Calvin Heimburg: Basic Information, Career, And Personal Life

Calvin Heimburg

Calvin Heimburg is a name that resonates strongly in the disc golf world. As a professional disc golfer, he has impacted the sport with unique skills, a consistent playing style, and countless victories.

In his career, he has amassed an impressive track record. His prizes include numerous victories in prestigious tournaments.

His skill and consistency have earned him recognition from his peers and a huge fan following.

Let’s find out about his career in this article!

Who Is Calvin Heimburg Disc Golf?

Who Is Calvin Heimburg Disc Golf? (link).

Calvin Heimburg is a professional disc golfer known for his strong throw and consistent form. He has enjoyed notable success in various tournaments and is one of the top golfers.

Basic Information

  • Born: 1995
  • Location: Florida, US
  • Height: 6 ft .3 in
  • PDGA Number: 45971
  • US Tour Rank: #1
  • Classification: Pro Disc Golfer
  • PDGA Member: (since) 2010
  • Status: Certified
  • Membership Status: Current
  • Earnings (throughout career): $286,614.31
  • Career Wins: 56
  • Career Events: 247
  • Current Rating: 1045 -1

Where Is Calvin Heimburg From?

How Many World Titles Does He Have? (link).

He is from Safe Harbor, Florida, USA. Safety Harbor is a charming city on the west coast of Florida, near Tampa Bay.

This city has become a thriving disc golf community known for its small-town atmosphere and natural beauty.

Calvin grew up in the area and developed his disc golf skills on local courses. His hometown has been supportive of his disc golf journey. So he proudly represents his hometown in competitions around the world.

Calvin Heimburg Disc Golf Age

Calvin was born in 1995, so as of 2023, he is 28. Despite his relatively young age, Calvin has already notably impacted this sport. 

With his strong throwing, steady form, and strategic approach, he has garnered attention and succeeded in various disc golf tournaments.

Who Is Calvin Heimburg Disc Golf Wife?

There is no public information regarding the romantic relationship between Calvin and his wife. Heimburg has chosen to keep his personal life private and has not made official statements or shared any details about this topic.

However, there has been speculation about a potential romantic relationship between Calvin Heimburg and Madison Walker, another famous golfer.

Their close friendship and mutual career support have piqued the fans’ curiosity. But there is no concrete evidence or statements from them, so everything is still speculation.

How Many World Titles Does Calvin Heimburg Have?

How Many World Titles Does He Have? (link).

As of 2023, he has not won any World title. But his success in disc golf is evident in his strong performance in the 2020 season.

Throughout the year, he joined in 14 tournaments. He has shown remarkable consistency by securing top spots in most events. He won two times, finishing second in four and once in third.

One of his notable victories was at the Memorial Championship, where he became the champion. Reaching the final round just one stroke behind leader Eagle McMahon, he displayed exceptional skill and composure.

At the US Disc Golf Championship, he showed resilience after a challenging start in the first round. Then, he finished in second place, narrowly losing by one stroke to Chris Dickerson.

Besides, he won a spot in the final round of the Disc Golf Pro Tour Championship.

How Much Does Calvin Heimburg Make?

How Much Does He Make?

Calvin Heimburg has amassed a substantial income during his disc golf career. According to the PDGA, his total career earnings amounted to $286,614.31.

This number represents the amount of prize money he has won from various tournaments and competitions.

However, it is worth mentioning that these earnings do not include any additional income he may receive from grants, endorsements, or other sources related to his disc golf career.


How Many Wins Does Calvin Heimburg Have?

Calvin Heimburg has an impressive track record with 56 career wins in disc golf.

What Is Calvin Heimburg’s World Ranking?

Calvin Heimburg ranks 1st in the world rankings, with a Dominance Index of 58.16. This ranking indicates his exceptional performance and dominance in disc golf.

What Eagle Does Calvin Heimburg Use?

Calvin Heimburg primarily uses the Innova Champion Eagle disc. The Innova Champion Eagle is a disc known for its versatility and reliable flight characteristics. 

Calvin has chosen this disc as part of his disc golf arsenal, relying on its performance for his shots on the course.


With a remarkable career, Calvin Heimburg has cemented his status as one of the sport’s elite golfers.

Calvin’s powerful shots, strategic prowess, and unwavering dedication have catapulted him to the global rankings, cementing his reputation as a dominant force in disc golf.

Besides his accomplishments on the course, his impact extends to inspiring a new generation of disc golf lovers.

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