Top 6 Best Innova Fairway Drivers With In-Depth Reviews (Update 2023)

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Innova is one of the most well-known disc golf brands worldwide. Its discs are typically the perfect selection for tunnel shots, tight wooded lines, or anything that requires more distance than a putter.

These discs have appeared almost since the beginning of disc golf, and you can find them in all types of disc golf shops, sporting goods stores, outdoor lifestyle stores, and more!

These discs are available in many molds. Sometimes, you may find it challenging to decide which one is the best to add to your bag. Do not worry! My list of the six best Innova fairway drives will help you. Let’s check them out!

Best Innova Fairway Drivers In-Depth Reviews

#1. Innova Teebird

Important Parameters

  • Weight: From 150 to 175g
  • Beadless: Yes
  • Flight Ratings: Glide 5 | Speed 7 | Turn 0 | Fade 2
  • Recommended Skill Level: Intermediate

Key Features

The Teebird is considered one of the quintessential fairway drivers, which both weekend warriors and professionals favor. These classic models have been popular since their release from 1999 to the present day.

This model is an excellent combination of glide and stability, letting advanced players send it on more than four hundred-foot frozen ropes that finish with a gentle and reliable hyzer fade. 

The Teebird is created to be one of the straightest Innova discs. If you throw correctly, you will get a long flight before a smooth and small fade.

It is a control driver due to its control and consistency. If you have played disc golf before, you will enjoy this fairway driver. 

It is overstable, versatile, and easy to throw, something any intermediate player should have in their arsenal. The Innova Teebird tends not to be for beginners.

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Things I Like

  • Affordable price.
  • Ideal for intermediate players.
  • Versatile, overstable, and easy to throw.
  • Great for flex throws, straight fairway throws, and tunnel shots.

Things To Consider

  • Not beginner friendly.

#2. Innova Firebird

Important Parameters

  • Beadless: Yes
  • Weight: From 150 to 175g
  • Recommended Skill Level: Intermediate
  • Flight Ratings: Glide 3 | Speed 9 | Turn 0 | Fade 4

Key Features

If you are searching for one overstable fairway driver, you will not go wrong with the Innova Firebird. This is one of the most popular discs and maybe the most collectible model in this sport.

The Innova Firebird is extremely popular due to its dependability. Whether this disc is dealing with a headwind or put on an angle, it will typically come back with a strong fade.

This disc can be difficult with the player with slower arm speeds, but it will greatly benefit the forehand experts who find themselves turning over all their throws.

Once you have gotten familiar with the Firebird and know how it flies, it is the great fairway driver that is consistent and predictable with both backhands and forehands.

I consider it my utility disc as it can be thrown for tomahawks, thumbers, or other unique shots utilized to get out of trouble.

In addition, I absolutely love the comfort that the Eagle brings. I use forehand drives regularly, and I actually find this disc easy to control and aim for sidearms.

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Things I Like

  • Low price.
  • Deliver a lot of fades.
  • A predictable and reliable disc.
  • Great for flex forehands
  • Wide hyzer and strong headwinds.

Things To Consider

  • It may be difficult for the player with slower arm speeds.

#3. Innova Thunderbird

Important Parameters

  • Beadless: Yes.
  • Weight: From 165 to 175g.
  • Recommended Skill Level: Everyone.
  • Flight Ratings: Glide 5 | Speed 9 | Turn 0 | Fade 2.

Key Features

This list would be incomplete without mentioning the Innova Thunderbird, as it is a helpful, overstable fairway driver. 

Although the Innova Thunderbird is another overstable model, it is straightforward to manage and more stable than other models, such as the Firebird. This disc is similar to the Innova Teebird, with the same flight numbers except for speed.

The Innova Thunderbird delivers more distance than the Innova Teebird and is more effortless to manage than an Innova Firebird. 

It is similar to the Teebird but has a bit higher speed rating. That higher speed makes this fairway driver especially helpful for cutting through swirling winds. 

This model features very little fade and a speed of 9, making it a great option to throw when there is a strong wind, or you need to throw straight and far on one specific hole.

As an advanced thrower, I performed easy long turnovers, and hyzer flips with the Innova Leopard. 

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Things I Like

  • Great for the money.
  • Easy to manage and more stable.
  • Ideal for low and controlled placement shots.
  • Great for straight and far holes and precise lines.

Things To Consider

  • Not beginner friendly.

#4. Innova Valkyrie

Important Parameters

  • Beadless: Yes.
  • Weight: From 150 to 175g.
  • Recommended Skill Level: Beginner.
  • Flight Ratings: Glide 4| Speed 9 | Turn -2 | Fade 2.

Key Features

The Valkyrie is another popular Innova disc. It is an excellent choice for beginners to have some maximum distance throws, especially when they have to deal with a tailwind. But this disc is not just for beginners, as its flight pattern makes it a utility model for nearly all players.

Like most fairway drivers of Innova, this disc features a low fade number, making it easy to aim and more precise at your target. 

But that does not mean throwing the Valkyrie far is impossible. Whatever level you are, you can make it reach a massive distance.

The Innova Valkyrie features a bit less glide than its Thunderbird sibling, but it is more understandable. You can use it for a different combination of throws.

To sum up, the Valkyrie is one of the best control and fairway drivers for beginners. I would even say this disc is popular with players of all skill levels.

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Things I Like

  • Beginner-friendly.
  • Compatible with players of all skill levels.
  • Feature a low fade number.
  • It can reach a massive distance.

Things To Consider

  • Less glide (than the Thunderbird).

#5. Innova Leopard

Important Parameters

  • Beadless: Yes.
  • Weight: From 150 to 175g.
  • Recommended Skill Level: Beginner.
  • Flight Ratings:  Glide 5 | Speed 6 | Turn -2 | Fade 1.

Key Features

Next on my list is the Leopard, the much acclaimed, understandable control driver. It is another fairway driver that Innova has been making for years.

It is not difficult to throw, enabling it to be popular with any new player. Yet, more experienced players will also enjoy using the disc.

This disc is excellent for beginners to achieve max distance. This disc’s turn/fade ratio gives it a subtle s-line flight when you throw straight, making it a great tunnel shot disc.

It has been the first disc golf driver of thousands of players. It features a relatively thin rim so that any player can wrap their hands around it, while its low speed and understandable flight make it easy to activate the high five glide rating. Most people can put the Leopard on a controlled and straight path.

This disc is ideal for players who throw only backhand or forehand since it allows for analyzers that keep turning to the ground. 

Like with other discs, I love utilizing star plastic even though it will not hold its form for as long. After using start plastic for a while, it should become more understandable and will work well for turnover and shorter shots.

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Things I Like

  • Ideal for new disc golfers.
  • It Is not difficult to throw.
  • Great for narrow lines.
  • Great for new players and experienced ones.

Things To Consider

  • Lack the playmaking capability.

#6. Innova Eagle

Important Parameters

  • Beadless: Yes.
  • Weight: From 150 to 175g.
  • Recommended Skill Level: Beginner.
  • Flight Ratings:  Glide 4 | Speed 7 | Turn -1 | Fade 3.

Key Features

The Innova Eagle is a close cousin to the Teebird. Although this disc is not quite as popular, it is still a classic go-to fairway driver.  It performs well on straight lines and is great when throwing at an angle.

The Eagle is a great fairway driver that players of all levels have favored for the last few years. 

The first time I tried was two years ago when my brother gave me a chance to play with it. Since then, the Eagle has been one of my favorite fairway drivers as I have fallen in love with the consistency it provides me on the course.

It is a slower-speed disc, meaning you don’t need much power to throw it a long distance. The high glide of 4 really will help with the carry of this disc, and it has surprised me how far the Eagle could be thrown.

This disc is slightly overstable and features some natural turn, really making it could be thrown on different holes or even thrown in various ways. 

I use forehand drives regularly, and I find this disc easy to control and aim for sidearms. I also greatly appreciate the Innova Eagle’s unparalleled comfort.

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Things I Like

  • A reliable control driver.
  • More control and accuracy.
  • Perform well when throwing into a headwind case.
  • Great for disc golfers with previous experience and practice.

Things To Consider

  • Not beginner-friendly.

Buyer’s Guide: How to Pick the Best Innova Fairway Driver  

When finding the best fairway driver, you should focus on three key factors, including stability, plastic mold, and the fade number of the disc.

Disc Stability

Stability is one of the factors that must be considered for discs of all kinds. Still, it is especially true regarding fairway drivers. 

When a disc features a higher speed, it will allow you to put some torque and power behind the throw without or with less risk of losing control of the shot or turning over.

Many fairway drivers are overstable so that you can snap them out of your hand and hit your expected line.

Plastic Type

Picking the proper plastic mold for your fairways is not easy, but it is an essential part of getting the most out of the new disc.

When talking about Innova plastics, the champion mold is expensive but durable, making it value for money. Meanwhile, star plastic is more affordable but will lose its flight characteristics quicker.

Star plastic makes it easier to shape shots and gain a full flex line. For that reason, I prefer using star plastic on the fairway driver in most cases.

Fade Numbers

We usually spend most of our time using a fairway driver on a wooded hole or a tight fairway on the course. So getting a disc that can travel straight and far before tailing off is essential to improve your overall scores and game.

Fairway drivers like the Thunderbird and Teebird are popular choices as you can throw them straight at the basket without or with less opportunity of them fading off the line.

Some other fairways, such as the Firebird, are harder to throw on a straight line. However, they will give you more choices to swing a disc around obstacles, such as a tree, on your course.


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The Bottom Line

Honestly, the Innova Teebird is a perfect disc. I’ve been tossing them for decades and always keep three in my bag. 

My second option is the Innova Firebird, and I believe it is the perfect complement to all straight-flying fairway drivers. 

The rest of the products on this list also are awesome in their own ways. So consider carefully choosing something that suits your preferences and needs.

Hopefully, this post is useful to you. Thanks for reading!

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