Best Disc Golf Accessories To Accompany Your Play In 2023


With the growing popularity of disc golf, many disc golf accessories producers have appeared and brought customers tremendously helpful products. They will make your play much more comfortable and effortless. 

So, what are the best disc golf accessories you should bring along on your next trip to the disc golf court? How to choose high-quality items that suit your personal needs? Follow this post, and I will show you everything!

Top 38+ Disc Golf Accessories For Holiday

You may not need all these 38 items since bringing them all on your trip is impossible. Just consider your usage needs carefully and pick the best items that heighten your playing performance and enjoyment. 

Friction Disc Golf Gloves

A friction disc golf glove is made of rubber surrounding its fingers and palms. 

With a rubbery surface, it helps improve traction and grips in both wet and dry conditions to give you a more comfortable and precise shot. 

If you love playing disc golf in the rain and wet weather conditions, a pair of friction gloves are indispensable. In addition, it also keeps your hands cozy and warm in cold weather conditions. 

If you are looking for a high-quality disc golf glove, check out this Callaway Golf Men’s Weather Spann. It will bring your performance to another level. 

Dynamic Discs Golden Retriever 

Dynamic disc golden retriever is a great tool to retrieve sunken golf discs in the water. The product possesses high-range reach, allowing users to collect golf balls without worrying about losing any pricey disc golf discs. 

The high-end dynamic discs golden retrievers deliver a practical design that can reach various terrains and fit in a golf bag easily. It can keep your clothes and feet dry throughout the games. 

Water holes or rivers are not their problems even in rough terrain with rocks and pebbles. My recommendation is Rogue Iron Sports, which will support your game to the fullest. 

Disc Golf Cart

It is a helpful accessory for older disc golf players, especially when you attend the disc golf court in groups. This item helps you store and carry many other accessories more easily. 

In addition, you don’t have to worry about dropping your small items on the court. There are manuals for this item and electrical types that can operate without any effort, adding more comfort to your play. 

To choose a disc golf cart’s size, consider how many items you want it to carry. I’m currently using the Trolley Dolly, which brought me so much comfort.

Disc Golf Rangefinder

High-end products like this Bushnell Edge Disc Disc Golf Rangefinder can help players identify the elevation change and distance on the court more effectively. 

It incorporates modern scanning and measuring technologies to provide players with reliable and accurate measurements of the targets and distances, thus significantly improving your performance in the game. 

Grip Bag/Chalk Bag/Birdie Bag

Grip or birdie bags are small accessories for sweaty palms during a round of disc golf.  These bags are filled with a special combination of super absorbent thirst and hardwood powder.

Disc Golf Chalk Bag is an ideal choice for many golf players with its versatility and movability. You can attach the product to your bag or cart with the versatile clasp. Besides golf, you can use it in other sports like climbing and lifting.

Innova Galactic Mini Marker or Other Mini Marker

A stylish mini marker is a good way to mark your disc while showing your style with other court rivals. D·D DYNAMIC DISCS possesses all things a style gold player needs: flexibility, lightweight, and outstanding design.

It weighs around 35 grams and is more flexible than other products at the same price on the market. Thus, users can store it in a pocket or their disc golf bag without much effort and without getting noticed.

Disc Golf Towel

Good disc golf towels can keep your hand or discs clean and free of dust, sweat, and mud. A clean surface will increase the friction between hands and discs, thus improving your accuracy over time.

High-end disc golf towels are specifically made from microfibers material, allowing them to clean stubborn dust and stains within seconds. You should dip the towel in water to increase its efficiency. 

The Fpxnb 2 Pack Tri-fold stands out in this product line with a waffle design and versatile clip that can attach to any surface. 

Dude Wipes

Besides the towels, DUDE Wipes Flushable Wipes are another convenient way to keep yourself and discs golf clean. This product comes with a clean formula made of plant-based ingredients and water for safe use.

Their selling point lies in the friendly-users feature as they are applicable for the most sensitive skin of all ages. Unlike traditional wipes, the dude wipes paper can immediately break down once you flush.

The size is a critical factor in determining the wipe papers’ quality, and the 35% larger size of due wipes gives you more clean surfaces during the golf courses on your palms or golf discs.

Portable Music Speaker

Nothing’s more motivating than immersing yourself in the full-blast sound on the court. In most cases, portable music speakers allow users to enjoy sounds ranging in numerous frequencies.

The Ortizan Portable Bluetooth Speaker possesses a very beautiful appearance and is lightweight. In addition, it can deliver the top stereo audio speakers for stable sound transmission and provides satisfying bass at any volume. 

Udisc App

Udisc App 
Udisc App 

The Udisc app is one of the essential appliances for all golfers. It is specifically designed for golfers to track their scores, find disc golf courses, and measure their throws with different distances and targets.

This app enables simple tee pad and pin location adjustment. This results in improved disc golf play and greater uniformity among course designs. Over time, your performance will be enhanced significantly.



A smartwatch is an important device to use with the Udisc app, which helps track your progress during the disc golf rounds. I would like to recommend the Apple Watch Series 7 [GPS 45mm] for this practice.

The product is specifically designed for outdoor uses, so it can withstand environmental effects such as high-intensive impacts, abrasion, and water penetration. 

This product tracks blood oxygen and gets alerts about irregular heartbeats. In addition, utilizing fall detection to summon assistance if necessary, which is a must-have function for outdoor activities.

Ript Revenge Course Card Game

The ript revenge course card game is a fun way to enjoy your disc golf course with the other players. This card game brings extra rules along with the basic rules of disc golf.

The kit includes 54 cards with various rules and gimmicks you can use to play against your friends and rivals. The course is no longer a normal disc golf game. Instead, it turns into a battlefield with complex strategies and maneuvers.

Disc Golf License Plate Frame

How about creating your own disc golf plate frame with a license plate frame kit? These accessories come with a simple and beautiful design, which is very easy to install and set up. 

You can easily find many disc golf license plate frames ranging in colors, designs, and sizes on the market. Ensure to pick items with high-quality materials to resist the environmental factors better. 

Mvp Flat Led Tri-Lite Disc Golf Lights For Night Golf

Players enjoying disc golf at night cannot skip these MVP flat Led tri-lite disc golf lights. You can put them in the court’s center and add more colors as well as aesthetics to the game. 

In addition, players can get creative with these beautiful disc golf lights by arranging them in customized orders and creating a unique playing ground. They can also be adjusted in many brightness modes and vibrant colors. 

Nite Ize Flashlight Discs

An illuminating disc golf disc will make the game so much cooler and more enjoyable to play. If you love playing golf at night, this accessory is an excellent addition to your kit. 

The Nite Ize flashlight discs possess an innovative and eye-catching design, combined with their excellent build quality and lightweight. They will easily impress your friends and the other players on the court. 

Grip 6 Belt

A disc golf court is not a sheer place for playing disc golf but a spot to meet new friends and acquaintances. Therefore, putting on a fashionable outfit should not be overlooked by any disc golf player. 

This grip 6 belt will make you look more classy and professional in every circumstance. It is very durable and comfortable to wear, adding more beauty to your clothing style. 

Disc Golf Hat

Don’t risk your health and body’s well-being exposed to harsh sunlight, rain, and other harsh weather conditions. You can put on a disc golf hat and avoid all the colds or flu effectively. 

In addition, this disc golf hat possesses a beautiful appearance that makes you look more stylish and professional in the game. In high-lighting conditions, it can help block the sunlight and help you navigate the court better. 

Disc Golf Beanie

Beanie is a must-have accessory to accommodate you in cold weather conditions and the winter months. It not only possesses a stylish look but also brings you tremendous warmth and comfort. 

This disc golf beanie is made of safe and lightweight material, which can resist moisture and humidity effectively. It’s also effortless to wash and maintain by simply throwing the item into a washer. 

Disc Golf Socks

Socks are another indisputable disc golf clothing piece to add to your outfit in the winter months. They can keep your feet warm and comfortable throughout the process without any itchy effects. 

This pair of disc golf socks are made of cotton and polyester, which are very stretchy and breathable. They are suitable for players of all eight and body conditions with extra protection and comfort. 

Innova Disc Golf Keychain

The ardent fans of disc golf will love this beautiful and cute disc golf keychain. 

Your mind is all about disc golf at any given moment, so why not use this item to give you a little motivation for the day? 

With an attractive design, this Innova disc golf key chain can be attached to many accessories like keys, pockets, or even bottles. I guarantee that your friends will ask for its information the first moment they see it. 

Disc Golf Koozie

It’s a nightmare to stand on a burning hot disc golf court without cold and fresh beverages to drink. Your worry will be resolved with this disc golf koozie, a must-have item for beverage lovers on the field. 

This disc golf koozie can keep your drink cold and fresh for multiple hours under hot weather conditions. You just need to pour in your cold beer or soft drinks and enjoy them later on the trip. 

Reusable Water Bottle

Most disc golf courts don’t tolerate littering, especially plastic products like water bottles on the field. Therefore, you’ll face heavy charges for throwing water bottles along the road.

While instant water bottles are meant for one-time use, it’s not true for this reusable water bottle. It’s made of super safe and environmentally friendly components, which can be reused many times without degrading in quality. 

Water Bladder

Carrying a water bottle or container will certainly obstruct your movement and hinder your playing experience. The water bladders are a brilliant solution for this problem, which can be put in a bag or carried on your shoulder. 

Unlike water bottles which have to be grabbed in your bag, a water bladder provides quick access to your tasty and refreshing drink. It’s also made of environmentally friendly materials to bring customers more peace of mind. 

Special T-Shirt

This special T-shirt will fully embrace your body and highlights the lean body muscles. By wearing this outfit, disc golf players can appear more attractive and professional on the court. 

In addition, these types of T-shirts are optimized for robust body movements and playing in outdoor conditions. They possess a stretchy and breathable texture to maximize customers’ satisfaction with the game. 

Infinite Discs Neck Gaiter

The disc golf courts can be filled with dirt and debris at some times. An infinite disc neck gaiter can help protect your breath from these harmful environmental elements and focus more on the game. 

In addition, this item features a very unique and stylish look that makes you look more fashionable. Besides playing disc golf, it’s also ideal for many winter adventures, such as hiking, skiing, or snowboarding. 

Infinite Discs Mystery Swag

The infinite discs from the mystery swag series will leave your personal mark in the minds of the other disc golf players. Their stunning and attractive appearances are a quality that cannot be resembled. 

You can freely choose your favorite design and customize patterns on the discs that suit your personal interests. A set of infinite discs with different colors and designs is also available to fulfill your artistic goal. 

The Propull System

A Propull system is an essential tool to help improve your disc golf skills and techniques through training sessions. It focuses on enhancing players’ precision, strength, acceleration, and speed. 

The Propull systems don’t necessarily have to be used on the disc golf courts. You can practice with this tool indoors by setting them up on a door or a tree in your backyard. 

This kit can also accommodate many playing styles and shots, such as forehand or backhand throws. If you want to be better at disc golf, and miss out on this item. 

Practice Basket

How can you practice disc golf without a basket? Though this item can be a little pricey, it will bring you relaxing and fun moments of playing disc golf without needing to visit a disc golf court. 

This practice basket is very premium and beautiful, which can serve as an aesthetic decoration in your house. From the build quality to the design, there’s nothing you can complain about this excellent item. 

Dynamic Discs Cooler Bag

A dynamic disc golf cooler bag can keep your discs and accessories safe from temperature and all environmental elements. With spacious storage and many small pockets, it can accommodate all your items in only one bag. 

As a result, players no longer have to worry about losing or dropping their items on the court. This accessory also helps you locate your different items quickly and focus more on the game. 

A Fully Assembled Go Bag

A fully assembled go bag is necessary if you want to travel a long trip to the disc golf-playing site. It can keep all your items organized and fit in many spacious pockets or storage. 

This go-bag even supports modern features like a USB charging port and anti-pickpocketing protection to protect your accessories better on the road. With a storage capacity of 40 liters, you’ll love this helpful item. 

A Practice Bag

A disc golf practice bag helps you carry and assemble many disc golf discs in one small space to make your play more convenient. This item can store up to 45 drivers, making it an excellent choice for a group of disc golf players. 

In addition, the bag provides you with an insulated place to hold water bottles and magnetic compartments to store the disc dividers, along with many other important items in your kit. 

The Disc Golf Player’s Manual Ebook

Whether you are a beginner or an adept disc golf player, this disc golf player’s manual ebook will help improve your performance. It provides many insightful details and instructions about the sport that bring you helpful knowledge. 

Meanwhile, new players will have trouble remembering all the rules and approaches of the game. Reading this manual ebook will help you adapt to the game’s rules and techniques quickly and catch up with your friends. 

Disc Golf Umbrellas

Disc Golf Umbrellas
Disc Golf Umbrellas

Playing disc golf under heavy rain is such a fun experience that any disc golf player would want to try it for once. However, high humidity and rainfall can make your body more susceptible to cold and flu. 

These disc golf umbrellas are available in many design patterns and colors to suit your personal interests. They can block all rainfall and sunlight to bring you a comfortable and cozy playing experience. 

Disc Golf Hydration

The bag is made of high-quality material that is immune to moisture, scratch, or heat. A free cleaning kit helps you clean and assemble the bag easier after each play. 

The bag will hold around 6 to 8 discs, plus smaller pockets to put your water bottles and important accessories like a phone, map, or cash. This item is an excellent choice if you want to play a disc golf court alone. 


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Final Thoughts

Though the result and performance are largely attributed to your playing skills and knowledge of the game, these disc golf accessories can turn you into a better disc golf player. 

They not only improve your performance in the game but also give you more joy and enjoyment. So, which are your favorite disc golf accessories on this list?

Feel free to comment and share your thoughts with me. Thank you for reading!

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