Chris Dickerson Disc Golf: From Novice to Champion


The pool of talented disc golf players is deep and diverse. They showcase remarkable skills and contribute to the growth of the sport. One standout player who has made a significant impact is Chris Dickerson Disc Golf.

As a disc golf lover, you may have heard about him. This article will reveal more interesting things about this famous golfer, from his high school days to memorable victories. 

So, let’s read on and discover his journey to become a prominent figure in the disc golf world! You will feel inspired for sure. 

Who Is Chris Dickerson Disc Golf? 

Chris Dickerson is a professional disc golfer with many impressive achievements in the sport, including wins in:

  • USDGC Championship in 2020
  • Green Mountain Championship in 2021
  • Tennessee State Disc Golf Championships in 2021

This famous golfer has earned a lot of recognition for his skills, accuracy, and constituency. Here is some basic information about him: 

  • Height: 5’11”
  • Dominant hand: Right
  • Birthplace: USA
  • Born in: 1993
  • Classification: Professional
  • Career wins: 156
  • Career events: 323

Chris Dickerson’s journey in disc golf began during high school when he played his first round with his friends. Despite losing two out of three discs within 15 holes, he became instantly hooked on the sport.  

Dickerson didn’t have a mentor to learn from. Hence, the young player honed his skills independently. The only advantage of Dickerson at that time was his dedication to practice. 

Alongside disc golf, he also excelled in soccer and football during high school. Those two kinds of sport contributed to his footwork and agility on the disc golf course. 

Dickerson has captivated fans and inspired fellow golfers with his skill and sportsmanship. Moreover, he trained himself so well. 

Hence, it’s a good lesson for sports lovers who can’t follow professional training courses. In the sports world, passion is everything.  

Chris Dickerson started his disc golf journey from high school (Link).

Who Is Chris Dickerson’s Wife?

Chris Dickerson’s wife is named Brittany. She works as a photographer for the Disc Golf Pro Tour. 

Brittany supports Dickerson’s disc golf career by traveling with him to tournaments, acting as a publicist, and providing moral support.

Brittany has made things easier for him during tournaments. For example, they can travel together, which means they can make efficient stops between events. 

The couple also brings their Blue Heeler dog, Sam, on the road. Brittany connected with Sam right away and trained him. It’s like a little family on their disc golf journeys.

How Many World Titles Does Chris Dickerson Have?

The highlights of Dickerson’s career so far include winning Disc Golf Pro Tour Championship titles in 018 and 2019. He also won the USDGC in 2020. These victories are significant achievements for Dickerson. 

The USDGC in 2020 is a PDGA Major event. This victory marked his first PDGA Major win. Dickerson showed resilience and composure throughout the event, leading the competition from the second round through 63 holes.

Dickerson faced his own challenges during the final round. However, he consistently bounced back from setbacks. 

Then, Dickerson played safely with a two-shot lead on the last three holes, maintaining his composure. 

And finally, he successfully navigated the remaining holes, including a crucial up-and-down shot on the 18th. That’s how Dickerson became the USDGC champion.

This video will show you some highlights from every round of the tournament: 

Where Is Chris Dickerson From?

Chris Dickerson grew up in Limestone, Tennessee. He had the advantage of a growing disc golf scene. 

Specifically, the area had many disc golf events, such as the Lakefront Open. The Lakefront Disc Golf Club was also an attractive destination for disc golfers.  

How Much Does Chris Dickerson Make?

Chris Dickerson’s exact earnings remain concealed. However, he was the top earner in 2020, with a total prize win of $46,430. 

Besides, the golfer has signed a four-year deal with Discraft that he projected to be worth more than $1 million over the contract period. This contract spans until the 2025 season.


1. What happened to Chris Dickerson?

In May 2023, Chris Dickerson posted on his Instagram account, mentioning that he had returned home from Jonesboro, Arkansas, after a disc golf event. 

Also, he announced that he would be taking some time off to rest and recover before his next tournament, the Dynamic Discs Open (DDO). 

2. What does Chris Dickerson put with Discraft?

Chris Dickerson made a significant announcement that he has signed a four-year deal with Discraft. This agreement ensures that he will remain with Discraft until the 2025 season. 

3. When did Chris Dickerson start playing disc golf?

He started playing disc golf in high school with his friends. Although he lost in the first round, his passion for this sport sparked there. Then, he continued to play and develop his skills. 

4. What discs does Chris Dickerson use?

Here are some discs that Chris Dickerson puts in his bag for the game:

  • Distance drivers: Force (plastic Z or ESP)
  • Fairway drivers: Anax, Undertaker, and Captain’s Raptor (plastic Z or Big Z)
  • Midrange: Buzzz (plastic Z or ESP)
  • Putter: Challeners OS (plastic Z, CT-blend, Titanium, or ESP) 

5. How old is Chris Dickerson?

Chris Dickerson was born in 1993. So as of 2023, he’s 30 years old.

6. Who is Chris Dickerson sponsored by?

Now, Chris Dickerson is sponsored by Discraft. They have a contract that lasts for four years. 


Chris Dickerson has achieved a lot of recognition and champions so far. And all of them came from his hard work and remarkable talent. 

Through his passion, Dickerson reminds us that we can reach new heights with hard work and determination. So come back here if you feel discouraged when following your passion for this sport. Hopefully, you will become stronger!

Thank you for reading!


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