5 Best Discraft Drivers To Upgrade Your Disc Golf Games


If you want to improve your speed and distance, start with the driver. Discraft should be the brand you think of first due to its high-quality products and popularity in the industry. 

What are the best Discraft drivers? How can you select the most suitable equipment for your disc golf game? You will find the answer in this post. So let’s scroll down to discover! 

5 Best Discraft Drivers

As a Discraft fan, I have tried many of its products to enjoy my game. The company has come up with various high-quality items, but I find the five following drivers the best. 

1. Discraft Nuke


  • Weight: 150 to 180g 
  • Beadless: Yes 
  • Flight Ratings: Speed 13; Turn -1; Glide 5; Fade 3
  • Recommended Skill Levels: Advanced to Expert 

The Nuke is one of Discraft’s most well-liked drives and one of the all-most-used time’s discs. This high-speed overstable driver has a thicker rim than other long-distance drivers.

This disc has some of the strongest forehand feel that I have used. Thanks to the broad rim, you can establish a firm grip and expand your throwing range.

You can certainly handle this speed with a strong arm. Nevertheless, players with shorter or slower arms could also benefit from using this disc when dealing with a strong wind.

Both the left curve on your backhand and the right curve on the flick are predictable. Perhaps not the best shot for beginners, but your next toss will end with a good birdie shot if you can hold it parallel to the ground and avoid tossing it nose up. 


  • Good for long-range shots
  • Accurate if thrown correctly
  • Suitable for forehand and backhand throwing
  • Powerful glide
  • Customizable design


  • Not an excellent choice for beginners
  • Not the best for midrange or approach shots 
  • The thick rim may be uncomfortable for some players. 

2. Discraft Zeus

  • Weight: 160 to 175g
  • Beadless: Yes
  • Flight Ratings: Speed 12; Turn -1; Glide 5; Fade 3
  • Recommended Skill Levels: Intermediate to Advanced

Discraft Zeus is also a popular choice. This distance driver is powerful and has many exceptional features. 

Discraft uses ESP plastic to make this driver disc, making it highly durable. The plastic also offers an excellent grip. 

Zeus disc consistently produces accurate results. It allows more glide than you think, combined with fast speeds to maximize your performance.


Zeus is a part of the Paul McBeth series, and it belongs to the faster group. Its distance is also remarkable, particularly for individuals with fast arms.

Discraft Zeus delivers a superb grip in every condition—weather, temperature, or moisture accumulation. Hence, you can control your driver firmly until you want to release it. 

To achieve the extended flight path and maximum glide, Zeus requires a lot of power for the throw. I wouldn’t suggest new players use this driver because of its speed of 12.


  • Durable plastic
  • Impressive specifications
  • Full s-shaped flight patterns
  • Firm grip 


  • You should have strong arms.
  • The color varies, and sometimes you can’t choose your favorite. 
Discraft Zeus is very durable.

3. Discraft Hades

  • Weight: 157 to 175g
  • Beadless: Yes
  • Flight Ratings: Speed 12; Turn -3; Glide 6; Fade 2
  • Recommended Skill Levels: Intermediate to Advanced

One of the newest releases in the catalog of Paul McBeth is Discraft Hades. This disc is entertaining to toss because of its excellent flight ratings.

The Hades could be the best Discraft driver to add to your bag if your neighborhood course features wide-open holes that call for huge drives.

Novice players can get extra distance, although the disc has high speed and aims for more seasoned players. Try to manage the disc’s spin, and you can pull it off. 

You’ll be surprised at how far the Hades can go toward the basket because it offers one of the highest glide rates of any discs on the market right now. It doesn’t call for as much arm power as other Discraft long-distance drivers.

This disc can still be a little overwhelming if you throw it flat or use it too much in certain situations. But even so, I still love it once I’ve learned how to control the spin. 


  • Excellent for wide holes
  • Remarkable distance
  • High glide rates
  • Good flight ratings


  • Overwhelming sometimes when thrown flat
  • Hard-to-control spin 
Discraft Hades has high glide rates
Discraft Hades has high glide rates.

4. Discraft Force

  • Weight: 160 to 175g
  • Beadless: Yes
  • Flight Ratings: Speed 12; Turn 0; Glide 5; Fade 3
  • Recommended Skill Levels: Advanced

The Discraft Force is one of the most overstable discs produced by Discraft. When throwing this driver, any player with a lot of force behind their throws can go further.

The Force always tends to fight back and fade, no matter if you throw it flat or on an anhyzer. As a result, headwinds won’t cause any difficulties at all.

You may be confident that the disc works well in scenarios that call for a hard left finish. Additionally, it will be a terrific choice whenever you require a flex shot, whether forehand or backhand.

Besides, the Force is a brilliant driver to carry in your bag to cope with headwinds and crosswinds since it can cut through any wind effortlessly. 

In addition to small finesse shots, the disc is sturdy enough to manage forehand hits with maximum strength.

But I will note that new disc golfers may find it challenging to exert enough force for this disc to fly as you would anticipate.


  • Overstable disc
  • Good at dealing with winds
  • Suitable for both backhand and forehand shots


  • Challenging to control the flight
  • Difficult for beginners 
Discraft Force can deal well with winds
Discraft Force can deal well with winds.

5. Discraft Surge

  • Weight: 145 to 170g
  • Beadless: Yes
  • Flight Ratings: Speed 11; Turn -1; Glide 5; Fade 3
  • Recommended Skill Levels: Intermediate to Advanced

The Discraft Surge offers any golfer greater distance for most conditions and holes. Thanks to its comfort and steady flight, it is among the most popular drivers among professional players.

The Surge’s flying ratings are almost similar to those of the Zeus. However, its speed rating of 11 is slightly more controllable.

Throws with this disc are simple to execute on both the forehand and backhand. Surge is also a highly well-liked item in the disc golf community. As a result, it is accessible in almost every Discraft plastic variety.

You may utilize this distance driver without worrying that it would be very shaky and limit distance due to the lower speed rating. Players who prefer the forehand can still get maximum distance with this gear. 

The Surge is my favorite forehand flick weapon because I love its stability and flexibility in achieving a great, crisp release.

The driver does have a significant amount of fading when it lands. But as long as you can reach your desired distance before it starts to spin, it’s controllable.


  • Consistent flights
  • Easy to use on both backhand and forehand
  • Simple to control the speed 


  • Fading when landing
  • Challenging to manage the distance 
Discraft Surge offers consistent flights
Discraft Surge offers consistent flights

How to Choose the Best Discraft Driver? 

Discraft offers many drivers, each with a particular set of features. So how can you choose the one that suits you best? The two factors below will determine the answer. 

Plastic Type

Discraft produces ten different plastic mixes and grades, and they all have unique properties and weight ranges. Although some forms are more popular to manufacture drivers, some disc golf players may like one over the other. 

The best plastic types offered by Discraft include:

  • ESP: This plastic is among the highest-valued materials used by Discraft. It offers an impressive degree of grip and durability. 
  • Z: The Z plastic line can make the most durable drivers for your game. You will also love its steady flight patterns. 
  • Z FLX: Drivers made of this blend are flexible and sturdy. They can bend over and regain their form easily. 
  • Titanium: The plastic is stylish and durable. Professionals adore the stability it provides. 
  • GLO: I find GLO drivers very fun and unique. You can even play your game at night with them. 
  • Big Z: Aside from the durability, the stylish-looking designs of Big Z plastic will make you fall in love with it at first sight. 
  • Z Lite: This material is lightweight, giving you an easy time playing with your driver. Beginners or those with slower speeds will also adore this option. 
  • X: X drivers give the best grip and can work well in any condition. The consistent flights add up to the benefits.
  • Jawbreaker: This plastic blend is stylish, which immediately impressed me. Besides, it lasts longer and has a nice grip.  


A disc’s stability determines the types of throws you can perform with your driver. Hence, keep this feature in mind when choosing your gear. 

Discraft describes its product’s stability from 3 to -3 

  • 0: Stable
  • Negative ratings: Understable
  • Positive ratings: Overstable 


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Because Discraft is a renowned disc supplier, you can be sure that the model you pick will lead to a high-quality disc to use for a long time.

You should always have a selection of Discraft drivers with you. Hopefully, this list has helped you picture how your bag will look. 

If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to contact me. It’s an exciting experience to chat with those with the same interest. 

Thank you for reading! 

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