The 12 Best Disc Golf Shoes Review in 2023 [Best-Selling Versions]

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Let’s be honest, is the right shoe the first thing that comes to mind when not picking up disc golf? If not, you’re not alone. Most beginners pay immediate attention to bags, discs, or practice baskets. 

Choosing the best disc golf shoes is also essential because they are the point connecting you to the ground, providing leverage and the basis for a great shot. 

The shoes of disc golf players have to stand up to abuse in snow, rain, mud, or even treacherous terrains. 

As a beginner, it can be challenging to determine what qualities you should look for in the ideal disc golf shoes. So I’m here to keep your worries at bay!

This list includes the 12 best shoes that fit well disc golf’s demands and needs.

The 12 Best Disc Golf Shoes In-depth Review

Here are my quick thoughts on the 12 best disc golf shoes available currently, in my opinion. Scroll down for more!

#1. Adidas Terrex Swift R3 Gore-Tex Hiking Shoes

Key Feature

Adidas has been quite successful in proving itself as a top disc golf supplier of shoes, and not many other suppliers could do this up to now. And the Swift R3 GTX is among the most popular models of this brand.

As for the overall performance, these shoes are built to last. They belong to the line of trail runners that may be against all trail shoes on the market.

Regarding the price, this model costs about $120 to $140. Other models that rival their quality may cost up to $150 to $200 or even more. So it is safe to say these well-made shoes are very reasonably priced. The brand could charge more, but it doesn’t.

These shoes are trusted by professional players. They are used by many other professional disc golf players, such as Paul McBeth.

If these shoes are good enough for them, they will be good enough for anyone.


  • Affordable price.
  • Trusted by professional players.
  • Have great overall performance.
  • From a famous brand.


  • Subpar laces.

#2. Merrell Moab 2 Waterproof Hiking Shoes

Key Feature

These hiking shoes will fit well for playing disc golf. I’m a big fan of Merrell, and I consider these shoes among the best ones of this brand made for disc golf.

I’ve personally used them in a few of my rounds, and I’d said that they fit well with the needs and the demands that every disc golfer needs in their games.

I was impressed with its toughness and durability. It is made from high-performance leather and has a mesh upper, letting it withstand all damages from constant movement and grip on the ground during the game.

It is robust enough to last a long time, even if used frequently in some rounds. In addition, it is light enough for players to take any kind of shot out on the course or field.

Regarding comfort, these shoes are the most comfortable I’ve ever tested on the field and course. The air cushion on their heel delivers stability and shock absorption, while their breathable mesh lining provides ventilation to my feet. 

Moreover, the midsole also gives additional comfort and stability to my feet, especially when dealing with inclined and steep surfaces.

These shoes also protected the toe of my feet with their great protective rubber toe cap. I have worn many shoes, but this Merrell model is entirely different. Because of the protected toe, it can last much longer.

These shoes provide much comfort to every part of my feet. The heel support and zonal arch make them among the best shoes you can use để chơi disc golf.


  • Provide much durability and comfort.
  • Ability to deal with steeply inclined terrain.
  • Give a lot of ventilation to your feet.
  • Keeps the player’s feet dry with the waterproofing feature.
  • The rubberized sole delivers toughness and durability.


  • Small toe box.

#3. Adidas Terrex R2 Swift GTX Hiking Shoes

Key Feature

Generally, the R2 GTX are notable disc golf shoes favored by many top disc golf pros. They are burly, tough hiking shoes that look and feel like they will take you anywhere you want. I’ve got no issue with them, and there are many things to love in these all-terrain hiking shoes.

These hiking shoes are solid, high-spec, and waterproof and are designed for outdoor use for years to come. I have never seen such indestructible synthetic hiking shoes. They have a lot of grips, are not heavy, and provide a lot of protection.


  • Lightweight.
  • Breathable build.
  • Affordable price.
  • Has a rugged Traxion outsole.


  • Small toe box.

#4. Adidas Terrex AX3 Gore-Tex Hiking Shoes

Key Feature

This Adidas item is used for running and trail hiking, which can also be used for playing disc golf. If you are keen on the best throwing shoes for disc golfers, I highly recommend Adidas Terrex AX3 because of its rubberized outsole that provides a better grip on the ground when you do the forearm run-up or x-step.

I was highly impressed by their toughness and durability. Their rubberized sole adds extra durability and toughness to the shoe’s overall foundation. They are strong enough to last long, even if used frequently. 

I have witnessed how these shoes survive much punishment, even on challenging courses. In addition, they are light, which is enough for players to take different shots comfortably.

Regarding comfort, I’d like to say that these shoes are among the most comfortable models I have ever utilized on the disc golf course. 

They have a lightweight EVA midsole that delivers comfort on the underfoot, and the shaft adds additional tightness and coziness.

Moreover, their molded toe caps will provide extra comfort to your feet, especially when you constantly move during the game.

Also, these shoes feature rubber outsoles which give an excellent grip on the ground. They provide much comfort to all parts of your foot on any complex surface condition. Changing their laces can be done easily and quickly.


  • 100% synthetic shoes.
  • Provide regular fitting to your feet.
  • Can adjust the shoelaces quickly.
  • The rubberized outsole will add extra durability to the shoes.
  • The toe cap is designed to give added comfort to your feet.


  • Heel a bit loose

#5. Nike Pegasus Trail 3 Gore-Tex Running Shoes

Key Feature

The Pegasus Trail 3 shoes are straight out-of-the-box pleasers that will work well for most runners and disc golfers.

If you are keen on something a bit more sturdy on the course, these shoes are great go-to options that are versatile for many use cases.

These running shoes do not over-complicate things. There is a pretty regular mesh upper that strikes a good balance of support and breathability. 

Meanwhile, the underfoot is so comfortable without being spongy. Your foot will sit comfortably sized in the toe and heel box, meaning you won’t be cramped.

The very downside of these shoes is the grip in the wet. So I recommend grabbing other shoes when playing in the rain. Anyway, the Pegasus Trail 3 Gore-Tex is top-class.


  • Easy to Break-In.
  • Super Comfortable.
  • Great for Dry Trails and Hikes.
  • Versatile for Different Settings.


  • Toe box is a bit narrow.
  • Not great for wet terrain.

#6. Adidas Terrex AX4 Hiking Shoes

Key Feature

My wife is someone prone to painful blisters on the backs of their heels, so she often prefers a low-rise shoes.

Fortunately, the Adidas Terrex AX4 shoes let her ankles roam free with a low-rise upper that resembles the classic running shoes they are known for. Somewhere between hiking boots and running shoes, these shoes are very lightweight with durable soles.

These hiking shoes have a warp-knit stretch mesh covering their outside and continental rubber outsoles, making them rugged enough for scrambles but still comfortable and lightweight as traditional runners.

If you need more stability from your shoes, you should look for models with higher, stiffer ankle coverage. But, if you prefer a cool breeze feeling on your bare ankle, I bet the Nike Pegasus Trail 3 Gore-Tex is ideal for you.


  • Enduring comfort.
  • Amazing grip.
  • Stable.
  • Water-repellent.
  • Remarkably durable.
  • Great breathable.
  • Surprisingly light.


  • Tight toe box.

#7. Salomon Speedcross 5 GTX Trail Running Shoes

Key Feature

Trail runners are generally not ideal for unpredictable weather. Fortunately, Salomon Speedcross 5 can keep disc golfers going through even the roughest conditions. They are designed for maximum grip on rocky surfaces, muddy areas, soft trails, and even icy or snowy sections. 

They have an excellent grip from the Mud Contagrip, featuring bigger lugs with more space and allowing for better push-off and braking grip.


  • Affordable.
  • Side vents offer good breathability.
  • OrthoLife insoles deliver superior cushioning.
  • Maximum grip is great for muddy and soft surface trails.


  • Have no rock plate in the midsole.
  • Steeper heel-to-toe drop than many other trail shoes.

#8. Salomon X Ultra 3 GTX Hiking Shoe

Key Feature

These shoes are another hiking shoe that will provide many features that fit many disc golf players’ needs. I’ve tested and tried many kinds of shoes for playing disc golf, and these shoes are one of the best. 

I think the Salomon brand delivers one of the greatest insoles for golf shoes which will also fit disc golfers. They are rubberized, which delivers much durability to the shoes.

These shoes are highly recommended to play on courses with many hikes and descents. I have used them on hike-esc courses, and I was impressed with how they handled challenging drops or similar playing conditions. These shoes hold up well when going up or down steep inclines.

Meanwhile, I also found that these shoes work well under wet conditions, especially when it rains continuously during the game.

They also deliver waterproofing features that keep my feet dry all the time, even on a rainy round day. As a disc golf player, I do not want my feet to be soaked with liquid because it can affect my performance during the round. 

These shoes will also deliver comfort to both of your feet when playing your disc golf rounds. The molded sock liner delivers enough comfort and breathability to the feet. I also felt the comfort of the midsole since they are made with high-performance EVA foam that delivers shock resistance features.

On the downside, the size of the toe box is relatively small and is a bit inconvenient for players with bigger feet.


  • Can deal with steeply inclined courses.
  • Give a lot of ventilation to your feet.
  • Provide a lot of durability and comfort.
  • The rubberized sole delivers durability and toughness.
  • Always keep your feet dry with the waterproofing feature.


  • Have a relatively small toe box.

#9. Nike Wildhorse 7 Trail Running Shoes

Key Feature

I will begin with the obvious; these shoes are among the best-looking shoes I have ever seen. The contrasting outsole and bold upper stand out on any trail, but that isn’t the only reason it made it into my list.

In fact, the Wildhorse 7 are brilliant shoes for disc golf as there is excellent cushioning for them to deal with the pavements. They are comfortable shoes and offer a good amount of protection when you run.

Their midsole contains the React foam of Nike, which delivers the right amount of cushioning. You can feel the ground, but it is a more comfortable, smoother experience than any firm, traditional trail shoe.

On the downside, these shoes perform well on wet, soft, muddy tracks, and things can still feel a bit slippery on hard, wet trails.

For instance, if your route includes clambering over wet rocks, you may not have the grip you could expect from a trail shoe with the Wildhorse. 

If you’re playing on a wet course surface, you might not have the grip you would expect from these trail shoes.


  • Comfortable over long distances.
  • Has an eye-catching appearance.
  • Ankle gaiter is comfortable and protective. 
  • Their midsole delivers the right amount of cushioning.


  • Outsole may be slippery on rocky, wet terrains.

#10. Vans UltraRange EXO Shoes

Key Feature

These shoes are an excellent choice for the lifter and athlete that trains recreationally and wants a pair of shoes that also work for day-to-day wear. I also realized that it has enough qualities to suit disc golfers.

One of their most beauties is that these shoes look fantastic, are comfortable for daily wear, and can hold their own with recreational training. They are good shoes for walking, standing, traveling, doing some casual training, and of course, playing disc golf.

They will not be the best shoes when talking about aspects like maximal stability, but for someone who seriously plays disc golf, I think they will be a good choice providing enough stability.

Another plus that comes with these shoes that you don’t always get with normal cross-training models is the aesthetic. For daily wear, they look great, and you can pair them with your jeans or gym shorts. 

They look pretty solid with whatever you want. It is a nice perk for players who prefer Vans’ streetwear appeal and need a pair of large Vans for casual training.

The final factor I have enjoyed about these shoes is their excellent overall lightweight construction and affordable price. Their midsole, outsole, and upper construction are all lightweight, making them easy to wear.


  • Easy to wear.
  • Affordable price.
  • Suitable for day-to-day wear.
  • Look great.


  • Not ideal for slippery surfaces.

#11. Adidas Terrex Agravic TR GTX Trail Running Shoes

Key Feature

The upper of Adidas Terrex Agravic TR GTX shoes are made from a durable, breathable mesh, which is covered with a GORE-TEX layer to deliver near-total waterproofing. That way, they can keep your feet cool and dry all the time. 

Furthermore, TPU reinforcements give the shoe greater durability and support, while a heel collar and padding increase comfort.

The Traxion outsole of these shoes will give you an excellent grip on all terrains regardless of their geometry and moisture. With these trail running shoes, you won’t have a hard time with muddy, wet, and cold conditions.


  • Comfort and breathability.
  • High abrasion-resistant synthetic material.
  • Offer flexibility and cushioning for long-lasting comfort. 
  • Extended comfort membrane, keeping your feet dry.


  • Poor arch support.

#12. Vivobarefoot Magna FG

Key Feature

These shoes hold up well to abrasion, but they will wear out after a while. I found the laces have begun to fray at the top eyelets, then split. 

The eyelets might wear down a lot while they still work. But it happened after I used these shoes for four months, so I don’t think this is a weak point.

The break-in period of these shoes isn’t nice. They may initially feel stiff and quite hard to wear, and you may get a blister. 

They also make a ‘flip-flop’ sound for the first time, which can also be annoying. Fortunately, they are very comfortable now!

Regarding water resistance, they were at first. Unfortunately, they aren’t quite so anymore. After breaking in, they tended to wet out quickly. They are also roomy. Their toe boxes are roomy and let the toes spread out naturally.


  • Super-light.
  • Extremely flexible.
  • Holds foot in place
  • Breathable and comfy.
  • Grips everything dry and wet.
  • Great ground sensitivity.
  • Very versatile.


  • Too expensive.
  • Laces aren’t durable.

How to Choose Shoes For Playing Disc Golf?

How to choose shoes for playing disc golf.
How to choose shoes for playing disc golf.

Kind of Shoes

Honestly, it is challenging to choose shoes that are specifically made for disc golfers. With all their movements, including the force they put in and the momentum on the side of their shoes when pivoting quickly or grinding the toe or heel. There aren’t many kinds of shoes that can handle this.

Also, manufacturers usually don’t make footwear for that purpose alone since disc golf is not famous compared to many other sports. Maybe, when this sport grows in popularity, similar to golf, we’ll have particular shoes designed for it.

In my opinion, hiking shoes and trail running shoes are among the most suitable types. They can be utilized in any terrain, making them perfect for sports, including disc golf. 

Regular flat street shoes are not recommended as their grip is terrible, especially in the non-urban terrain type of disc golf courses. Moreover, those shoes will break down quickly due to different throwing motions.

Design of Shoes

The Outsole

The outsole should be molded around the shoe’s side. If it is just glued on the EVA outsole’s base, then the twisting and constant movement will eventually separate the sole from the edge of the shoe.

I found a large rocker in my shoes to help as it made planting toe-first, then the heel and ball a lot easier. Then, it moved the ball’s weight off my foot more quickly, but then again, it might not be everybody’s liking.

The Tread & Outer Edge Design

Disc golf players don’t need a super aggressive tread design for their shoes.

I recommend choosing a tread pattern for lateral traction rather than ones designed for forwarding movement.

Remember that the more aggressive the tread, the less material in the shoes. So you should have a light tread for better durability.

Meanwhile, you should consider the reinforced outer edge that facilitates a firm plant without rolling your foot over the sole. The fact is that many shoes try so hard to be lightweight but have no lateral support.

Breath And Waterproof

So, what if you play a game on a rainy day? Waterproof shoes are the answer, as they are good when it is wet outside while the temperatures are pretty low. 

These shoes are ideal when you play on a cold rainy day or when there is snow on the ground. The more humid it is, the more effective these shoes are during a game.

If you consider breath and waterproof as the main factors when looking for disc golf footwear, you should know that they’re at odds against each other.

The more breathable a shoe is, the less waterproof, and vice versa. Breathable and waterproof aren’t doable at all from the perspective of shoe manufacturers.

Wearing waterproof footwear in dry conditions may make them wet inside because your feet are sweaty and lack breathability. In this case, your toes will feel like they are sitting in a bath.

Always remember that sweat is considered among the enemies of any shoes as it damages and wrecks them. It is similar to wearing your shoes when damp and not letting them dry entirely before use.

As a disc golfer, having two pairs of shoes is best. One pair should breathe well to use in dry conditions or in summer. The other should be water-resistant for wet and cold weather rounds. 

It is unnecessary to own waterproof shoes if you don’t play in the mud and rain. In addition, if you do not mind these conditions, it is okay to wear them when playing the game.

The Course

The type of disc golf course is essential in choosing your disc golf shoes. It will depend on the course’s condition and how rugged it is.

If the terrain isn’t as intensive, shoes from vans may be the best ones you can use. If the course is rocky or rocky, I suggest hiking or using trail shoes.

The Sole

When searching for shoes for playing disc golf, don’t forget the insoles. It is ridiculous to own $100 shoes and cheap insoles that only cost 5 cents each.

In addition, your sole should be as durable as possible, so you should look for the most durable rubber possible.

I prefer an exclusive design with various materials. It could include a patch of extra durable materials inserted in the place where it needs the most, while the other surrounding areas will be more grippy. I also favor a one-mold sole for the construction of the mold since others can be torn apart quickly.


How Much Should You Spend On New Disc Golf Shoes?

You do not have to break the bank to buy models that are more than $200 if you aren’t playing competitively.

Of course, more expensive shoes always have additional benefits, such as breathability and comfort.

But if you are a beginner, you should spend something in the medium price range, about $60 to $100.

What Type of Shoes Are The Best For Disc Golfers?

Your chosen shoes should protect your feet from rough terrain and keep them comfortable and dry.

If you regularly play disc golf, you should consider models that are comfortable on rough terrain while durable enough to handle those environments. 

In most cases, regular running shoes are quite comfortable. Yet, when you begin to use them consistently in rough terrains, they’ll start to fall apart so quickly.

That said, if your decision is based strictly on durability, you won’t get the most comfortable ones.  

Is It Okay To Use Golf Shoes To Play Disc Golf?

If you own spiked golf shoes, the answer is No. But if you have spikeless golf shoes, you can use them, but remember that they aren’t better options than hiking shoes and trail runners.

Does Weight Matter When Buying Disc Golf Shoes?

Just think about this like buying a pair of hiking shoes. You want to get the lightest possible shoes that still feel comfortable and supportive.

Comfort and weight are relative concepts, so just choose a weight you feel good about in your chosen shoes.

Can You Wear The Same Shoes For Two Rounds?

The answer is yes, but you must change your socks.


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The Bottom Line

As a disc golfer, you absolutely need the right pair of shoes to play on the course. 

Whether you choose Adidas, Salomon, Merrells, or other good hiking/trail/disc golf shoes, ensure they are tough and let you perform at your absolute best.

That is why I came out with this list, which includes the 12 best disc golf shoes on the market today. I hope you can find something that fits well for you.

Thanks for your time!

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