a disc golf bag may vary depending on its shape and size. Some even have additional pockets, which give extra storage for players.

Convenient Towel 

This towel can be used to wipe down your disc golf discs when they get wet or dirty.

Total scoreboard

This disc golf scoreboard can help you easily keep track of your or your opponent’s score.


Low investment and a wide variety are wise until you are more seasoned. All of the beginner sets I include in this list have a low price per disc. 

But be careful using price as the only deciding factor to look for a starter set. I recommend sticking to the typical disc golf brands like Innova, Dynamic Discs, Latitude 64, and Infinite Discs.


Is A Starter Set Worth It?

The short answer is Yes. Starter sets are cheap, including all the proper discs for your skill level, and are built with cheap plastic.

Once your skills and confidence improve, you can try out different models and figure out your individual playing style.

Afterward, you can buy individual discs that suit you best.

How Does Disc Golf Work?

Disc golf is a sport/game where players take turns throwing a disc at the marked objective. The entire gameplay/rule is quite similar to golf – one throw is estimated each time you throw the disc, and the player with the least throws will win the game.

Is Disc Golf A Genuine Sport?

Yes. Disc golf, aka frisbee golf, is a highly competitive game that is approved by some biggest sports organizations and has millions of players worldwide.

What Are The Main Attributes Of A Top-quality Golf Disc?

It may significantly differ depending on your age and skill set. Generally, you should look for golf discs that fly exactly where you want them to, have a great material texture, and can withstand daily pressure without breaking.

What Weight Disc Should A Beginner Throw?

Beginners typically find lightweight discs easier to throw and they can help them work on the right form and still get a good distance. 

Light discs, from 150 to 159 grams, are ideal for kids, beginners, and players who throw under 100 meters long shots. Then, you can experiment with different weight discs over time. But if beginners use lightweight discs for too long, they can become overly reliant on lightweight discs which can stall progress.

What Are the Basic Rules For Playing Disc Golf?

The goal of this sport is to have fun and complete the course in the fewest throws. Courtesy and safety are essential. 

Be careful of animals, plants, and other objects. Just throw the disc only when the area is clear of people, including other golfers.

  • You must throw the disc from behind the front of the teeing area.
  • Subsequent shots are thrown from behind the spot where your previous shot came to rest, called the “lie.” If your disc comes to rest in a bush or a tree, the “lie” spot is on the ground directly below.
  • You can run up and follow through, but you must release the disc before stepping past the lie.
  • A putt is a throw from within 32.8 ft (10 meters) of the target. When putting, you cannot step past the lie until your disc comes to rest.
  • The hole will be completed when the disc rests in the chains or basket. Conversely, it isn’t completed if the disc rests on the top of the target.
  • If a shot is out-of-bounds: play from either the last in-bounds location with a 1-stroke penalty or retee with a 1-stroke penalty.

How Much Does A Disc Golf Set Typically Cost?

The price will dramatically differ depending on the particular disc golf equipment you are looking at. For example, if you are mainly looking for a disc set and a carry pouch, you should consider spending from $20 to $90. 

On the flip side, if you are looking for a target basket, you should be prepared to pay from $90 to $260 for some models.

Are Disc Golf Starter Sets Only for Beginners?

Some are but some are not. Many beginner sets deliver a great set of discs for new players to jump right into the game with everything they need to grow and succeed. That said, there are some beginner sets with discs that are useful to more seasoned golfers.


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Disc golf is an exciting sport that is extremely easy to learn and does not require any previous experience to get started. Whether you are a teenager, youngster, or adult, you can participate in this sport as long as you get the right gear.

The best disc golf beginner set can help regarding the development process of new disc golf players. We all know that there are various disc companies and brands to choose from, and picking the right fit is challenging.

Hopefully, with the assistance of my guidance article, you will be able to find the most fitting equipment for the game.

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