Level Up Your Game With The Best Disc Golf Mid Range 2023


Should a beginner use a mid range golf disc? Which one is the best for professionals? The best disc golf mid-range in this article will solve these questions.

You may assume that beginning with a putter or driver would be best in disc golf. What about trying out the midrange first? Regardless of your level, the best disc golf mid-range is certainly a wise option.

A midrange disc combines both speed and accuracy. This disc goes much further than a putter while flying considerably straighter than a driver. That is why many users choose to work with its flight path.

If you are looking for quality recommendations and a buying guide on midrange discs, this article will be helpful. The variety of choices here applies to both beginner and advanced disc golfers in this sport.

Best Disc Golf Mid-Range Reviews

This part offers thebest mid-range discs for your convenience. Whether you are a disc golf amateur or professional, we believe you will find an accurate and speedy but affordable disc for daily practice.

1. Discraft Buzzz Elite Z Golf Disc ZBUZ-175-176

The Buzzz Elite Z midrange driver from Discraft is a rare unit that provides high precision even in bad conditions. Its flat top and small rim are designed in the ideal weight and size for your hand.

Many users are impressed with its incredible flight speed of 5 in straight lines and decent glide for perfect turnover shots. The item also possesses a soft fade that turns it into an analyzer at a higher speed.

Though this mid-range disc works well for all skill levels, it will suit professional players for not offering the ideal stability for beginners. But do not hesitate to try it with the right aim and throwing power.

The bad news is this manufacturer does not mention variable colors in the product description. You may get a different shade from its picture, such as a translucent unit that will be invisible once landed.


  • High accuracy
  • Standard size
  • Amazing speed
  • Powerful shots
  • Suitable for all skill levels


  • Misleading description

2. Innova Disc Golf Champion Material Mako 3 Golf Disc CHPMAK3

Though having a really limited fade, the Innova Champion Mako 3 disc golf still supports effective straight flying with round edges like a Frisbee. It helps any disc golf player to practice throwing techniques.

This plastic mid range disc offers variable colors and a wide diameter range from 170 to 180gm for different hand sizes. It also delivers an easy grip for clean and precise releases, no matter the line you hold.

The item defeats many opponents thanks to the optimal glide rating that boosts extra speed. Besides, it enables versatile technical shots like smooth hyzers, dead straight, and turnover shots, all in one item.

Many people overlook the importance of packaging when shopping online, but you will think again in this case. If disc golf is not properly packed, one of its sides might get deformed with no way to repair it.


  • Straight flying
  • Diverse diameters
  • Easy grip
  • Enhances speed
  • Versatile shots


  • Easy deformation

3. Dynamic Discs Lucid EMAC Truth Midrange Golf Disc B01DJHJWSQ

Dynamic Discs is a reputable Swedish disc manufacturer with many years of experience in producing midrange discs. This EMAC Truth is the signature item designed for Eric McCabe, 2010 World Champion.

You can consider this unit an overstable mid-range disc that ensures to bring satisfaction to your disc golf game. Because of its extra stability for more power, it may not be an optimal disc for beginners.

On the other hand, advanced players will love how the disc offers a shallow yet comfortable feel and a smart 1.2m rim depth. The neutral flight helps you throw it everywhere and have it fade back properly.

So far, there has been no critical review on how the Dynamic Discs EMAC Truth performs. The only existing issue is that some people may find this product a little more pricey than other reviewed units.


  • Quality manufacturer
  • Satisfying playing
  • Added power
  • Comfortable hold
  • Neutral flight


  • High price

4. Innova Champion Roc3 B00BEIDJNW

The Innova Roc3 is a go-to mid range disc that benefits the most for professional disc golfers. Its overstable feature is backed by a reliable fade and zero turn to work with a larger amount of throwing power.

The beaded rim delivers an additional glide to this midrange disc, helping it handle different windy situations without going off target. You will achieve perfect control shots using the overstable driver.

In our opinion, its stability rate and deep profile are ideal enough for forehand throws. Therefore, advanced disc players will appreciate its versatility, while newer golfers could count on the consistent finish.

Despite performing well and satisfying many users, some people are not happy receiving a different color than what they ordered. The transparent color may result in players losing the unit after throwing.


  • High overstability
  • Predictable fade
  • Windy use
  • Control shots
  • Deep profile


  • Wrong color due to delivery

5. Discraft ESP Buzzz Supercolor Disc Golf Midrange B079VT43TX

The Buzzz disc golf midrange is one of the few drivers that can help players of all skill levels to level up their game. It is highly dependable and will deliver a straight flight path no matter the line you put it on.

This item is made from reliable ESP plastic with a mesmerizing swirl pattern that is super easy to spot in every environment. You should be aware that its weight may vary between a 171g and 173g golf disc.

Needless to say, the Discraft Buzzz product line has been popular for a long time. That is why it would be wise to invest in this disc due to this impressive range of features that work with golfers at all ratings.

Still, be careful with the false advertisement of a free mini marker coming along in this mid range disc package. A lot of complaints are rising because of this misleading description of the zero-cost marker.


  • For all levels
  • Ultra-dependable
  • Straight flying
  • Attractive print
  • Variable weight


  • No accessory

6. Westside Discs Origio Warship Disc Golf Midrange B08F2MKR29

If you are searching for a disc golf midrange that feels great in your hand, but offers a high control simultaneously, this is your go-to disc. The Origio from Westside Discs is a reliable and user-friendly driver.

Even amateur players can throw this item and have it fly at a fast speed with a considerable glide. Its predictable flight is beneficial for diverse arm speeds, but the flight path will always be in straight lines.

This product has an improved grip thanks to an affordable plastic material blended with grippy rubber. You can train with the disc under all weather and have no worries about immature deformation.

Unfortunately, the disc color is not as vibrant and awesome looking compared to its online picture. Obviously, this small issue does not affect how this item performs, but still a downside you need to know.


  • Comfortable feel
  • Fast speed
  • Straight flying
  • Enhanced grip
  • All-weather use


  • Dull color

7. Innova DX Shark Mid-Range Golf Disc SG_B017L3MKTW_US

This DX Shark mid-range disc from Innova is exactly what you need to achieve various kinds of throwing shots. The low-price unit flies in predictable straight lines, approach shots, even anhyzer/hyzer shots.

Because this basic disc type offers a considerably good carry, many intermediate players can easily reach long approaches. One of its major bonuses for beginners is the consistent release and smooth rim.

In addition, the integrated minimal fade of this mid-range disc also adds a large amount of control for new players to handle it easier. You can rest assured to practice with the DX Shark in wet conditions.

However, it appears that the mid-range disc’s material is not quality plastic. There have been a few cases when this product was chipped and scratched upon delivery. This issue may affect its performance.


  • Versatile shots
  • Low price
  • Long approaches
  • Minimal fade
  • Wet weather use


  • Poor material

What Is A Mid-Range Disc Golf Disc?

Besides a midrange driver, there are other different kinds of discs, including distance drivers, fairway drivers, and putters. Its rounded edges are less aerodynamic but deliver better distance than a putter.

Though the midrange flies slower than a fairway and distance driver, speed is not its flaw. As you get used to this item, its accuracy can get up to 350 feet away from your position and does not skip at ease.

This disc design promotes great precision and control, so its flight path does not go off target. It is best to use the midrange for straight lines and obtain an easier finish, as well as intermediate distance shots.

Moreover, you will enjoy a disc golf midrange since you can throw it with normal power but still achieve your desired distance. You will not need to put too much effort to get the driver flying like others.

Most disc golf players get the opportunity to use midrange discs to practice different kinds of throws, thanks to their high flexibility and versatility. You can definitely improve your throwing skills with this item.

How to Choose the Best Mid-Range Discs?

It is necessary to refer to a detailed buying guide before you plan to purchase any products. Therefore, you need to consider all features below carefully when picking a mid range golf disc for long-term use.

Type of Mid-Range Disc

There are smaller variations of the mid range golf disc to serve different purposes, so it is crucial to choose a suitable type of disc for daily practice. The best one shall fly considerably far with enough control.

  • Understable midrange disc: This item tends to turn over at a high speed. It will bend to the right side before turning left as the disc has already slowed down.
  • Stable midrange disc: This is the most precise and controllable mid-range disc for a straight flight. It has enough stability to hold a straight line without many turns in between. As the disc slows down, you may notice it does a reliable fade to the left.
  • Overstable midrange disc: You will find this disc following an arcing path on the left at a high speed. The general fade rating of an overstable unit is quite well at the end of your shots.

We would advise players to choose the right disc, according to your circumstance and preference. Your choice should work in harmony with your playing methods and style, and the disc golf course as well.

Based on our experience, the ideal golf disc for beginners should be a stable or moderately overstable unit. These disc options often come in a low speed, a decent glide, and predictable fade for easier control.

As a result, you will require less power to throw the mid range disc, regardless of your level. Its material also plays an important part in your practice since high-quality plastic would do a much better job.

Weight of Mid-Range Disc

Besides having a wide range of colors, the mid-range golf disc also offers different weights. How do you know when to use a light disc or heavier disc? Your choice of its weight will rely on your arm strength.

If your playing location is usually windy, you should not buy a disc that weighs under 170g. Throwing a heavy disc may need more effort, but it is more reliable under wind exposure for consistent gameplay.

A lighter driver tends to provide you with more distance under all weather conditions. But a mid weight disc is not as efficient as a near-maximum weight since if you are trying to throw a disc golf in a windy situation, the added weight will promise improved distance and accuracy.

Plastic Durability

Any trusted mid-range disc has to come with highly durable material. A durable plastic blend ensures your item does not change its form too quickly and is not destroyed after use in bad weather situations.

Remember that soft and grippy plastics tend to feel and look great during the several first months of use. Nevertheless, you will notice them turning floppy and unreliable when they break after short use.

As you choose the most reliable plastic on your potential mid-range golf disc, it will benefit both your experience and your game. Do not be tempted by the first look of cheap plastics and decide to get them.

Plastic Type and Construction

The type of plastic and its construction has a considerable effect on how a midrange disc would fly. Each plastic type will deliver different feels when you hold the golf disc and affect the way you release it.

    • Basic plastic: A low-grade plastic can provide you with a tight grip, but at the same time, wear out quickly. It is also prone to getting scratched in use; thus, it becomes less stable over time.
  • Middle-grade plastic: This plastic has better quality and more durable than basic plastic. Keep in mind that it will be at risk of deformation once gets stuck on a tree limb or brick wall.
  • Ultra-light plastic: New disc golfers will love practicing with a lightweight disc, thanks to its humble weight promoting more flying distance.
  • Ultra-durable plastic: It is one of our favorite plastic types due to the smooth but clear and hard build. The ultra-durability level makes this material a great option for rough area playing.
  • Premium plastic: This variation is definitely the most expensive since it comes with superior grip and durability for consistently excellent performance.

Speed and Glide

Speed and glide are important factors that contribute to the overall performance of a mid-range disc. In terms of speed, it is not about the distance. We refer to how fast the item can fly after you throw it.

The Innova system estimates the fastest speed rating of a midrange disc golf is around 13 to 14. A slow disc having blunt edges will deliver speed from 1 to 2. The ideal unit should offer a speed rate from 4 to 5.

On the other hand, the glide rating varies from 1 to 7, indicating how this disc remains in the air after throwing. Mid-range golf discs with higher glide hold on to their lofts longer than lower-rated products.

A high glide rating will be useful if you are interested in achieving a far flying distance since discs with high glide tend to go further. But players going after putts and approach shots do not need high glide.

Disc Stability

The last but equally essential thing that you should consider when buying a disc golf mid range is its stability level. If the stability rating is above 3.0, this is an overstable disc that you may not control well.

A mid range disc with high stability usually cannot fly straight if you do not understand its pattern. Getting an understable unit rated less than 3.0 allows beginner disc golfers to obtain the necessary control.

We would recommend choosing a disc stability rating around 1.0 as it is neither too high nor too low for appropriate control. Slightly extra stability is good enough for your game, not over or understable ones.

Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some frequently asked questions about disc golf mid range.

When To Use A Mid-range Disc?

People might underrate the power of a mid-range disc, but this item allows you to play in various situations. It would be your best choice to throw up shots with an easy-to-use design, control, and precision.

Most disc golf players use midrange drivers in wooded courses due to their tree dodging ability. Beginners can also apply the exceptional speed and accuracy of this golf disc to the tee box with high control.

You want to use a mid-range disc golf for:

    • Power limitation: As you use normal power to throw a disc (not the fullest, but the maximum control power with smoothness), it is likely to sail too far from the target.
  • Shots shaping: The shot shape is simply its flying direction; for example, it remains straight through the woods or avoids fading to stay on the fairway. This is crucial since most midrange discs fly in straight lines, resulting in landing in a nice position.

What Distance Should I Throw Mid-range Discs For?

Most new disc golf players are in the dark of the right time to use a mid range unit compared to a putter or driver. The distance control will depend on your personal playing style, throwing power, and skill.

The ideal distance to use a midrange is somewhere between 220 and 260 feet. At the same time, a professional disc golfer will choose this disc type for effective work with long-distance shots under 350 feet.

There is a common assumption among amateur golfers to use a disc golf midrange to complete the second throw off the tee. In fact, this is barely true and re-using a driver or putter is the most suitable way.

How To Throw Mid-Range Disc Golf?

Throwing a mid-range disc golf is not that confusing, like many new users assume. Find a nice disposition and ensure a comfortable grip for a throw. Aim your golf disc and throw it straight with a low angle.

You should always maintain a low angle before throwing because it will guarantee more power (even when you have not used enough) and a longer distance. Regular daily practice will level up your game.

How Far Should A Beginner Disc Golfer Throw?

The PDGA (Professional Disc Golf Association) claims a recreational disc golf player should be able to reach the average drive distance of 200 to 300 feet. This applies to both forehand and backhand throws.

The mentioned distance is what a skillful player from 1 to 2 years can achieve. For a novice disc golfer who has just joined the game, the average distance they can acquire with a midrange is 175 to 250 feet.

What Speed Discs Should I Throw?

Our advice is to throw the disc speed that works well with both your throwing purpose and personal ability in this field. In general, there are 3 major throwing categories and recommended throwing speeds:

  • Putts come along with low speed discs to improve precision.
  • Mid range shots often use disc at medium speeds for accuracy and speed balance.
  • Higher speed discs are for drives to increase the distance.

You want to follow this guideline of throwing a slower disc to get the best accuracy and only move to faster ones if you want extra distance. It is best to practice until you can throw a fast disc golf the right way.


Even though mid range golf discs are often underrated, their amazing benefits will help you improve your disc golfing skills and techniques over time. It may become your favorite disc to conquer all types of throws.

We hope you have figured out the most suitable and best disc golf mid range that works well with your playing style and techniques. Do not forget to practice often to truly level up your disc golfing game.

Thank you for reading!


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