8 Best Disc Golf Putters Reviews 2023 And Buying Guide


Disc golfers can upgrade their skills quickly with the best disc golf putters. This article provides a detailed guide to buy a good putter for long-term use.


Every disc golf player needs the best disc golf putters to improve their skills. Whether the player aims to master a specific style or solely practice the short distance throw, there is a suitable putter for every purpose.

Check out the top 8 products in the current market in this article. The reviews help you get the premium choice that suits your budget.

Plus, the buying guide introduces the right method to choose the best disc for your practice. And finally, the FAQs section summarizes a quick and easy checklist to support your buying process.

8 Best Disc Golf Putters In-depth Reviews

The following reviews introduce the features and limitations of the 8 best disc golf putters in the market.

Dynamic Discs Judge Disc Golf Putter Five Pack – Best Overall


Whether you are a beginner or a professional disc golfer, Dynamic Discs Judge is the go-to companion for your practice. This product offers the best performance for both putting and long-distance throws.

The shallow rim brings a comfortable grip, which is essential in providing a stable speed.

With every release by the player, this unit is guaranteed to deliver a powerful force. This feature means the putter flies on a straight line with minimum deviation. Dynamic Discs Judge has a fast speed rating of 2.

The durable, smooth surface also ensures a slippery-free approach. Therefore, you can perform the most precise throw without any interruption. The lightweight design comes at only 0.3 pounds, which is convenient for light packing.

Plus, this quality product comes at a notably affordable price. With every purchase, you will get a pack of five putters. The pack makes a good practice tool without placing a burden on the budget.

One factor to consider is that the surface gets scratched easily. As impacts from external factors are common for the discs, the scratches will decrease the nice outlook.


  • A stable speed rating of 2
  • Lightweight
  • No color fading
  • Comfortable grip
  • Affordable


  • Scratched surface under external influences

Streamline Discs Cosmic Putter Golf Disc – Best For Driving


Streamline Discs introduces this beaded putter as the specialized product for driving, a technique that requires high speed to reach the goal. Thanks to the fast speed, you can deliver a perfect approach shot or throw with ease.

This unit is made of premium plastic, a material with higher durability than other products in the same tier.

The material is great for beginners in driving because over-handled putters tend to hit the surroundings most of the time. The manufacturer also supports the player’s control by creating a circular, clean rim with medium depth.

This product maintains a straight flying line in strong wind at a consistent speed. As a result, players don’t have to worry about the putter getting turned over during the flying course. With the right angle, the maximum distance for Streamline Discs goes up to 300 feet.

The noticeable cosmic design helps this product stand out when it lands on the grass or in between the trees. The bright colors remove the chances of losing the putter in the field.

On the flip side, the colors have a low sweat-resistant level, so it will fade quickly over time.


  • Premium materials
  • The ideal speed for long-distance driving
  • Stylish design
  • No turnover in strong wind
  • High comfortability


  • Colors fade in a short time

Innova DX Aviar Putt And Approach Golf Disc – Best For Beginners


Innova DX Aviar features a beadless putter, an upgraded version of the original brand’s model. This product is an alternative option for players who want to freshen up the traditional beaded design.

This putter maintains the firm grip for throwing practice in a short distance. It serves multiple practice purposes. This versatile product can act as a putter and approach disc or become a trustworthy companion for the push and spin style.

The best part is all of these benefits come at a low price, making this product one of the most popular discs for beginners to experiment with various styles.

With a fast flying speed, this unit covers an average throw distance in a short time. Players can enhance the speed further by utilizing a smooth throw performance.

The next factor that sets this putter apartis the durable and lightweight material.

This plastic makes it easier for players to control the curve. This feature is different from most products, with the curve depending greatly on the player’s posture.

Once you are in the correct stance, you will only need to choose the release angle. Then, the putter will reach the goal with ease.

Moreover, the easy-to-control curve helps players identify their limitations immediately and work on their practice methods.

Plus, this feature provides more flexibility to test out various styles. Beginners who are looking for their most suitable style will find the right answer with this product.

However, the stability gets weaker over time, especially when the putter goes through strong winds. As the stability decreases, it also affects the flying direction.


  • High-quality materials
  • Fast speed
  • Easy-to-control curve
  • Comfortable fit
  • Low price


  • Weak against heavy wind

Gateway Band Stamp Wizard Disc Golf Putter – Best For Approach Shots


Gateway Band Stamp Wizard Disc is the best choice for players who specialize in approach shots. The manufacturer created this design to fit well with different hand sizes.

At first glance, the unit might appear stiff, but it provides a comfortable grip. Whether you are a left-handed or right-handed player, you will find it easy to control the shot release.

This putter glides on a smooth, straight line in virtually all windy conditions. As a stable glide putter, Gateway Band Stamp Wizard Disc also works well with short drives. It is helpful when you just start driving practice. Plus, consistent performance is a great support to improve your skills.

This product offers a wide range of colors that come with signature illustrations. These options can match even the pickiest player’s personal preferences.

The only minus point is the low-grade plastic, which can only manage to meet the basic standards. Therefore, external impacts can break the putters easily.


  • High stability in the wind
  • Ideal design for approach practices
  • Comfortable fit
  • Fashionable colors and illustrations
  • Consistent straight line


  • Improvable materials

Dynamic Discs Judge Prime Burst Five Pack – Best For The Budget


Prime Burst is the upgraded version of the Dynamic Discs’ original design. The manufacturer spent quite a long time improving the quality to bring out this great glidey putter. The performance is backed up by strong materials.

In terms of pricing, the manufacturer has the best deal for the budget. Every purchase brings a pack of five putters that are guaranteed to last for a long time.

Since one unit serves as a great mid-range putter and has average performance as a driver, this quality disc golf putter is well worth the price.

Prime Burst provides a perfect fit for every player’s hand size. This feature is especially important in boosting the player’s confidence, as a solid grip means better control of the release. The deep rim enhances the firmness level, giving the players more flexibility to practice various styles.

Once the putter is released, the lightweight material enables fast speed. This feature guarantees a straight flying line, even when there is a long distance between the player and the goal.

Another nice perk is the ability to stay in the air without getting flipped over by strong gusts of wind or dropping mid-way. This unit maintains consistent performance because the curve follows the player’s direction.

Beginners practicing putter disc golf may be unfamiliar with the deep rim. It is recommended to invest time to get used to the special design as it will benefit players greatly in the future.


  • Budget-friendly
  • Premium plastic
  • Firm grip
  • Solid performance
  • Fast speed
  • Highly versatile


  • The rim design is not beginner-friendly

Discraft Paige Pierce 5X Jawbreaker Golf Disc – Best For Durability


This limited Paige Pierce series from Discraft is an excellent combination of comfort and stability. Built with Jawbreaker plastic, it ensures high durability. The quality material is proven to maintain great performance even after getting chipped from external impacts.

Each putter has a smooth surface to support a firm grip, which comes in handy if you’ve got sweaty hands. Another benefit from the premium grip is that it ensures the practice goes well in the environment with a high humidity level.

Additionally, the putter never fails to deliver a consistent gliding performance with every release.

Besides, this pick boasts impressive tolerance to the wind. The unit has low risks of getting turned over or break the straight line while it reaches the basket. The amazing performance level is maintained in the long throwing distance.

Overall, Discraft is one of the best spin putters that allows you to freely experiment with different styles. The manufacturer also ensures a great customer experience by providing 24/7 customer service.

On the downside, this unit has neutral speed performance. Therefore, the putter is more suitable as a piece of practice equipment than a professional tool in tournaments. This setback decreases the product’s potential as a versatile putter for all types of players.


  • Long-lasting materials
  • Consistent performance
  • Comfortable grip
  • Smooth glide performance
  • High wind tolerance


  • Average speed

Innova Champion Aviar Golf Disc – Best For Spin Practice


Champion Aviar is one of the signature products in the Innova lineup. The name originated from the brand’s goal of building it as the top choice for professionals. Since the release, this unit has become one of the most popular putters in championship tournaments.

This product features a deep rim with a clean cut for a stable grip, increasing the chance of having an accurate aim.

Champion Aviar is a straight shooter that covers long distances at a speed rating of 2. With a user-friendly design, this nominee is suitable for players to practice different styles, from basic putting to push and spin style. Expert players tend to choose it for short and medium drives since the curve goes well with the player’s preference.

This putter brings a straight flight pattern while providing a consistent glide. In terms of gliding level, it only has a neutral glide, but it still doesn’t halt the fast speed.

By understanding that individual players have different preferences for their equipment, the manufacturer offers a wide range of colors. The surface is also customizable with simple drawing tools.

The downside of this product lies in the weight. This unit might be too light for beginners, making it challenging to choose a suitable release force. Players can overcome this flaw by testing out different combinations of force and curve to find the best solution.


  • Slippery-free grip
  • Premium durability
  • Easy-to-control design
  • A speed rating of 2
  • Various color options


  • Too light for beginners

MVP Disc Sports Cosmic Electron Atom Putter – Best For Push Style


The Atom series by MVP Disc Sports is the top mid-range putter for push style practice. Each putter comes with proven potential for long-distance throws. The wide plate design is also friendly for players who are new to throwing practice.

This product is significantly faster than other putters, with a speed rating of 3. MVP Disc Sports adds a shallow rim to the construction. When this rim is combined with the flat, smooth surface, the overall design gives players total control over the release.

Plus, the lightweight material adds to the premium performance, making this product a high-quality straight flyer. Advanced players will find this product leans more into the overstable putter side.

A good practice to gain better control is to start by releasing the putter with average force. Observe the flight patterns from the start to gliding up until the putter reaches the basket.

When you have become familiar with the patterns, adjust the force accordingly. Then, maintain the same force when you test out the curve.

As for the design, this unit features a wide range of bright colors, helping it stand out in the field. Thus, there’s no need to worry about accidental loss, even when the practice takes place outdoors, where trees and bushes are present.

Each disc is made with soft plastic. Although the material is lightweight, the material only provides neutral stability. This drawback decreases the flight performance faster than other products in the same category.


  • Straight line performance
  • Full control of the release
  • Comfortable grip
  • Fast speed
  • Various colors available


  • Neutral stability

A Buying Guide For The Best Disc Golf Putters

Choosing the right putter amongst the endless options in the market can be overwhelming. This guide introduces the standard criteria to help you make the best decision.

What Is A Disc Golf Putter?

A putter is made of plastic with a thin rim and has a consistent straight flying line. The flight performance covers an average distance. Plus, a basic putter only needs medium release force, making it the most suitable option for beginners.

There are two additional types of putter: the mid-range putter and the driver.

A mid-range putter doesn’t get deviation during the performance. As for the driver, this type of disc has a wide rim, and it offers the best flight performance for high throwing speed.

Experts and professional players tend to choose drivers because they need a strong force to maintain a consistent performance.

How To Choose A Good Disc Golf Putter?

The quality of a putter depends on the weight, materials, and flight performance level.


The basic weight range for putters is from 0.3 to 0.38 pounds. Putters weigh less than 0.37 pounds can still form a straight flying line in most conditions. However, when the disc goes through a strong wind, it will gradually fade to the player’s dominant side.

For example, if the putter is released by a right-handed player, it will fade to the right. In this case, players can switch to the heavier disc to ensure it stays well in the course.


Putters suffer all types of external impacts from the surrounding environment. The materials indicate the durability against color fading and other damages such as chipping or breakage. Each type of material also provides a different grip for the player.

In general, there are 3 types of plastic for making putters:

  • Common plastic: Manufacturers use this plastic because it has a low price but still offers sufficient performance and an average grip. The resulting product is also affordable, making this material a suitable companion for beginners.
  • Middle-grade plastic: Intermediate players prefer this material because it withstands external factors better than common plastic. Plus, middle-grade plastic improves the overall flight performance, from the speed, glide to curve level.
  • Premium plastic: As the name suggested, these plastic blends offer top durability. Most premium plastics are notably lightweight, giving players full control of the release. Plus, players don’t have to worry about the expenses for replacements as the discs withstand  damages and preserve the colors for up to 2 years.

Drivers are usually made of premium plastic because driving comes with frequent damages.

Flight Performance Level

Once the player releases the putter in decent weather conditions, the disc stays in straight flight paths at an intended speed. The speed rating for putters runs from 1 to 3. A stable flight performance includes a smooth glide without dropping mid-way or halting the speed.

For drivers, you will also need to consider the curve. Depending on the player’s dominant hand, the driver will accordingly curve to the dominant side.

High-quality putters can maintain consistent performance in windy conditions.

How To Choose A Disc Golf Putting Putter?

Amongst the various types of putters, putting putters provide the shortest distance at the slowest speed. Putting putters are the right choice for beginners because they are lightweight and only require average force to reach the goal.

There are 3 standards for recognizing a good putting putter:


Players need to have a firm grip on the rim and control the speed with ease. The deeper the rim, the better grip the product can provide. Moreover, a recommended weight range is 0.37 to 0.38 pounds.


As the slowest type of golf disc, putting putters work best with short distances. Each unit can cover a range of 150 to 200 feet and have a speed rating anywhere from 1 to 3.

A common scenario for putting putters is the unit tends to get flipped by the strong wind easily. In mild wind conditions, some putters even drop mid-way to the ground.

Putting Style

Players can choose between the turbo, straddle, push, and spin styles. Each style requires a suitable putter to bring out the player’s potential and upgrade their skills in a short time. A good practice is to experiment with different types of putters to find the best suited for the training progress.

The good news is, when the player has become a master of one style, they can continue to practice other styles with the same putter. This is possible because a familiar tool gives more confidence to the player thanks to the solid grip and comfortable feel on the hand.

How To Choose A Throwing (Driving) Disc Golf Putter?

A putter for driving, or commonly known as the driver, is the perfect fit for advanced players. This putter performs well in a longer distance than other types of discs.


The first factor to look for is speed. Drivers have the highest speed rating, which usually falls in between 2 and 4.

When testing out the unit, it is recommended to use a proper stance, then observe the flying distance. Ideally, a driver needs to go as far as 400 feet with no interruption.


Next, check the weight. A distance driver weighs somewhere from 0.36 to 0.37 pounds. The range from 0.37 to 0.38 pounds is for experts who can better control the force and posture.

Straight Line Performance

The final factor that you should look for in drivers is the straight line performance. Like the putting putter, drivers need to fly in a straight line with little to no deviation.

There are additional terms to describe the putter performance:

  • The first term is an overstable putter. In this case, the putter curves to the right. This type of curve will be difficult for players to control.
  • On the contrary, an understable disc curve to the left. This driver gets impacted by external factors easily.

Frequently Asked Questions

In the following section, you will find answers to the most common questions in choosing the right disc golf putters.

How Many Putters Should I Get?

Since golf putting players tend to damage or lose the putter or even break it in certain cases, it’s advisable that you purchase a backup.

Various products come with a good value deal in the market. These affordable packs make an excellent choice to start your practice. When your skills are improved over time, you can switch up the equipment to experiment with different styles.

If you are training to become a professional player, consider investing in multiple discs to try out different styles. This practice helps you identify and focus on your strongest style.

Do I Need More Than One Putting Putter?

If you are a beginner in disc golf putting, then you will only need one putting putter. A backup is recommended for experts in case the current disc gets damaged or lost.

What Is The Best Weight For A Disc Golf Putter?

A lightweight disc is ideal for all types of players. For a standard disc size with a diameter under 8.3 inches, there are 3 weight ranges for each type:

  • For putting putters, the range is 0.37 to 0.38 pounds. The heavier the disc, the lower chance the flying direction gets affected by the wind.
  • Mid-range discs stand somewhere between 0.33 and 0.37 pounds. This range is perfect for maintaining the disc performance, with a minimum distance of 262 feet.
  • The driver’s weight is the most misunderstood factor. Beginners might think heavy drivers will go through a longer flying distance. This is in fact, a misconception. The common range for drivers runs only from 0.36 to 0.37 pounds.

What Is The Straightest Disc Golf Putter?

The straight flight performance of a disc golf putter depends greatly on the design and materials. The shape is essential for defining the flying path. For example, a golf disc with clean cut has a straighter line than other products. Additionally, the speed also increases.

Nowadays, mid-range putters are built to fly straight in most windy conditions. On the other hand, driving discs still depend on the player’s skills to maintain a straight line. Experienced players will have better control of the lightweight material and deliver a suitable force.


Overall, the Dynamic Discs Judge Disc Golf Putter Five Pack is the top choice amongst the best disc golf putters.

With each purchase, you will get a convenient pack of putters made with durable materials. This putter delivers consistent performance with fast speed and a firm grip.

When buying disc golf putters, the first factor to consider is the weight. An ideal putter needs to be light enough for easy control. The next factor is the material, which determines the flight performance. And finally, aim for a speed rating from 1 to 3.


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