Can You Play Disc Golf With One Disc? Practical Tips For Beginners


If you are really into golf, you may be interested in disc golf. It’s also a form of golf, but you will use flying discs instead of clubs and a ball. 

This sport has become increasingly popular because it is affordable, healthy, and entertaining, offering cardiovascular exercise, lower and upper body training, and cerebral stimulation. 

Playing this sport regularly will help you develop your creativity, strength, health, and happiness.

However, it would be best to learn about the fundamental regulations before jumping into a match. Can you play disc golf with one disc? 

This article will solve this question and recommend the best solo discs to make your game more enjoyable. Let’s read on!

Can You Play Disc Golf With One Disc?

The answer is Yes! It’s possible to play the sport using one disc, especially when you just play for fun. This play style is known as the solo disc round. 

However, if you participate in a serious game, you should prepare more than one disc to toss for more versatility.

Even though it’s more typical to see players with several discs, it’s not unusual to see players with just 1 – 2 two discs.

If you are a beginner, starting with one disc for your round is a good idea to simplify your game. 

This way, you can concentrate more on your posture and the disc’s direction. Playing this golf with only one disc also has some disadvantages, as shown below. 

Losing your sole disc is among the drawbacks of playing with one disc. You may accidentally toss your disc into the water if the playing field has a stream or river flowing through it.

Also, playing with one disc means you cannot practice with different disc types. 

In most circumstances, a disc of the mid-range will fly nicely, but putters and drivers exist for a purpose. They are excellent for putting and driving. 

You can play with a mid-range disc, but investing in putters or drivers is a good idea. 

Play with one disc.
Play with one disc.

What’s The Solo Round For? 

While some players make use of the solo disc round, some don’t. It can be beneficial and show you what you are doing incorrectly. 

Despite some drawbacks mentioned above, this play style can bring some advantages you should know. 

It Helps You Practice With Posture And Technique.

It’s beneficial to play with just one disc to improve your posture. Discs may fly differently, depending on your throwing technique, the force required, flight path, and weight.

It Helps You Have More Focus.

It’s challenging to know when you throw well or not if you have to consider and switch between many discs when learning to play this sport. 

Start by practicing with one disc until you can consistently toss it precisely, and then add more discs when you gain proficiency.

It Clears Your Mind.

It’s also an excellent way to restart your match and clear your mind while playing.

Sometimes, you may have bad shots or miss putts. You may want something to improve your game. 

Select the disc you believe can make your throw better, focus on every shot, strategize the game, and have fun.

It Is Less Expensive. 

Moreover, it’s more affordable to play with only one disc. Depending on the store you buy, these items may cost $10 to $25. 

If you want ten discs for your game, you must pay $100 to $250, which is relatively expensive. 

It’s Less Heavy.

Additionally, one disc means less weight. Players sometimes carry enormous bags filled with numerous discs they use while playing.

Many players find such a play style effective, but some prefer playing light. You can have one disc in your bag if you are in the same boat. 

Solo round benefits.
Solo round benefits.

Tips To Play Disc Golf

Disc golf is one of the most well-liked sports because it’s accessible and suitable for people of all skill levels and ages. 

However, it may be complicated sometimes, especially for new golfers. Follow the tips below to improve your skills and have fun!

Learn The Basic Techniques

You can be a true disc golfer by mastering the fundamentals and developing vital elements of this game.

It would be best to reduce unnecessary motions and movements that may directly affect speed, power, and extension from your throw. 

It requires the athletic ability to toss a disc in this sport. It incorporates balance, posture, and good stance alignment.

When throwing the disc, you don’t simply use your arm; the complete body is involved, creating positive results. 

Work your way up to a complete run-up, starting with a standing throw. Keep the posture simple to minimize unnecessary movements and focus on accuracy and control over distance.

Disc Release – Flat & Low

One of the common mistakes is the players swoop their arms low and then release their discs at upward angles.

As a result, the disc noses up, stalls out, and finishes with a sharp angle but no forward motion.

If you also make this mistake, don’t worry! It happens to all beginners when doing the first throw, but you can improve it with practice. Always ensure the disc is flat and low. 

Create A Practice Schedule

When you first start playing disc golf, you shouldn’t have any expectations; instead, simply go outside and practice a little bit.

You’ll quickly find that you desire to improve your skills once the passion takes hold and your competitive instincts begin to stir.

Mastering the basic rules will help you play better, even when you just play some rounds weekly. Be patient!

Play With More Skilled Players

Playing with people with more experience than you is the ideal method to improve as a player, besides creating a schedule and setting up a time.

If you can’t find better players, joining local events is a good idea. You can meet golfers of all skill levels at these places. 

When ready for the game, ask a pro to play some rounds to know your skill level against theirs. 

Start With A Few Discs

It’s beneficial to practice with the proper equipment. If you are a beginner, it’s best to get a disc that can work well for the speed of your arm and play style. 

You can carry several discs in your bag. However, having too much equipment is unnecessary when you first learn this sport. 

Instead, to master the fundamentals when you first start playing, it’s a good idea to use the fewest number of discs possible.

Use high-speed drivers as little as possible until you are confident enough to drive at slower drivers.

Tips and tricks

Top 5 Best Solo Round Discs To Make Your Game Better 

If you plan to play this sport with only one disc, let’s consider the following recommendations for a better experience!

Discraft Buzzz

Buzzz must rank first on the list. It’s among the most well-liked discs of the mid-range around the world. 

The flight ratings of this option are 5, 4, -1, 2, which makes it a straight, dependable, and reliable disc for this sport. 

Westside Discs Harp

If you are really into the Harp, you can’t go wrong with this option. Its flight ratings are 4, 3, 0, 3. 

It is relatively overstable but not difficult to throw. Your throw doesn’t end harshly, but it does have a minor fade.

Axiom Envy

The flight ratings of this type are 3, 3, 0, 2, meaning it’s relatively safe and straight with a simple and dependable ending fade.

Axiom Envy is among the best options, but it may be slightly more understable. 

Innova Roc 

This option is among the most well-liked discs in the disc golf community. 

Many players use this type for different circumstances on the playing field, but it’s great for any solo round. 

MVP Disc Sports Proton Matrix

The flight ratings of this option are 4, 4, -0.5, 0.5, so it deserves to be on the list.

This type is suitable for newbies and professionals. In other words, this good disc can handle different shots on the playing field. 

Best solo round discs
Best solo round discs.


How Many Discs Do You Need to Play Disc Golf?



The Bottom Line 

Can you play disc golf with one disc? The answer is Yes! It’s acceptable to use only one disc for this sport. 

You can achieve several benefits with this play style. For instance, you can focus more on your posture and technique, have good strategies, and have fun.

We’ve mentioned the must-try solo round discs above. If you are a novice golfer, consider getting one of them. 

Hopefully, you will master the sport with our tips!

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