The Best Disc Golf Distance Driver In 2023


Are you looking for the best disc golf distance driver? We review the 8 best products in this article. Read it to see them and buy one driver right now!


Many disc golfers require the best disc golf distance driver for their game. This type of equipment can fly over maximum distance, increasing their chance of winning.

But not all disc drivers are the same! Many items have different features to serve specific types of players.  When looking for a disc driver, we have to check whether it suits our strength, techniques, and throwing style or not.

That’s why we have made this article to explain the features of the 8 best disc distance drivers in 2021. Read our reviews, and you will know which product fits you the most!

Top 8 Best Disc Golf Distance Driver Reviews

Here are our reviews of the top 8 products in 2023. Please read each review carefully and find out your best disc golf distance driver!

#1: Axiom Discs Proton Insanity Disc Golf Driver – Best For High Speed-Turn

This Axiom Discs Proton Insanity stands on top of our list as the best distance driver for high speed-turn. If you are the type of player who likes making powerful throws, this equipment surely will please you at best!

The disc rim is built with GYRO technology, which allows more weight on its outside edge. With this design, the rotational inertia will increase, giving more speed turn and a diminished fade.

We give a plus point to the low-profile style of this equipment. Its rim is not too thick so that you can hold it without wrapping the fingers around. Also, the proton plastic has a perfect amount of stiffness to make you feel comfortable while gripping this disc.

Since you can keep it tightly in your hands, you are able to throw it with your highest power. Try your most powerful shot, and you will understand why this disc can fly far.

Because this driver rotates very quickly, it may be difficult for you to keep the flight straight in the beginning. You should practice using this disc for a period, and the throwing result will be better!

  • GYRO technology adding weight on the outside edge for more rotational inertia
  • Low-profile design making the disc easy to hold
  • Proton plastic for comfortable gripping
  • Developing power


  • Inability to choose the color
  • Difficult to keep the flight straight at the beginning

#2: Discraft Avenger SS Elite Z Golf Disc – Best For Versatility

We have been impressed by the high versatility of the Discraft Avenger SS Elite Z. No matter if you have slow, medium, or fast throwing speed, this disc driver will help you achieve the distance you desire.

The flatter style of this disc allows it to cut moderate winds on any long approach and fly straightly at high speed. That’s why you can always keep the disc stable from the beginning to the end of the flight, regardless of the throwing speed.

How about the gripping? This product features a small gradual dome on the outside which is quite soft to hold. While this disc is in your hands, you definitely will have the confidence to make the hardest shot!

There are 3 weight options that fit different players with specific throwing speeds. If you have a slow arm, go for the one with 167 – 169 grams. The middle option – 170 – 172 grams will fit the medium-speed player. And finally, we recommend the 173 – 174 grams for the golfers who usually make strong and fast shots.

As the manufacturer says, this product is only recommended for advanced players and experts. The lowest weight option of this disc is 167 – 169 grams, which is still too heavy for newbies to handle well.


  • Cutting moderate winds on long approaches
  • Staying stable on the flight
  • Gradual dome for good gripping
  • 3 weight options support people with slow, medium,  and fast throwing speeds


  • Color coming randomly
  • No recommendation for beginners

#3: Latitude 64 MyDye American Flag Disc Golf Discs – Best For Comfortable Gripping

For good distance results, you need to hold the disc tightly in your hand before throwing it. In this case, we recommend this Latitude 64 MyDue American Flag – a great item that provides extremely comfortable grips.

The hybrid material of this product is a combination of Lucid and Fuzion plastic. This premium construction gives a perfect amount of softness so that you can grip the disc with comfort. Also, the disc will have enough stiffness to withstand the effects of natural factors, such as rain and wind, on its flight.

Besides, the medium-deep rim of this disc is ideal for people with both large and small hands. There will be plenty of space on the disc surface for all players to grab with their fingers on. With comfort while holding, you definitely will have less risk to fail the throw.

We really like the way this disc balances itself on the flight. No matter if you shoot this item on the left, right, or in the middle side, it will hold the line on your approach throws.

On the downside, the Latitude manufacturers do not allow you to choose the weight. In other words, the disc heaviness varies in different packages. Hence, you may not be able to get the suitable weight for your purposes.


  • High softness for comfortable gripping
  • Holding the line on approach shots
  • Support people with both big and small hands


  • Vary weights in different packages

#4: Yikun Professional Disc Golf Twin Swords – Best For Weatherproof

This Yikun Professional Twin Swords model will perform well, regardless of the weather condition. The great construction allows this stable distance driver to make great performances at all times!

In detail, the Yikun company has applied the special Double Ring Shell Overmold technology to build this disc. The item is a combination of 2 premium blends, which are the core section and the rim section.

The density of plastic in the rim part is much higher in the core part. This design allows more rotational inertia and quicker turn. Due to this reason, the disc can fly fastly and straightly under the heaviest impact of any weather factor.

Compared to traditional discs, this Twin Swords model can fly quicker, straighter, and more predictable. Of course, you have permission to use this item in tournaments, as the product has already met the standard of the PDGA.

Newbies probably will find this disc model hard to control, as it is quite heavy. The total weight of 176 grams is likely more suitable for experts who usually make strong shots.


  • Double Ring Shell Overmold technology for stable flight under weather impact
  • Light core and heavy rim support higher rotational inertia
  • PDGA approved for usage in tournaments


  • Hard to control for beginners
  • The print on the top part wearing out quickly

#5: Innova – Champion Discs DX TeeBird Golf Disc – Best For Pin-Point Accuracy

Do you need a fairway disc driver that flies over maximum distance? Put your trust in the Innova TeeBirds! We don’t exaggerate, but this model is one of the most accurate discs in 2021.

Many professionals have used this disc in tournaments and become the champions. 2 big names – Avery Jenkins and Ken Climo have won multiple world championships with the help of this equipment. They are very pleased by the accuracy this disc creates.

The Innova TeeBirds Disc is a great combination of high glide, high speed, and straight flight. Even in downwind or upwind conditions, it can hold its line on approach shots without any problem.

When throwing it, you can notice that it flies at an incredible speed and then starts fading when it is close to the target. Your job is to make a pin-point, and the disc will get there in no time!

We give a minus point to the durability of this product. The DX plastic seems to get chewed up after a period of time. At this time, the disc may not fly straight as it is new.


  • Approved by PDGA to use in tournaments
  • High glide, straight flight, and fast speed in both downwind and upwind
  • Giving high pin-point accuracy


  • DX plastic getting chewed up after a time of usage
  • Vary colors

#6: Dynamic Discs Prime Burst Trespass Disc Golf Driver – Best For Neutral Flights

Stability is what makes this Dynamic Disc Prime Burst Trespass highly appealing on the market. If you look for a driver that goes far and accurately, this product is surely the right deal.

The prime plastic creates a super secure feel on your hand. Even when the disc is wet, you are still able to make tight grips on it. The purpose of this design is to help you make the most powerful shots.

We are so impressed due to the fact that this driver is very neutral on the flight. When under the impact of the difficult weather, the driver still keeps its line and nearly never flips over. Because of this feature, the Burst Trespass has pleased many types of disc golfers, including starters and professionals.

Please don’t let this disc land in deep water areas. It only floats on the surface for a short period of time and then will sink quickly. If this case happens, you will get difficulty searching for the driver.


  • Prime plastic giving a secure feel
  • Easy to grip
  • Neutral flight
  • Support both beginners and experts


  • Coming in random weights
  • Quick sinking after landing on deepwater areas

#7: Innova – Champion Discs DX Dragon Golf Disc – Best For Water Hazard Shots

Are there many lakes, rivers, or deepwater areas in your throwing field? Well! You can see this Innova DX Dragon as the best solution, as it can float on any water surface.

The manufacturers have reduced the weight of this Innova to only 159 grams. With this lightweight, the driver will not sink down under the water. There will be no more risk of losing the disc!

Efficiency comes along with quality! This DX Dragon has extra plastic in the grippe to give you the most secure feel. No matter if you are a newbie or an intermediate player, you can always make good shots with this driver.

We dislike the accuracy of this product. Somehow its flight is a little bit erratic and difficult to predict. But on the positive side, this disc still gives a great distance.


  • Floating on the water surface
  • Lightweight
  • Support starters and professionals
  • Extra plastic in the grippe


  • Erratic flight
  • Not glowing in the dark areas

#8: Innova DX Leopard Golf Disc – Best For High-Quality Construction

Last but not least, we introduce to you one of the best straight line drivers – the Innova DX Leopard. Even with a gentle release, this disc can still fly fastly with incredible rolling.

The material of this Leopard is still DX plastic, similar to ones of the 2 previous Innova models. As you know, this material provides a great feel on the hand so that you can grab the driver tightly for the most powerful throws.

Also, thanks to this DX material, the Leopard can withstand the impact of the weather and obstacles on its flight. Just let this driver fly through the rain, wind, sun, and trees, and you will notice no scratches on its body!

Because the plastic can prevent obstacles, the driver will never be flipped up. It will keep its straight line to fly to the furthest destination, which you have desired.

Unfortunately, this model does not float on the water surface. If the disc lands on deepwater areas, it will sink and vanish. So please keep track of it after throwing, or else you may lose it.


  • DX plastic providing great grips
  • High durability
  • Many weight options
  • Support long straight shots


  • No floating on water
  • Vary colors

Buying Guide

In this section, we teach you carefully how to choose each type of disc golf driver!

How to Choose the Disc Golf Driver

There are many types of disc drivers that suit different players. You need to determine your playing level to choose the right type.

If you are a beginner, the most suitable disc type is the fairway. This driver is simple to control. Your shots will be more accurate using this fairway disc.

The distance driver is a great type for any experienced disc golfers. It can fly at an incredible speed over a long distance. To use this disc, the player has to throw with both high spin and speed.

Of course, this does not mean starters must use fairway drivers, or professionals must use distance drivers. There are still many great models of distance discs that support beginners. On the other hand, some experts tend to use fairway drivers in their tournaments, as they give a more secure feel.

How to Choose the Distance Driver

As mentioned, distance discs can fly over a great distance. To have this feature, they have to withstand the air resistance, as well as obstacles on their flight.

A typical distance driver has more weights on the outside than in the core part. The purpose of this design is to create more rotational inertia for faster speed. If the disc flies fastly, it will cut out the impact of the wind resistance.

Also, obstacles on the way, such as trees, woods may reduce the speed and flip over the disc. That’s why the driver needs to have sharp edges. They will prevent the obstacles to keep the disc balanced on the flights.

How to Choose the Fairway Driver

The fairway driver has less potential for speed but is easy to control. Beginners should use this type of driver, as they can fly with better accuracy.

The design of the fairway disc is opposite to the style of a distance disc. While the distance has heavy rims and a light core section, the fairway has smaller rims. This design allows the driver to have more balance during the flights. When buying, you definitely have to check this factor.

Also, you should ask the sellers to know whether the disc supports short drives well or not. Because this type is not good at speed, it is designed to be better than the distance type at the point of accuracy in close ranges.

How to Choose Disc Golf Driver for Beginner


As a beginner, you will have a lot of things to consider when buying a disc golf driver. We will explain the top factors you should notice:

Types of drivers

We have already discussed this factor above. There are 2 common types of golf discs on the market, which are distance driver and fairway driver.

Because the fairway is much easier to control, starters should get along with this type instead of practicing with the other.

Color of drivers

Many beginners usually lose their discs right after a few tries. The driver can fly anywhere, either in the water or in the bush. You may feel easier to find the disc if it has a bright color.

Also, you can refer to many models that have LED lights equipped. They will be convenient to keep track of and find when you use them in dark areas.


Disc golf drivers appear with multiple options for weight. Beginners usually don’t know how to focus force and power on their arms while swinging and throwing. That’s why they should go for the models that are light.

At the moment, the recommended weight of a golf disc that beginners should look for is below 165 grams.

Should I Be Throwing An Overstable Driver?

Overstable drivers are popular due to their tendency to turn opposite the spin direction. This feature helps the disc handle the wind resistance better.

However, this type of driver requires the throwers to have strong and quick arms. Thus, we only recommend advanced players use this disc.

If you are new to the game, please keep calm and practice the basics first. Since you master the techniques to throw the disc at high speed and power, you can move on to using overstable drivers!


Below are some common questions you may have while reading our article.

How Should I Throw a Distance Driver?

You need to grip the disc tightly in your hand. After that, you should open up the wrist, make an aim, and swing your arm as quickly as you can.

Many newbies throw the disc with a hard force. But they are wrong. To make the disc go far, you need to make your shots faster instead of harder.

When Should I Throw a Distance Driver?

There is time to do everything! Normally, a fairway driver is already good to serve you. But you need to use the distance driver in several difficult situations.

As distance driver flies further than fairway type, you can use it when you want to open the block of the distance.

Also, the distance disc stabilizes itself better in bad weather conditions. You should throw this driver when there are heavy winds in the sky. The sharp edges of this item can cut out the impact of the winds.

Fairway Driver Vs. Distance Driver

Fairway drivers are easier to control than the other type. But if you need to throw the disc at maximum distance, you have to use the distance driver.

The distance type is designed with sharp edges, which can cut the impact of the weather factors for straighter and faster flight. On the other hand, the fairway type has a smaller rim to balance the disc better.

What Is The Best Long Distance Disc Golf Driver?

All 8 above products are the best long distance disc golf drivers in 2021. Each item has its own special features to serve players with different playing styles. You can see our reviews of them and find out the most suitable product!

What Is The Best Weight For A Disc Golf Driver?

If you care about the weight of a disc golf driver, we recommend the Axiom Discs Proton Insanity model. This product appears with 4 different weight options to support both beginners and experts.

Specifically, here are the 4 options:

  • 150-159 grams
  • 160-165 grams
  • 165-170 grams
  • 170-175 grams


Above are our top 8 products. Have you found the best disc golf distance driver to buy?

Please share your thoughts with us! We always want to receive feedback from our readers so that we can improve our next articles! We will update more reviews of disc golf drivers. Therefore, follow our website to not miss any posts!

And now, our article will come to an end. Many thanks for reading!


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