Top 8 Best Disc Golf Sets In 2023 – Reviews And Buying Guide


In this article, we explain all the quality features of the top 8 best disc golf sets in 2023. Read our reviews and find out the best product right away!


It might be confusing to distinguish and combine different types of disc golf discs. But instead of buying separate tools, why don’t you get a complete set? There are tons of best disc golf sets in 2023 that you can try!

The only problem is, each set has its own characteristics to support different playing styles. You need to buy the right product that gives maximum support to your performance.

Rest assured because we are here to help you! In this article, we share with you the top 8 quality disc golf sets on the market. We also explain some important factors that will help you choose the most suitable product. So, without further ado, let’s get started!

Top 8 Best Disc Golf Sets Review 

Below are our reviews of the top 8 best disc golf sets in 2021!

#1: Innova Disc Golf Set – Best For Budget


  • Package includes: 1 fairway driver, 1 putter, 1 mid-range
  • Approved by PDGA: Yes
  • Type of players: Beginners
  • Fairway driver ratings: Speed: 6/ Glide: 5/ Turn: -2/ Fade: 1
  • Putter ratings: Speed: 2/ Glide: 3/ Turn: 0/ Fade: 1
  • Mid-range ratings: Speed: 4/ Glide: 4/ Turn: 0/ Fade: 2


The first product we want to introduce is the Innova Disc Golf Set. This kit does not cost you an arm and a leg and contains all the essential discs you require for the best performance.

All the items in this set are made of Innova’s exclusive DX plastic. This material is not only affordable but also very functional. It will provide maximum speed, accuracy, and control to each of your throws.

The Leopard fairway driver with a speed rating of 6 will help you make your best distance shots. In short ranges, you can trust the Aviar putter with a low speed rating of 2 to give support.

If you are a flexible player, the Shark midrange should be your number 1 choice, as it can work well as either a putter or a distance driver.

It is slightly disappointing that the Innova company does not offer a carry bag along with the discs. All the items in the set come in a paper box with no handle. You may have to prepare a bag by yourself.


  • Affordable and durable basic Innova plastic
  • Works well in all weather conditions
  • Fairway driver gives distance and is easy to control
  • Putter supports precise landing in short ranges
  • Midrange disc supports versatile shots


  • Colors and weights come randomly
  • No carry bag

#2: Dynamic Discs Disc Golf Starter Set – Best For Accessories


  • Package includes: 1 prime burst judge mini marker, 1 fairway driver, 1 putter, 1 mid-range, 1 cadet bag, 1 disc golf towel
  • Approved by PDGA: Yes
  • Type of players: Beginners
  • Fairway driver ratings: Speed: 9/ Glide: 5/ Turn: -1/ Fade: 2
  • Putter ratings: Speed: 2/ Glide: 4/ Turn: 0/ Fade: 1
  • Mid-range ratings: Speed: 5/ Glide: 5/ Turn: -1/ Fade: 1


We confirm that the Dynamic Discs Disc Golf Starter Set is the best product for all starters. This package includes everything a newbie requires to learn the basics.

No matter which throwing range you want to practice, this set will support all! It contains 3 different types of discs, which you can use for multiple training purposes.

Specifically, the product features a putter disc for accurate throwing in short ranges, a fairway driver disc for easy shooting at the maximum distance, and a mid-range disc that helps you train your flexibility.

Additionally, the Dynamic company offers a mini disc, which will work to help you track your throwing results.

Don’t worry about carrying these items! The big cadet bag with a high capacity will help you store all the discs. It also has 1 top and 2 shoulder straps for easy transportation.

When the disc golf discs are dirty, you can use a mini towel to clean them. With microfibers as the main material, this towel will get rid of all the stubborn stains on your discs without leaving any scratches.

Unfortunately, the disc golf manufacturers do not allow you to choose the colors of the discs. After you make orders, the items in the set coming to you will depend on the company’s inventory.


  • 3 different types of basic discs support multiple purposes of training
  • Large cadet bag for carrying the disc golf tools
  • Mini marker for keeping track of the performance
  • Mini towel for easy cleanup


  • Customers cannot choose the colors and weight

#3: Innova Disc Golf Starter Set – Best For Multiple Types Of Discs


  • Package includes: 1 distance driver, 2 fairway driver, 1 putter, 1 mid – range, 1 Innova Disc Golf marker
  • Approved by PDGA: Yes
  • Type of players: Beginners
  • Leopard fairway driver ratings: Speed: 6/ Glide: 5/ Turn: -2/ Fade: 1
  • Tee-bird fairway driver ratings: Speed: 7/ Glide: 5/ Turn: 0/ Fade: 2
  • Distance driver ratings: Speed: 12/ Glide: 5/ Turn: -1/ Fade: 3
  • Putter ratings: Speed: 2/ Glide: 3/ Turn: 0/ Fade: 1
  • Mid-range ratings: Speed: 5/ Glide: 4/ Turn: 0/ Fade: 3


The Innova Disc Golf Starter Set is another great product we want to share with all the new disc golfers. With 5 discs of different types, this package will help you train all the throwing styles.

You can rely on the Aviar putter and the Roc3 mid-range discs for shooting in short and middle ranges. These 2 items are the top-quality discs of the brand at the moment. For distance, you can place your trust in the 3 driver discs.

The special thing is, this set does not come along with 1 but 2 fairway drivers, which are Leopard and Tee-Bird. The Tee-Bird has a higher average rating than the other product. That’s why it is great for beginners who have strong hands.

The other fairway will be our recommendation for starters who have weak throwing force.

But that’s not all the items in this set! Believe it or not, this starter package also includes a Destroyer distance driver – the type of disc that is suitable for intermediate players.

As you master all the basic techniques, you can improve your disc golf skills by using this great driver.

Like the Dynamic package, this Innova set does not offer options for colors. The styles of the discs you receive will vary depending on the manufacturer. But that’s just the matter of design. Regardless of the colors, all the discs will have good quality.


  • Aviar putter supports accurate throwing in short ranges
  • Roc3 mid-range disc improves your flexibility
  • Tee-Bird and Leopard fairway drivers for accuracy and distance
  • Destroyer distance driver for maximum distance


  • No carry bag or case
  • Comes in random colors

#4: Discraft Starter Pack Beginner Disc Golf Set – Best For Beginners


  • Package includes: 1 driver, 1 putter, 1 mid-range
  • Approved by PDGA: Yes
  • Type of players: Beginners
  • Driver ratings: N/A
  • Putter ratings: N/A
  • Mid-range ratings: N/A


You don’t need to be an expert to enjoy disc golf. This Discraft Starter Pack Beginner Disc Golf Set contains 3 types of basic discs that will help all new players have fun with this outdoor sport.

The Putter disc should be the first tool you need to train to throw with high precision. Although this disc does not go far, it can fly straight to reach any destination in short ranges as you desire.

In contrast to the Putter, the Disc Golf Driver in this set will add distance to your shot.

If you are the type of player who likes shooting the disc at the maximum power, this disc definitely will please you at best. The sharp rims will create more rotational inertia for quicker speed and longer flight.

If you want your movement to become more flexible, you may want to use the Mid-range disc for your training. This disc can perform a great flight in any situation and any weather condition.

On the downside, the manufacturer does not provide the specifications of these 3 discs. The weight and color will come randomly. So if you are looking for a set with specific ratings, this package may not be a good option.


  • Putter supports accuracy training
  • Disc Golf Driver for distance throwing
  • Mid-range disc enhances flexible movements
  • Durable plastics


  • No flight ratings
  • Colors are randomly delivered

#5: Latitude 64 Retro Burst Disc Golf Starter Set – Best For Quality


  • Package includes: 1 mini marker, 1 fairway driver, 1 putter, 1 mid-range
  • Approved by PDGA: Yes
  • Type of players: Beginners
  • Fairway driver ratings: Speed: 9/ Glide: 7/ Turn: -1/ Fade: 2
  • Putter ratings: Speed: 2/ Glide: 5/ Turn: -1/ Fade: 1
  • Mid-range ratings: Speed: 5/ Glide: 6/ Turn: -1/ Fade: 0


We will continue with the  Latitude 64 Retro Burst – another disc golf set for beginners. You definitely can not have any complaint about the quality of this product.

The experts of the Latitude 64 company have handpicked all the items in the package. As professionals, they will know which discs are really good for starters.

The experienced players of the Latitude 64 work hard to pick out 3 types of popular discs that support different purposes.

New players can learn accurate throwing with the straight flying Keystone putter, increase the flexibility with the Fuse mid-range disc, and improve the shooting distance with the Saint fairway driver!

The experienced disc golfers have not forgotten to pick a small disc marker for the set. This piece of equipment will help beginners keep track of their performance so that they can learn from experience to improve their techniques.

What we don’t like is the dark colors of the discs. If you practice at night, you may have difficulty tracing the items after throwing them. Although there are bright-colored discs available, the colors will come to you randomly, depending on the inventory of the manufacturers.


  • Quality discs are chosen by experts
  • Keystone putter provides straight flight paths
  • Fuse mid-range supports a stable and flexible flight
  • Stain fairway driver for accurate throwing optimal distance
  • Includes mini marker


  • Dark colors are hard to spot in low-light conditions
  • Colors and weights come randomly

#6: Westside Discs Origio Burst Disc Golf Starter Set – Best For Burst Patterns


  • Package includes: 1 mini marker, 1 fairway driver, 1 putter, 1 mid-range
  • Approved by PDGA: Yes
  • Type of players: Beginners
  • Fairway driver ratings: Speed: 7/ Glide: 6/ Turn: -3/ Fade: 1
  • Putter ratings: Speed: 3/ Glide: 4/ Turn: 0/ Fade: 1
  • Mid-range ratings: Speed: 5/ Glide: 6/ Turn: 0/ Fade: 1


You are free to do the training on both light and dark fields. This Westside Discs Origio Burst Disc Golf Starter Set contains items that feature high visibility.

Like the Latitude 64, this Westside set includes the discs that have been chosen by professional golfers.

There are 3 types of basic discs in the package: Crown putter, Warship midrange, and Underworld fairway, driver. They will help you train accurate throwing from short to far distances.

As mentioned, the discs are easy to find, even in the darkest area. The reason is, every disc has bright burst patterns. In low-light conditions, the discs will create burst effects to reflex the light to your eyes. That’s why you can locate them with ease.

Besides, all the discs in the Westside set have bright colors and stamps. Their appearance will look glossy on the training fields.

We have to give a minus point to the durability of the set. The cheap plastic material does not protect the discs from getting scratched or damaged every time they hit the trees or rough surfaces.


  • Discs are chosen by professional golfers
  • Crown putter supports accurate throwing in short ranges
  • Warship midrange has great flexibility
  • Underworld fairway driver adds distance to the flight
  • High visibility in dark areas


  • Cheap plastic
  • Colors and stamps come randomly

#7: Kestrel Discs Golf Pro Set – Best For Advanced Players


  • Package includes: 1 small bag, 1 distance driver, 1 putter, 1 mid-range
  • Approved by PDGA: Yes
  • Type of players: Professionals
  • Distance driver ratings: Speed: 13/ Glide: 5/ Turn: 0/ Fade: 3
  • Putter ratings: Speed: 2/ Glide: 3/ Turn: 0/ Fade: 2
  • Mid-range ratings: Speed: 4/ Glide: 4/ Turn: 0/ Fade: 2


This Kestrel Discs Golf Pro Set is geared towards more advanced disc tossers! The package contains high-quality discs that serve all professional purposes.

The discs in this set are made of flexible PDGA-approved plastics. This material provides a great amount of bend to support gripping. Since you can hold the discs comfortably and tightly in your hands, throwing them at the maximum power will be greatly easier!

If you expect a powerful distance driver in this set, then we will announce great news for you! This set features a powerful distance driver that flies longer and faster than any other driver discs in this list.

Among all the discs of the 8 sets, the Kestrel distance driver has the highest speed rating of 13. You definitely will be amazed by how well this disc performs its fast flight.

Remember that this set is suitable for advanced golfers. Newbies may find the discs hard to control. A set with slower and more stable discs is more suitable for beginners.


  • Flexible plastic for better grip
  • Powerful distance driver
  • Includes carry bag with a large compartment
  • Putter and midrange discs perform longer flights


  • Not a good choice for beginners
  • The bag’s water holder is not durable

#8: Yikun Discs Professional Disc Golf Set 3 in 1 – Best For Environmental Protection Material


  • Package includes: 1 fairway driver, 1 putter, 1 mid-range
  • Approved by PDGA: Yes
  • Type of players: Professionals
  • Fairway driver ratings: Speed: 9/ Glide: 5/ Turn: -2/ Fade: 2
  • Putter ratings: Speed: 2/ Glide: 3/ Turn: 0/ Fade: 2
  • Mid-range ratings: Speed: 5/ Glide: 5/ Turn: 0/ Fade: 2.5


Do you want a set that works for a long period? Place your trust in this Yikun Discs Professional Disc Golf Set 3 in 1! All 3 discs in this package are incredibly durable!

The manufacturer uses imported environmental protection plastic to buy all the items in this set. You are free to throw the disc throughout the woods and sharp tree limbs. No environmental factor can scratch or damage your disc.

As the disc can not be affected by natural factors, it will keep the straight flight from your start point to the final destination as you desire. Just try using all discs, and you will be amazed by how predictable their flights are!

Besides the PDGA, this set has also been approved by 2 other trusty organizations. With certifications of the World Flying Disc Federation (WFDF) and the USA Ultimate Championship Level, the Yikun package has totally proved its top quality.

Here is a note for you! All 3 discs in this set don’t float on the water surface. If you let them fall into the water, they may sink.


  • 3 certifications from reputable organizations
  • High-quality, durable plastic
  • Delivers predictable flights
  • High visibility with bright colors
  • 3 types of basic discs used in tournaments


  • Discs sink in water
  • Not ideal for beginners

What To Look For When Buying Disc Golf Set

We have checked out several factors to determine the quality of every product on the list. In this section, we will explain those factors to you.

Discs Included In A Disc Golf Set (Number/Type)

The first thing to look for is the number of discs in the set. Not all the sets come up with the same quantity of items. Different packages contain a different number of golf tools, depending on their price and style.

However, no matter which set you choose, it should contain at least the 3 most important discs, which are:

  • Driver disc
  • Putter disc
  • Mid-range disc

Each of these 3 discs has a specific speed rating. You will need to use all of them for different strategies in the disc golf game. Below, we distinguish the differences in their designs.


Driver discs appear in 2 different styles to support both beginners and intermediate disc golfers.

Distance Driver

A typical distance driver usually has a flat and sharp edge. The purpose of this aerodynamic shape is to help the disc cut through the air. In other words, distance drivers can withstand the impact of the weather, winds, and rain to fly with high stability.

The distance driver has a great construction with a low density in the core and a high density in the rims. This design creates more rotational inertia for quicker speed. If you like throwing at a long distance, this type of driver is an excellent disc for you.

Unfortunately, because of the wide rims, the distance driver is slightly difficult to grip. Beginners or disc golfers with small hands may not handle this driver properly.

Fairway Driver

The fairway driver also has an aerodynamic construction but in a lower profile. This type of driver is also set up for long-distance throws. Although the fairway does not add a good distance as the other driver type, it is still a better choice than putters and midranges when you want to make far shots.

In contrast to distance drivers, fairway discs have thinner rims and a thicker core. This design makes them simple to hold and throw but will reduce the rotational inertia.

Beginners should get started with a fairway driver. Once your techniques get better, you can try using the distance driver type.

This does not mean advanced players find no use in fairway discs. In fact, this type of driver has supported many experienced players in becoming the champion in the world tournaments. 2 big names we can list are Avery Jenkins and Ken Climo.


Putter discs look outstanding due to the deep and round rims. This type of disc has the lowest speed rating. If you are a true beginner or a professional player who likes slow flights, the putter is our recommendation.

In exchange for the slow speed, the putter has a higher accuracy rating. It is understandable, as the low speed allows the disc to land softly. We don’t exaggerate, but the putter is truly the king in the short throwing range.

The only downside of the putter is, it does not reach maximum distance. But in a short radius, the putter can land exactly on the position you desire.


What makes the mid-range discs different is their wide diameter. Among the 3 basic disc types, the mid-ranges are the widest. This construction allows the disc to reach a longer distance than the putters. However, the mid-ranges still can not beat the drivers due to their smaller rims.

On the flip side, the small rims mean ease in gripping. Both beginners and professionals can consider this type of disc as their best companion.

It is totally not wrong to say that mid-ranges are the most versatile type of golf discs. They have the accuracy of the putter and the speed of the driver.

Color Of Discs In Set

The next factor to consider is the color of the discs in the set. Many beginners often say that the color is not necessary. However, this factor plays an important role in your performance.

Golf discs come up with many different color options. There are products with high brightness, while others come in dark shades.

We highly recommend choosing the disc that has a bright color, such as red, yellow, light green, light blue, pink, orange, and so on.

These styles have good visibility that helps you keep track of the disc flights. Also, after completing the throw, you can find the disc easier. Please avoid dark colors, such as black, brown, violet, dark green, etc. They make it hard to retrieve the disc, especially if you practice at night.

As you are unable to see the flight paths of the disc, you can not review the quality of your throws. As a consequence, the entire training process will be useless.

Professionals usually have great tips for choosing the color. They always pick the product based on the playing field. For example, for areas with rocks and sands, they will avoid silver, brown, yellow and choose some shades such as red, blue, green.

Or when they play in a grassy area, their best bet will be red, yellow, pink, orange, and green will be their last choice.

Disc Golf Weights In Starter Sets

We can not tell which weight is the best for a disc golf disc set. Each package comes up with many discs in different heaviness. You will be the one who determines which weight is the most suitable for your throwing style.

Typical golf discs weigh about 0.33 to 0.39 pounds (150 to 175 grams). Some special models may have lower or higher weights.

The weight is usually based on the disc diameter. A wider disc is heavier and vice versa. A disc is heavy when it weighs above 0.35 pounds (160 grams) and light when its weight lies in the range of 0.33 – 0.35 pounds( 150 – 160 grams).

Heavy discs are hard to throw. You require a strong arm to shoot the disc at the maximum speed. But on the positive side, these heavy items don’t turn over much during their flight.

Lightweight discs are easy to grip and throw. When it comes to high speed, this weight surely takes the advantage. However, light discs are easily affected by weather factors and turn over a lot in strong winds.

Many professional disc golfers prefer heavy discs due to their high stability in flight. In contrast, beginners seem to get along with light discs better, as they are easy to handle.

Plastic Types Of Golf Discs

Different materials have different characteristics that affect the durability and the flight path of the golf discs. Not all discs have the same construction of the same plastic.

Different types of plastics have a specific downgrading time and will create an influence on the disc performance.

You have to consider carefully to get the right kind of material for your items. Below are our explanations for the advantages and disadvantages of the 4 common plastic types.

Basic Plastic / Regular Plastic

Typical samples for basic plastics:

  • Yikun Tiger Line
  • Kestrel Plastic
  • Retro Line
  • Pro D
  • D-Line
  • Innova DX
  • Prime

Basic plastics are the materials that have the least durability. They can easily get scratched and nicked every time the disc flies through the woods or tree limbs. Also, the discs with regular plastics usually lose stability over time.

On the positive side, this type of plastic is inexpensive. You can use a couple of discs made of these materials for practicing and training.

Middle-Grade Plastics

Typical samples for middle-grade plastics:

  • Biofuzion
  • KC-Pro
  • Sure Grip
  • P-Line Plastics
  • BT Hard
  • Jawbreaker/Rubber Blend

Compared to the regular type, middle-grade plastics are more durable. However, they can still easily get damaged when you throw them into a solid wall or rough tree limbs.

Middle-grade plastics provide a good amount of putting grip. That’s why most manufacturers choose this type of plastic to build putters.

Ultra-Durable Plastics

Typical samples for ultra-durable plastics:

  • Discraft Z
  • Innova Champion
  • Yikun Phoenix Line
  • C-Line
  • Dynamic Discs Lucid
  • Viking Storm
  • Latitude 64 Opto
  • Prodigy 400

If you look for discs that can serve your purposes for many years to come, go for ones made of ultra-durable plastics. As the name describes, this material type is not easy to wear out.

Specifically, ultra-durable plastics are basically TPE polymers, which are exceptionally smooth, clear, and sturdy. This plastic can support steady flight patterns and resist the abuse of rough courses.

The only disadvantage we found about this plastic is, it does not provide a good grip. Beginners may feel the discs made of this material difficult to control.

Premium Plastics

Typical samples for premium plastics:

  • Discraft ESP
  • Dynamic Discs Fuzion
  • S-Blend
  • Innova Star
  • Latitude 64 Gold Line
  • Infinite Discs

Premium plastics have top quality. They are durable and easy to grip. You surely can not complain about the stability and control this material offers. Every flight with it will be extremely smooth and balanced.

Like the ultra-durable type, premium plastics are built of high-quality TPE polymers. The manufacturers have solved the gripping issue by adding some additional additives. That’s why plastics can provide an excellent grip.

Among the 4 plastics, this material is the most expensive one. But as people say, you get what you pay for. The plastics totally deserve every dollar you pay for them.

Disc Golf Set Brands

You can find multiple disc golf sets from different companies on the market nowadays. But the question is, does the product have good quality?

Many brands only focus on selling golf tools at a cheap price. Their products can only serve you for a short time. These items usually downgrade and lose features quickly. Hence, we always advise our readers to buy disc golf sets from trustable brands.

Trustable Disc Golf Brands

Below are some trustable companies that produce quality disc golf sets:

  • Discraft
  • Dynamic Discs
  • Viking Discs
  • Yikun Discs
  • Prodiscus
  • X-Com Discs
  • Prodigy Discs
  • Kestrel Sports
  • Axiom Discs
  • Westside Discs
  • Infinite Discs
  • DGA Disc Golf Association
  • Ace Line
  • Latitude 64
  • Innova
  • Divergent Discs
  • RPM Discs

The above companies have pleased tons of disc golf enthusiasts in the USA and around the globe. Their disc golf tools are durable, functional, and incredibly easy to use.

Untrustable Disc Golf Brands

Here are some unreliable names of golf disc brands that you should avoid.

  • Coast Athletic
  • Halex
  • Versus Sports
  • Franklin Discs
  • S&S Discs
  • ESP Sports
  • Wenjian
  • Park and Sun
  • Wham-O

In fact, we never consider the products from these companies as golf discs. Their products are cheaper than the above trustable brands. But the low quality of their sets will be more likely to disappoint you.

Neither beginning disc golfers nor professionals can get along well with the golf discs of these brands.

Accessories And Other Things That Come With A Disc Golf Set

A disc golf set does not include only the discs. There are several accessories that come along with the package.

Carry Bag

Most popular disc golf sets come along with a carry bag. It allows you to carry all the items and tools you need for your game.

What you need to check is the capacity of the bag. The package must have a wide room inside to support carrying at least 3 types of basic discs.

The next thing to check is the number of compartments in the bag. You need many compartments to store different stuff, such as smartphones, keys, gloves, snacks, drinks, disc golf equipment, and additional discs.

Mini Marker Disc

Many companies offer a mini marker disc in the set. You use this disc to mark the lie of the disc on the course after each throw. This item allows you to keep track of how far your shot was. It can also be used to mark the destination where you desire the disc to land.


A quality golf set must be approved by trustable organizations to be used in tournaments. The certifications will prove that the set has met all the standards and is good to use.

At the moment, all the sets that are sanctioned for official matches must be approved by the PDGA –  Professional Disc Golf Association.


Some modern sets usually contain some papers that describe the specifications of all the items. For example, these papers will show the speed rating, material, spin rating of every flight plate.

These flight numbers help you determine the advantages and disadvantages of each disc and decide which item to use in the game.

Frequently Asked Questions 

Below are some common questions you may have while reading our reviews.

How Many Discs Are There In A Disc Golf Set?

Normally, a complete set contains about 3 – 9 golf discs. Some expensive sets even include more discs. Overall, the set must have 3 types of discs, which are:

  • Fairway/Distance drivers
  • Mid-range discs
  • Putters

These 3 disc types are the most important and basic ones you need to practice and perform well in the tournaments.

Of course, you may notice that there are more than 3 discs in the set. These items have the same functions as the 3 basic types.  There are just slight modifications in the specifications and materials.

How Many Discs Do I Need To Play Disc Golf?

As mentioned above, 3 basic discs would suffice for a good game of disc golf. In detail, when taking part in a match, you definitely have to prepare the following items:

  • A driver
  • A mid-range disc
  • A putter

When Should I Throw Each Of The Different Disc Types?

We will clearly explain when to throw each type of disc.


The main job of a putter is to help you make soft and accurate throws in short ranges. Compared to other types, the putter has the slowest speed.

That’s why we recommend you use it every time you need to shape a technical line for your throws. The putter will do the best job when you make a slow turnover shot, a tunnel thread, or a straight shot downhill.


There are 2 types of disc driver:

  • Fairway driver
  • Distance driver

Both these 2 types have the same job, which is increasing the distance for the game. In other words, you should use this type of disc when you want to make throws over a long distance.

The different thing is, distance drivers can add more distance but are harder to control than the fairway.

If you are a new disc golfer who needs to practice accurate and far shots, we recommend the fairway. And on the other hand, an advanced player can handle the distance driver better.

Mid-Range Disc

As the name suggests, the mid-range has a medium speed between the putter and the driver. This type has attracted a lot of flexible disc golf players due to its ease of control.

The mid-range means that the disc has the features of both putters and drivers. You can use this disc whenever you want. With high versatility, the mid-range item accommodates all throwing styles,  including straight fades, hyzer flips, soft hyzer, and rollers.

How Far Do Frisbee Golf Discs Go?

The average distance that frisbee golf discs can reach is around 400 feet. Remember that this is only the typical distance. Different throwing styles can make this disc go further or shorter.

Does The Weight Of The Disc Matter?

Our answer is yes. The weight has a significant effect on the flight of the disc. If you use a heavy disc, you need to throw it with high power and strong snap to get the maximum speed and spin. In return, it will help reduce flaws in your throwing form.

Meanwhile, a light disc is easier to throw but often leads to throwing form errors.

Why Can’t I Throw My Frisbee Golf Discs Straight?

Frisbee golf discs have a thicker outer edge than regular golf discs. This design leads to rapid spin decaying of the disc during the flight. You should not worry about the technique. The frisbee does not go straight, not because of your release but its spin.

Last Words

Above are our reviews of the top 8 disc models in 2023. Have you found the best disc golf sets to buy? Feel free to share your opinion with us! It is really nice to receive feedback from our readers. With your help, we can improve our next articles!

There definitely will be more reviews of disc golf sets. So make sure that you follow our website to not miss any posts! Many thanks for reading!


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