Best Innova Midranges Of 2023: Top 5 Picks & Things To Consider


Are you struggling to get your desired disc speed and accuracy over average distances? Do not worry! Innova has created many effective midrange models for you to improve your playing skills.

I selected and reviewed the best Innova midranges in this article. Let’s find out what these amazing products are and how I tested each one.

Check them all now!

Top 5 Best Innova Midranges In 2023

Here are the top 5 best Innova midranges, including options ideal for both beginners and pros. Each type has its outstanding features and comes with its characteristics. Continue reading for details!

Innova Mako3

  • Weight: 0.17 – 1.82 kg
  • Beadless: Yes
  • Recommended Skill Level: All
  • Flight Ratings: Speed ​​5, Glide 4, Turn 0, and Fade 0

I appreciate the build quality and stability of the Innova Mako3. It comes with weight options from 0.17 to 1.82 kg. While not my lightest, it worked well in every situation I faced.

It goes straight through dense or tight bushes perfectly, so it shouldn’t be too difficult for me to shape the routes to my liking.

For medium distances, the Innova Mako3 was available for me to make smooth slow throws and perfect fairway moves with the Glide 4. I didn’t need too much force to hit 300 feet with this disc.

I chose the steepest distances for the shot, but the process was smooth and had no unintended consequences. It still completes laps well and accurately at the highest distances and pressures.

The build quality is a big plus. In particular, the plastic is super durable and doesn’t distort as often as the previous ones. The only drawback is its ease of scratching. This product tends to be less stable when facing strong winds.

Innova Roc3

  • Weight: 1.65 – 1.8 kg
  • Beadless: No
  • Recommended Skill Level: Intermediate
  • Flight Ratings: Speed ​​5, Glide 4, Turn 0, and Fade 3

I believe the Innova Roc3 is a solid investment if you need high demands for a versatile midrange. This disc retains its perfect shape in all situations, including extreme weather conditions like high winds.

From the first try, it was easy for me to handle and make backhand throws with it. I’ve tried increasing the throw, and amazingly, it still delivers a solid and reliable mid-range shot.

Notably, it goes a long way compared to other classic Rocs, which is a great added bonus for me. Yet, I think you should not use it for forehands to ensure safety because its construction lacks rims and handles.

In short, I highly recommend this Innova Roc3 for beginner or experienced players looking for the best in the mid-range.

For the weak point, it seems to be quite heavy for my grip. Although this feature offers many advantages, it still causes me a little hand fatigue during heavy workouts for many hours.

Innova Roc

  • Weight: 1.5 – 1.8 kg
  • Beadless: No
  • Recommended Skill Level: All
  • Flight Ratings: Speed ​​4, Glide 4, Turn 0, and Fade 3

The top factor I consider in picking the perfect one is its design and popularity. This Innova Roc is leading the trend and is Innova’s best-selling flagship product.

I decided on the Innova Roc because of its consistency and high reliability in every shot. Even though I tested it with about 18 holes at Maple Hill, it still performs consistently as an ideal mid-range for everyone’s demand.

Due to its lightweight, it always flies straight and faint at the end of the journey if I throw it in high winds. Recently, I discovered that the Innova Roc is not only perfect at low straight shots, but it also does well in my shooting experience.

While its design isn’t too difficult to use, I think it will still take you a few hours of practice to get used to your shots. The reward you get after all that effort is to enjoy a comfortable in-hand feel with good glide and reliable opacity.

My only complaint is its poor durability. This product seems to be quite susceptible to wear and tear over time. 

Also, the large grain structure is uncomfortable for professional players. I think the above is better for beginners regarding straight throws. I believe the Innova Roc is a great deal, considering the price.

On the downside, like other low-cost models, it doesn’t come with manufacturer warranties. I can’t ask for a perfect version at a low price. So, I think the trade-off between performance and durability is reasonable.

Innova Shark

  • Weight: 1.7 – 1.82 kg
  • Beadless: Yes
  • Recommended Skill Level: All
  • Flight Ratings: Speed ​​4, Glide 4, Turn 0, and Fade 2

Ever since Innova first introduced this Innova Shark, I’ve been impressed with how solid it is with its neutral to slippery flight. For me, it’s still a perfect rim, even though many people decide to switch to wider ones afterward.

The Innova Shark is the ideal solution to optimize arm strength for a complete throw with Speed ​​4 and zero turns. Unexpectedly, this saucer flew very well and reliably at every distance to close before my putter test.

At the start, the disc goes very straight, with a slight fade at the end without any trip interruption. Accordingly, it gives me a more considerable and perfect distance than any other disc I have ever had.

I love the GStar resin that makes up this disc. I believe it’s a worthwhile investment for anyone looking for cornering and wind-cutting skills. Its bright orange color is very suitable for aesthetic players.

With all the great features above, I believe its high price is not a significant barrier for you. The Innova Shark is an excellent disc to improve your form and throwing technique.

But the thing is, it’s quite a lot more cumbersome than I thought. While this design will give it more balance for long throws, getting used to its oversize has not been pleasant for me.

It took me a few days to master the standard twists with this one.

Innova Gator

  • Weight: 0.15 – 1.75 kg
  • Beadless: No
  • Recommended Skill Level: Intermediate
  • Flight Ratings: Speed ​​5, Glide 2, Turn 0, and Fade 3

I’ve been with the Innova Gator for over a year. And so far, it’s been working fine and satisfying all my throws requirements. 

Compared to other Innova versions, this disc only has a 2-glide, which doesn’t reduce the throw quality and gives a unique next-to-mid range.

Due to its deep rim design, it’s easy for me to hold and execute backhand to forehands in my practice sessions. 

On the other hand, its grounding is very flat and stable because of its size and heavy weight. So, my misses almost wholly hit the target with ease.

The Innova Gator is an ideal investment for its excellent build quality and durability, which is primarily a good start for beginners. If you’re looking for Innova Midranges with maximum comfort, don’t miss out on this perfect model.

How To Choose The Best Innova Midranges? Buyer’s Guide 


There are many versions with different features and prices on the market today.

You must be having a hard time finding it. Don’t worry! I will help you find the perfect and ideal model with some helpful tips below.


Plastic materials are essential to a golf disc, which significantly affects the product’s durability. The two popular types today are champion and star plastic. 

Both offer good build quality and are highly affordable. Yet, each will come with advantages and disadvantages:

  • Champion plastic for fairly good straight-ahead shots with high durability. But it carries many risks with heavy overload.
  • As for the star plastic, I quickly shape shots in any situation with its many curves. When I increased the armed force, it is noteworthy that this disc maintained the flight direction with high accuracy and reliability.


To create a flight path and finish the shot perfectly, I recommend giving preference to Innova midranges with good stability. The most popular versions are often overly stable, while some options are less stable.

In short, such options will surely give you a hard time if you’re starting. So, make sure your product has the ideal stability for your playing skills.


Comfort is something to consider if you stick with more approach shots and tight lines. When you’re not comfortable, you’ll have a hard time making a good mid-range release. It directly affects subsequent hits and your game outcome.

Hence, the ideal options are models that are easy to grip and throw. They are valuable to getting the most out of your skill, technique, and power in every shot.


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In short, the best Innova midranges will allow you to make many perfect throws with high consistency and reliability. With this in mind, I highly encourage you to choose the Innova Roc3 version for your excellent and enjoyable experience.

Hopefully, the information in this article is helpful for your shopping decision to choose the suitable version. Thank you for reading and following my post!

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