Top 7 Best Innova Distance Drivers For Beginner & Pro In 2023

Best Innova Distance Drivers

In the distance driver manufacturing industry, Innova is a reputable supplier with many options for both beginners and experienced disc golfers.

Among a lot of different versions, I have helped you test and evaluate the top 7 best Innova distance drivers in the detailed article below.

If you are considering choosing one from this brand, don’t skip any of the models mentioned below. Let’s explore them now!

In-depth Reviews Of The Best Innova Distance Drivers

I have tested quite a few distance driver models from Innova. In short, this brand’s distance drivers are all entirely worth considering.

Each one is suitable for a different need and level of use. If you are looking for the most suitable disc, check out the reviews below.

Innova Wraith

The Wraith was the first distance driver I used. To this day, it remains one of my most enduring, especially for beginners.

I usually use the Innova Wraith to throw long hyzer flips because it’s pretty low. 

The 11-speed made me nervous on the first throws. However, after a few uses, I am satisfied with its stability.

I also appreciate its DX plastic shell material which is cheap, durable, and very suitable for beginners.

The Innova Wraith is not the most premium option from the brand. Its biggest drawback is the low limit speed.
However, it suits beginners and those with rudimentary disc golf techniques.

It’s also slightly more exaggerated than the competition’s other popular distance drivers like the Avenger SS or CD3.

Innova Destroyer

If you’re interested in disc golf, you’ve heard of the Innova Destroyer at least once. This outstanding Innova product has become the standard for distance drivers. It is popular with all professional disc golfers and amateurs alike.

Its success comes from its robustness and low profile, suitable for forehand throws. I also used the Destroyer to throw my left hand off the tee and even on the fairway and got pretty good results.

As an experienced player, I appreciate the Innova Destroyer’s ability to throw hyzer, flex shots, and ignore hits. It also supports very well in windy conditions. As such, it’s not hard to understand that pro players love this distance driver.

The only problem with the Innova Destroyer is that it doesn’t support backhands beginners well.

It’s not very controllable in this case. So, try using it for long-distance forehand throws instead. You will be surprised by the results you get.

Innova Firebird

Unlike Wraith and Destroyer, the Innova Firebird is a fairway driver. Yet, this hype disc is still pretty believable. I used it in high wind conditions and still got the expected results.

I always recommend Firebird for intermediate and professional players. It supports pretty well for flexible long-range shots. And I think it’s also an excellent forehand, even in headwinds.

It has a relatively high opacity rating. As a result, intermediate and advanced players can use it to steer and flex the Innova Firebird at nearly 360 feet.

In addition to the above characteristics, fairway drivers also impress with several other advantages such as point accuracy, dependable speed, and great for throwing over obstacles.

The Firebird still has some disadvantages. It doesn’t meet the need for solid and fast throws with poor glide. So, this one is not a beginner-friendly option.

On the other hand, its high price is also a sizable barrier for a beginner’s budget.

Innova Thunderbird

Thunderbird is also an excellent Innova fairway driver that you should consider.

In my first test, I tried to use Thunderbird as a long-distance driver. However, I did not get the expected result. 

Instead, it strikes a pretty good balance between stability and speed. As a result, I got an excellent distance, a good cut, and a controlled throw.

In the wind, it maintains a predictable flight path. The driver is also highly flexible, with a considerable amount of glide.

Although it’s a bit lackluster, its stability with a right-handed throw is enough to please me. I was most impressed with the Innova Thunderbird’s ability to operate on a straight line that needs to end with a bit of hyzer.

For me, the Innova Thunderbird is not a long-distance driver. It’s just a long-range, fully controllable position driver.

It is relatively easy to manipulate and does not require much skill. Although it shares some physical characteristics with Firebird, Thunderbird is more beginner-friendly.

Innova Shryke

The Innova Shryke is the choice for disc golfers of all levels. It is suitable for both left-handed and left-handed people.

During my first test, Shryke made me immediately think of Tern, another famous Innova distance driver. Yet, upon closer inspection, I still rate Shryke higher because of its expected speed and stability.

What I appreciate most about this distance driver is its grip and explosiveness in big slips. When thrown at a precise hyzer angle, it goes far without requiring too much power.

With the above advantages, Shryke will be the best choice if you are looking for a long-distance driver. Innova Shryke has a fast spin speed and substantial glide. I also tried it on steep hills and was pleased with its tail-gliding ability. 

However, in some cases, its opacity is no longer so reliable. Sometimes I don’t get the precision and consistency I need.

Innova Valkyrie

The Innova Valkyrie is a distance driver model that is quite suitable for beginners. It is a refined fairway handlebar ideal for basic needs and levels.

I especially love the light weight of this distance driver. It assists inexperienced people in taking the extra distance more quickly. It has impressive flexibility, stability, and accuracy at light weights or against the wind.

It also works well with players with more substantial hand speeds. You can work with many techniques from the models, including inverted hyzer or consistency.

Innova Valkyrie will not be the first choice if you already have specific skills. However, at least it still performs exceptionally well in rotation shots.

Innova Beast

The Beast is also Innova’s pretty popular distance driver. It has a reasonably low distance but is fast and suitable for new players. I have done multiple reviews of max distance, headwind shots, and hyzer flips with the Beast.

It feels pretty natural and comfortable to use. It reminds me of riders instead of long-distance drivers. This design feature helps me get a more extended range but requires less power.

The impressive point for me is also the straight and beautiful hyzers. Although it will fade to the left when it lands, its performance is awe-inspiring for beginners.

Also, the flat throw is its notable strength. The S-curves have always exceeded what I expect from a low-cost distance driver.

It is more than 20 years old and is available in almost all the plastic options you require. The variety in its selection will satisfy the needs of experienced players. Beast DX is the choice that I am most satisfied with.


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Final Words

Innova offers many distance drivers for you to choose from. You might consider Innova Wraith if you are a beginner. Meanwhile, the Innova Destroyer will be more attractive to experienced players.

You also have many options to meet the durability and perfect hand feeling. Hopefully, through the detailed reviews above, you have found your own best Innova distance drivers and have a lot of playing experience.

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