7 Best Online Disc Golf Stores And How To Buy Cheap Gear

Best place to buy disc golf discs

Haven’t found the best gear for your disc golf games? I had the same problem. 

But after searching for years, I’ve discovered the best online disc golf stores that offer almost everything I need in high quality. 

What is the best place to buy disc golf discs? Today, I will share my top choices. You can also learn some tips to get them at the best deal. So let’s give in! 

7 Best Online Disc Golf Stores

Many disc golf stores are available, and my list won’t let you down. Each has different benefits. So scroll down and check carefully to find your favorite. 

#1. Infinite Discs


Items offered: Discs, bags, bag essentials, carts, caps, hats, carts, and baskets.

Infinite Discs is a top and most well-known online disc golf retailer. The store provides every brand of the disc and all the necessary equipment for your game. 

By choosing this store, you will get these benefits:

  • Real photos: The store displays all the actual photos of its products. Hence, you can see all the weight and color options easily. 
  • Description: Every product has a detailed description, including its specifications and reviews. You can also expect the flight paths for disc golf plastic and mold. 
  • Customer service: You don’t have to wait for too long. Often, the staff can process and ship your gear on the same day. 

#2. Sabattus Disc Golf

Items offered: Discs, bags, bag essentials, carts, hats, caps, baskets, gift cards, and season pass. 

Sabattus has gained popularity among golf disc players because of these features:

  • Large varieties: Sabattus gives you the most options for your gear setup. You can get the newest and the highest quality products from the store. 
  • Shipping rate: If you order your item before 3 PM, the store can process and deliver it on the same day. The shipping rate is cheap even when you buy in bulk. 
  • Return policy: Customers appreciate the store’s customer service highly thanks to its return policy. If you find any flaws in your newly-bought item, contact the support team for help. 

#3. OTB Discs

Items offered: Discs, apparel (belts, hats, and shirts), and gift cards.  

Although OTB doesn’t offer as many items as other stores, you may still like it for other benefits, such as:

  • Actual photos: Like Infinite Discs, this store shows pictures of its products on the website. Feel free to search for your desired color and stamp. 
  • Description: You can see all the information about the discs, which includes their stiffness, flatness, weight, and how many items are left in stock. The description helps you picture how the disc feels in your bag. 
  • Filtering: The website has a filtering feature. So you can narrow down your options by speed, glide, brand, or other factors to find the ideal disc for your style. 

#4. Disc Golf Center

Items offered: Discs, disc sets, baskets, straps, bags, minis, apparel (hats, shirts, and hoodies), and accessories (led lights, bottles, books, and towels).

This website is an ideal destination for those who seek products from top manufacturers. Let’s see what you get from it:

  • High-quality products: You can see Innova, Discmania, and Discraft items on the site. And if you love something special, the store also offers Dog Discs products for your style. 
  • Apparel: This store has the most apparel items, such as hoodies, shirts, hats, and beanies. It’s a good idea to put on these items for your game set. 
  • Discounts: You can register for the customer program. Then, you will get discounts on your purchases. The higher the level of your account, the better deals you have. 

#5. Marshall Street Disc Golf

Items offered: Discs, straps, bags, baskets, minis, accessories (patches, stickers, and towels), and gift certificates. 

Another idea for online disc golf shopping is Marshall Street. Here is why you should try it:

  • Disc styles: You can buy discs of almost every type, like new discs, second-hand discs, classic discs, or other types you may think of. 
  • Description: The website allows you to check the disc’s size, weight, and color. Hence, you will receive the exact disc you choose on the site. 
  • Flight chart: You can expect the flight path of your disc because Marshall Street makes it clear in the description. This piece of information is crucial for your performance. 

#6. 1010 Discs

Items offered: Discs, mystery boxes, bags, baskets, carts, gift cards, and accessories. 

Like other stores on this list, 1010 sells many items needed for your disc golf game. Benefits brought by the store are as follows:

  • Customer service: The support team will help you choose the best gear for your game with their comprehensive knowledge about the products and disc golf. 
  • Shipping: You only need to wait for one business day for your ordered items to arrive at your address. 

#7. Gotta Go Gotta Throw

Items offered: Discs, bags, carts, apparel, gift cards, and accessories. 

Last but not least, this store will introduce the top items for your disc golf gear collection. 

  • Factory second discs: Aside from the new discs, the store has factory second discs as more cost-effective alternatives, making it a perfect choice for beginners. 
  • Accessories and apparel: After buying the discs, you should also look at the store’s huge collection of accessories. Your options include bottles, key chains, bag tags, gloves, shoes, socks, shirts, and many more. 
Online stores provide high-quality discs and extra accessories
Online stores provide high-quality discs and extra accessories.

5 Best Ways to Get Ultra Cheap Disc Golf Discs

Now you know the place to buy disc golf discs. But your shopping isn’t complete. It would be perfect for finding the best deals from them.

Here are my tips for saving cash on your gear. 

Buy in bulk

Most disc golf sets are starter packages. However, you can go for complete bulk sets, mystery boxes, or putter backs. They may save up to half of the regular MSRP.  

Factory seconds and misprints 

Purchasing misprints and manufacturing seconds is a superb strategy to save a ton of money on discs if you don’t care much about imperfection. 

Consider buying the discs in bulk and getting imperfect items. 

Hunt for the sale 

Due to excess inventory or to promote discs, disc golf manufacturers often provide items at discounts. Like any retail item, you may save money by buying them during a sale. 

Buy from lesser-known manufacturers 

Big manufacturers spend millions of dollars yearly on their professional athletes. They must increase the cost of their products to offset these marketing expenses.

Conversely, lesser-known businesses set themselves apart from famous names by offering affordable items. 

Try new listings on Amazon 

You need high ratings on Amazon to reach high ranks. A recently listed item, though, lacks ratings. To stand out among the competitors, retailers must decrease their products’ prices. 

When an Amazon seller launches a new listing, they frequently do so at a loss until it gains credibility through customer feedback. Hence, you can find a good deal from new listing items. 

This video will introduce more tips to buy cheap disc golf discs: 

Tips for buying cheap discs.

Should I Buy Cheap Used Disc Golf discs?

Yes. Cheap used products don’t refer to low-quality items. Some may still have a good performance in your game, especially if you are a beginner. 

Moreover, many manufacturers set lower product prices for multiple purposes, such as attracting new customers or solving their stock problems. Hence, you can get good gear without spending much cash. 

Cheap used discs can also be a good choice
Cheap used discs can also be a good choice.


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The best 7 disc golf stores will help you find the ideal equipment for an impressive game set. Remember to try my tips to locate the nicest deal. 

Hopefully, your shopping experience will improve after checking my guide. If your friends have the same problem, share this post with them, and they will appreciate your help. 

Thank you for stopping by! 

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