[Top 5] Best Disc Golf Storage in 2023 – What Is Your Perfect Choice?


Storage is among the common problems in disc golf. Many players amass dozens of discs when their bags only hold about ten or twenty while releasing each new disc comes with an alluring call.

So their guest rooms have been taken over by various discs, and their garages have become a maze of stacks of plastic.

There are some solutions to those problems online, including professionally made display racks sold by top companies and DIY solutions of plastic and PVC.

I have highlighted a few here to help you get your disc collections under control. 

Let’s check out my list of the top 5 disc golf storage.

Top 5 Best Disc Golf Storage

Here is a list of the top 5 best disc golf storages that should be considered in 2023. Let’s explore right now!

#1. Etsy: The Disc Rack


Etsy: The Disc Rack. Source

Tournament Director of the Amateur Worlds (2021), Mark Janssen, operates an Etsy shop in Orlando.

Here, he sells wooden racks he built. Having sold about 200 racks, it is among the most popular disc golf storage options on Etsy.

He had the idea for disc golf storage, and he made a prototype out of some plywood and dowel rods. He made some of those that sat around his house. 

Years ago, he got a little more refined and serious, figured out the best way, and started producing and began ‘The Disc Rack.’”

Also, he wanted to design something that looked nice around the house, even for spouses or roommates that might not play this sport. Each rack is made from stainless steel and poplar wood, then finished with polyurethane. 

#2. The Hyzer Rack


Available from Dynamic Discs,  Infinite Discs, and the personal web of its creator, the Hyzer Rack is the product of Shannon Berryhill, a disc golfer, and carpenter from Illinois. He saw the need for large display racks that were aesthetically pleasing and easy to assemble and ship.

His first wooden model was crafted from scrap lying around his garage. It held about thirty discs, and he quickly outgrew it. After that, he made two bigger wooden ones that his buddies quickly took off his hands. 

His first prototypes were designed with paper and pen and were made of cardboard. From that, he searched for better material.

The fully assembled Hyzer Racks may hold around up to 150 golf discs, with two hooks for towels or your bag tags, a shelf on top for your mini discs, bag, and even trophies. 

These racks are stackable, and Jannsen plans on releasing a two-tiered and even three-tiered rack soon.

#3. Dynamic Discs Disc Golf Storage Bins

Among the best models you can find when looking for pre-made golf disc storage choices are Dynamic Discs plastic storage bins. 

Durable, portable, and stackable, these are an excellent option for players who need an affordable model for on-the-go disc storage. They can hold around 30 discs, which is so great.

Although Dynamic’s bins can cost a bit more than other plastic storage choices that seem similar, it’s still selling well for a good reason. These storage bins are stackable and can last long. The fact is that many professionals use them on tour.

If you are keen on durable and affordable storage from Dynamic Discs, check it out here.

#4. Stack-a-disc Disc Golf Rack

This works well in your bedroom, garage, or anywhere you want your golf discs accessible and secure.

This model has much more space than some other disc box designs, fitting more than 60 golf discs per rack layer, and has a divider to keep the discs organized.

It is much easier to find the exact golf disc that you want compared to scrabbling around inside a plastic container.

This shelf fits a stack of golf discs and also is a stackable design, which means you can buy multiple to stack one on top of another. 

This rack features simple instructions and can be assembled in a few minutes. An Allen key is provided, and all you need is to prepare a hammer to set it up.

It features a movable divider that can be used to divide your fairway and midrange drivers or different color discs.

It also acts as a support and will strengthen the two cross pieces that your discs rest on. I recommend keeping it centered since this will deliver the most support for the cross pieces.

#5. Infinite Discs Disc Golf Tote & Trunk Organizer

This tote is built specifically with maximum storage in mind, allowing you to hold up to 80 discs, depending on the kind of your discs. This model is ideal for storing golf discs at your home. 

The tote is heavy-duty and rugged. It’ll effectively protect your disc discs and keep them dust free. You can stack Two Disc totes on one another and deliver even more storage space. They can also be easily stored in the corner of a room,  on shelves, under a bed, and more.

It can also keep your car’s trunk organized and clean. If you are going to participate in an important tournament, it is okay to put your hats, snacks, minis, backup discs, and much more in the Disc Tote. 

It will keep a good amount of golf discs and accessories read at any moment. Piles of warped golf discs in the trunks and back seats will be a thing of the past. 

This model is also ideal for golf disc vendors who display and transport large quantities of inventory. 

It is easy to move around, display, and carry all of your golf discs for sale. You can rest assured that your discs remain safe and protected inside the firm yet soft walls of this tote. 

This tote can also collapse to less than four inches thick, or one side or two could be collapsed by utilizing the attached buckles. 

Removable inserts will keep the bottom of this tote ridged, while the lid is collapsible and removable, making the tote effortless to store.

This disc tote has ten additional pockets around the sides: two large mesh pockets,  four medium pockets, and four small pockets. Those pockets are ideal for any of your accessories.

Do It Yourself

If you feel more creative and prefer to utilize your crafting muscles, many methods are available online to store discs. The models you will see most often are crafted of easily accessible materials, such as PVC and wood.

PVC is a great choice, thanks to the accessibility and affordability of the material at any hardware store. It is also somewhat user-friendly. 

If you need to build a rack to fit a peculiar space, PVC can be cut, and various premade joints are available to make it a great option.

Here is a comprehensive guide on how to create a variant of a PVC disc rack, having four tiers, a mini rack, and a bag stand. 

I recommend using Schedule 40 PVC since it can hold up much better than Schedule 20 over time. This rack will not sag one bit even after four to five years.

At the lowest end of the do-it-yourself spectrum, you can utilize foam core, or cardboard to make the storage box. 

Plans can be found easily online, but a handy set using cardboard may be found at Vortica Sports, one of the New Zealand disc golf retailers. They have made printable PDFs that can help you plan your box.


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What is disc golf?

Disc golf is similar to “regular” golf except that it is played with a Frisbee disc. 

Disc golf players throw the disc as close to a basket (a specially designed target) as possible, then throw again from where the disc landed, trying to get into the basket in the lowest throws.

Is disc golf the same as frisbee golf?

Yes. Disc golf is also known as frisbee golf.

Why is disc golf so popular?

This game is inexpensive, social, and has straightforward rules. It is easy to see why this sport is gaining popularity, especially among players over 50.

Is disc golf a healthy sport?

Yes, it is an excellent full-body exercise. Disc golfers typically walk one or more miles every round. 

Wrapping It Up

Whether you already have hundreds of golf discs or you are just starting your collection, it is a good idea to have a designated place for your discs and your bag after each game.

Have you built your custom disc golf storage solution or know about an excellent one I didn’t cover here? Let me know! Thanks for your time!

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