The 13 Best Understable Disc Golf Discs In 2023 with Buyer’s Reviews


Understable discs are choices for both advanced players and beginners. Advanced golfers like the extra sense of control over their discs, letting them carve pathways up the course that a stable or overstable driver might now allow. 

Meanwhile, beginners favor understable drivers for the distance boost delivered by the understable flight path. So if you are considering investing in one or a few understable distance drivers, scroll down to keep reading.

I will discuss these drivers and recommend the top 13 best understable disc golf discs in 2023. That way, I hope you can pick something that suits you best.

What Is Understability In Disc Golf?

Understability refers to a disc’s tendency to turn over to the right when first thrown and does not require as much spin and speed on the disc to fly like that.

The terms low-speed and high-speed turn fade are typically associated with stability. An overstable disc usually has a lot of fade makes a disc, while an understable one has a lot of turn. That means models on this list feature more turn and less fade.

In other words, understable golf discs are easier to throw and will turn more to the right (if you are an RHBH thrower), making them fantastic choices for newer players and beginners. 

Reasons You Need An Understable Disc


As I mentioned above, understable discs are easier to throw. So I always highly recommend them for beginners.

Shot Shaping

Understable discs allow you to perform some different shots that let you creatively bring yourself options on challenging holes. Here are three different, highly effective shot kinds that can be performed with these discs.

  • Hyzer Flip. (What more here)
  • Turnover shot. (What more here)
  • Roller shot. (What more here)


These discs can be used to get slightly extra distance when thrown. The understability enables these discs to stay a bit straighter before fading because of more high-speed turns. That way, they will help you gain some extra feet on your throws, possibly resulting in better overall scores.

The 13 Best Understable Disc Golf Discs

Now is the time to look at my recommendation! Here are the 13 best understable discs, in my opinion.

#1. My Top Choice: Discraft Thrasher (Flight Ratings: Speed 12, Glide 5, Turn -3, Fade 2)

Key Features

I know many beginners will be confused with a 12-speed driver, but the Discraft Thrasher is among the beginner-friendly discs on this list because it is slightly understability with a fade of 2 and turn of -3.

Even if you have weaker arms, you’ll be able to have a nice flight path with this driver, especially if it is thrown flat or on a bit of anhyzer. 

If your arm is faster, you will love this driver since it will deliver a nice distance down the fairway, as long as you get a full flight pattern by taking advantage of the fade and turn ratings.

However, too much speed or anhyzer or headwind may make this disc turn over and have no chance to fade back.

What I Like

  • Beginner-friendly.
  • Has excellent glides.
  • Ideal for turnover.
  • Good for golfers who throw longer distance lines.

Things To Consider

  • Not ideal for players who cannot throw over 325 feet.
  • Struggle to fight against the wind.

#2. Infinite Discs Sphinx (Flight Ratings: Speed 9, Glide 6, Turn -3, Fade 1)

Key Features

The Infinite Discs Sphinx is a superb control disc that delivers new golfers with plenty of distance.

Even if you throw this disc softly, it has a slight fade and a lot of turn, enabling it to land in the middle of the fairway. It can be easily controlled and fly precisely, making it an excellent beginner-friendly fairway driver.

It is the ideal option for newbies and players who want to improve their distance. 

In addition, it is among the superb understable utility discs for long anhyzer throws, rollers, or hyzer flips for advanced players.

What I Like

  • Is beginner-friendly
  • Is fairly controllable
  • Cover a good amount of distance.
  • Have a reliably consistent flight pattern.
  • Friendly for players with slower arm speeds

Things To Consider

  • Not ideally compatible with headwinds.

#3. Innova Tern (Flight Ratings: Speed 12, Glide 6, Turn -2, Fade 2)

Key Features

If you are keen on a disc with a natural turn, the Innova Tern is the way to go. This golf disc is quick and slightly understable with long-throw potential.

It is designed for long glides and natural turns, and I found it extremely stable and has a predictable finish compared to other understable discs I’ve tested.

The Innova Tern is a great disc for both intermediate and experienced players since they typically prefer a broader range of shots. 

However, it can be an easier distance driver for beginners as well since it is pretty forgiving on your form. Moreover, it can dramatically enhance the maximum distance for players with noodle arms.

What I Like

  • Excellent glide.
  • Highly controllable.
  • Great for long hyzer flips.
  • Perfect for a distance stretcher.
  • Highly preferable for backhand use.

Things To Consider

  • Sensitive nose.
  • Not suitable for forehand use.
  • Poor performance with crosswinds and headwinds.

#4. Innova Mamba (Flight Ratings: Speed 11, Glide 6, Turn -5, Fade 1)

Key Features

This driver lets you reach your furthest throwing potential on any hole. But it is also a higher-speed disc and requires a lot of arm speed to throw. So as a newer player, you might struggle to control the flight and angle.

For players with some prior practice and expertise, the Mamba is ideal. Even though this disc takes some skill to throw, it will open up the different angles and throws you could hit. Beginners can throw this disc, but it will require a lot of effort to reach a considerable distance.

What I Like

  • Great for value.
  • Great for throwing in tailwind situations.
  • Help players reach a considerable distance.
  • No need to use a ton of power to get maximum distance.

Things To Consider

  • Not ideal for beginners

#5. Prodigy D4  (Flight Ratings: Speed 12, Glide 6, Turn -3, Fade 2)

Key Features

The Prodigy D4 is among the most beginner-friendly options. Like the others, its low profile is built for glide and speed, whereas its naturally understable flight adds more utility for players with lower arm speeds.

 As probably the best overall distance driver of Prodigy, it is not a hard disc to throw and can benefit your distance a bit. It is excellent for performing S-shots, similar to hyzer flips in flight patterns but released flat instead.

What I Like

  • Beginner-friendly.
  • Benefit your distance.
  • Great for S-shots.
  • Affordable price.

Things To Consider

  • Require a bit more touch to fly the way you want.

#6. Discraft Avenger SS (Flight Ratings: Speed 10, Glide 5, Turn -3, Fade 1)

Key Features

This understable disc really shines when utilized by both intermediate and advanced golfers who have the disc speed to match. 

This disc is also an excellent choice for beginners and will fly a bit easier than many others. It features a slightly slower speed rating, enabling beginners more control if they do not have the disc speed needed.

Generally, this understable disc is excellent for anyone looking for a bit more comfort and control. It is ideal for those who want a guaranteed fairway driver.

What I Like

  • Beginner friendly.
  • Easy to control.
  • Highly durable.
  • Make a great crossover driver.

Things To Consider

  • It’s a bit difficult to reach a ton of distance.

#7. Dynamic Discs Freedom (Flight Ratings: Speed 14, Glide 5, Turn -3, Fade 3)

Key Features

It is both the fastest disc and an understable disc golf distance driver produced by Dynamic Discs. So, if you are a beginner with less arm speed, this model will free your potential and expectations of distances you can achieve.

This disc will give you the freedom to throw it from all angles and will still help you set a new distance record.

This disc is excellent for something called a “sidewinder shot,” an overly hyzer flip. If this disc is thrown with one hyzer, it’ll curve to the left before turnover hard to the right due to understability. After that, it will fade to the left because of a fade rating of three.

What I Like

  • Easy to throw.
  • Ideal for beginners.
  • Comfortable in hand.
  • Highly durable.

Things To Consider

  • Require practice to use fully.
  • Not beginner-friendly.

#8. Axiom Excite (Flight Ratings: Speed 14.5, Glide 5.5, Turn -2, Fade 2)

Key Features

The Axiom Excite isn’t a golf disc for beginners because of its fast speed rating.

However, for backhand throwers with the kind of arm power to push the discs out over 400 feet consistently, it will reward them with a gloriously big distance.

The Excite should display a relatively straight and neutral flight path, but it actually ends up just a touch more understable. Popular uses for this model include deliciously far rollers for a decent distance out on the course.

What I Like

  • Highly durable.
  • Ideal for forehands.
  • Great value for money.
  • Can experiment with any kind of shot.

Things To Consider

  • Not really suitable for beginners

#9. Discmania TD Rush (Flight Ratings: Speed 10, Glide 6, Turn -2, Fade 1)

Key Features

The TD is an effortless-to-throw disc that is suitable for both novices to pros. 

This 10-speed disc features a smaller rim grip that delivers lots of glide with a remarkably straight flight path.  

This understable distance driver has fantastic glides and is ideal for new players who want more distance. Yet, it requires a ton of power to fly correctly.

What I Like

  • Highly durable.
  • Easy to control.
  • Good for budget
  • Ideal to get more distance.

Things To Consider

  • Requires much power to fly correctly.

#10. Latitude 64 Bolt (Flight Ratings: Speed 13, Glide 6, Turn -2, Fade 3)

Key Features

It is an understable distance driver with a low-speed fade, high-speed turn, and an incredible glide. Also, it is one of the most effortless high-speed discs to throw, making it ideal for new players with slower arm speeds.

It is designed with a shallow but wide rim and a super slick profile. Its plastic grades include air bubbles, and are made from premium plastic.

Most new players are impressed with its ability to be predictable and go far when released flat or with a small hyzer angle, whether with no wind or in a tailwind.

What I Like

  • Extremely durable.
  • Feel great and grippy in hand.
  • Doesn’t require much arm speed.
  • Among the easiest-to-throw discs

Things To Consider

  • Not ideal for advanced players.

#11. Legacy Cannon  (Flight Ratings: Speed 14, Glide 5, Turn -3, Fade 3)

Key Features

The Legacy Cannon is an excellent option for advanced players with solid control of their discs. The numbers show that the disc has the potential to be thrown further than other discs currently on the market but must be fired like a precision cannon, not as one loose cannon.

When thrown with power, it will exhibit a good degree of high-speed turn, then a big fade. This disc will provide you with more distance.

What I Like

  • Gives you more distance.
  • Easy to control.
  • Great for value.

Things To Consider

  • Heavy.

#12. MVP Catalyst – (Speed 13, Glide 6, Turn -2, Fade 2)

Key Features

The MVP Catalyst is among the highest-rated discs I tested. It can bring vast distance to both beginners and advanced players since it will remain consistent even when thrown with less power. 

Big arms will be able to control rollers. Less powerful arms will get great distance with the Catalyst’s understability and glide.

What I Like

  • Well built.
  • Highly durable.
  • Great for value.
  • Incredibly fast.

Things To Consider

  • Low control.

#13. Westside Destiny (Flight Ratings: Speed 14, Glide 6, Turn -2, Fade 3)

Key Features

This golf disc is ideal for golfers looking to throw accurate and far shots with superior speed. It is best for players who want to throw far and fast.

So it will best be suited as a driver since it can fly through the air at extremely high speeds with minimal effort.

This model is best used when it needs to be thrown straight into an upshot from the ground. Hence, it will be best in wooded areas instead of open spaces.

It is also ideal when you must throw a long-distance shot while the wind is against you. Moreover, this disc will feel good in your hand since it is slightly lighter than others.

What I Like

  • Great speed.
  • Beginner-friendly.
  • Work best in wooded areas.
  • Good for throwing long distances.

Things To Consider

  • Low control.
  • Underrated course stability.

Best Understable Distance Driver For Beginners

It is an Infinite Discs Sphinx. This disc has moderate ratings all across the board, making it a very accessible entry model for players who are less familiar with throwing understable drivers.

Best Understable Distance Driver For High Arm Speed 

The best understable disc for high arm speed, in my view, is the Axiom Excite. This driver can turn over nicely and hold an anhyzer line, and doesn’t flip into the dirt on you.


Do I Need An Understable Driver With A High-Speed Rating?

Not if you are a beginner.

What Is The Most Understable Disc?

In my opinion, it is my top choice: Discraft thrasher.

Do Pros Throw Understable Discs?

Yes. Pros also use these discs for some specialty shots when they are in tricky positions and need a shot to keep turning right with no fading. 

What Makes A Disc More Understable?

Just ensure that more air passes over your disc than under it so its nose is exposed to a more downward force while its right edge will go down. This will turn your disc right and make it understable.

When Should You Throw An Understable Disc?

Understable discs are ideal for young players, novice players, and older players. Moreover, they can be used for long panning anhyzer shots and are great for hyzer flip shots.

Are Understable Discs Good For Forehand?

If you need a forehand to get distance from a standstill, throwing faster and more understable discs is often easier than trying to smash a big flex shot with overstable ones.


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It is safe to say that understable discs work best for beginners better than other distance drivers. Besides, they also match more experienced players and pros due to their ability to flip up and turn over for maximum glide.

If you are considering an understable disc and wondering which model would best suit your level of skill and needs, there is most certainly something on my list for you. I hope you choose any of the 13 options we have mentioned here!

Thank you for your interest in the article!

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