The 9 Best Disc Golf Discs For Beginners in 2023 You Can Consider!

Disc golf is among the most fun, addictive, and fastest-growing sports in the world, which attracts countless players. Anyone can join the sport and quickly become proficient as long as they choose a beginner-friendly disc that will help them throw farther, have more fun, and take their game to the next level.

With various discs available out there, it can be arduous for a newbie to choose a disc that suits their playing style and skill level. For this reason, I have listed the 9 best disc golf discs for beginners here. 

Now, let’s check it out!

Best Disc Golf Driver For Beginners In-depth Review

Here are my 4 recommendations for the best disc golf drivers for beginners. Let’s check them out!

#1. My Top Choice: Innova Leopard 3

Key Specifications

  • Flight Ratings: Glide 6/Speed 9/Turn -3/Fade 1
  • Weight: 160-175g.
  • Beadless: Yes.

Key Features

The Leopard 3 is among much acclaimed understandable control drivers. It is a little bit faster than its predecessor, making it more like a driver rather than a midrange. 

It can achieve max distance as a breeze and is ideal for beginners. Its turn/fade ratio gives it a subtle s-line flight when you throw it straight, making it an excellent tunnel shot disc. 

The Leopard 3 is considered the hyzer-flip disc for newbies. It is a great disc to practice the hyzer flip before switching to something faster, such as the Valkyrie.


  • Easy to achieve max distance.
  • Has a consistent flight pattern
  • Offer greater stability
  • Available in many options for your style of play.


  • Undesirable for turnover discs and hyzer turns.

#2. Discraft Heat

Key Specifications

  • Flight Ratings: Glide 6/Speed 9/Turn -3/Fade 1
  • Weight: 160-175g.
  • Beadless: Yes.

Key Features

This disc is an easy option to improve your distance. It is typically found in the backpacks of both beginners and more advanced professionals. It has a smaller and smoother rim that will increase the comfort of your hand.

Its slower speed (9) allows beginners to maximize the distance without losing control of their disc during its flight. I typically recommend this model to players who are attempting to learn hyzer throws with understable discs.

I also prefer to use this disc when I need a model to travel mainly straight without much of a fade-out when it starts to land. 


  • Cheap.
  • Easier grip.
  • Great for finesse and straight-line shots.
  • Made from a durable plastic blend.


  • May have an uncomfortable feeling at first.

#3. Latitude 64 Diamond

Key Specifications

  • Flight Ratings: Glide 6/Speed 8/Turn -3.1/Fade 1
  • Max Weight: 185.00g.
  • Beadless: Yes.

Key Features

It was among the first discs I owned when I started playing disc golf. At the time, I knew it was one of the best and most popular discs for beginners, thanks to how far this disc can reach and how well it can be thrown.

I’ve thrown it much straighter and further than other discs that were more overstable and faster. It typically turned slightly upon release but finished dead straight in most cases.

Despite the higher speed of 8, its turn rating of -3, fade rating of 1, and glide rating of 6 make it easy to handle and user-friendly.

As my arm strength improved, it would often turn over on me. I stopped bagging it temporarily till I realized the value of having an understable control driver in my bag. 


  • Has a good grip.
  • Highly durable.
  • Great for value.
  • Straight flyer.


  • Not ideal on windy days.

#4. Discmania FD

Key Specifications

  • Flight Ratings: Glide 6/Speed 7/Turn 0/Fade 1.
  • Max Weight: 170-172g.
  • Beadless: Yes.

Key Features

It is among the best all-around discs and is ideal for both beginners and professional golfers. As you work with this model more, I bet your skill level will improve. Many newbies favor this disc due to its straight-flying fairway drive.

You will certainly fall in love with the Discmania FD thanks to its excellent glide with tailwind shots, tunnel shots, and soft turnovers.

It can also maintain a straight and controllable fairway drive. Many golfers also prefer how amazing this disc feels in their hands.


  • Easy to control.
  • Tremendous amount of glide.
  • A super straight fairway driver.
  • Has a nice clean finish


  • Slower than most disc control drivers.

Best Disc Golf Midrange Disc For Beginners

Here is a list of the 3 best midrange discs you should try out as a newbie.

#1. My Top Choice: Discraft Buzzz SS

Key Specifications

  • Flight Ratings: Glide 4/Speed 5/Turn -2/Fade 1.
  • Weight: 177+ grams.
  • Beadless: Yes.

Key Features

The Discraft Buzzz SS has a rating of 4, 5, -2, 1 and is perfect for players who want an understable disc that can be thrown straight. It is also ideal for players who want to improve their control and accuracy.

The Discraft Buzzz SS is an easy-to-control disc. It is designed to fly straight and provides experienced players with a forgiving flight path. It is also a slower-speed disc, so it doesn’t require a lot of speed for a nice throw.

The Discraft Buzzz SS is designed to offer golfers consistent flights as well. If you release it on a straight line, it will continue to move forward on that line.

This disc is best thrown for tunnel shots or smooth anhyzers. After a few throws, I noticed it was a bit difficult to throw as it had less stability.

In addition, it isn’t ideal for distance throws, but its understable flight path may make it more effortless to reach distance with less power.


  • Great feel in hand.
  • Perfect for all terrains.
  • Easy to control.
  • Perfect for golfers of all skill levels.


  • May less stable

#2. Innova Mako3

Key Specifications

  • Flight Ratings: Glide 5/Speed 5/Turn 0/Fade 0.
  • Weight: 165-180g.
  • Beadless: Yes.

Key Features

My initial impression of this disc is that it felt comfortable in my hands. The 180g choice was noticeable, but without affecting the expected and advertised flight ratings.

This mid-range disc is laser-straight and suits both new and experienced players. What I like about this stable disc is that they make for great beginner discs as it is inherently easy to throw and will point out all flaws in your form as well.

Another thing that I noticed while testing this disc is that its weight, 180g, fought wind better than nearly any other disc I have ever tried. 

When thrown into a headwind, I put some slight hyzer on the Mako3 because I expected it to turn over. However, how surprised, this disc flipped to flat and fought the wind extremely well, holding straight until it landed softly.


  • Straight flyer with extreme glide.
  • Fits comfortably in any hand size.
  • Available in many colors.
  • A perfect balance of control and distance.


  • Can stay in the air for a good while.

#3. Prodigy M4

Key Specifications

  • Flight Ratings: Glide 5/Speed 5/Turn -1/Fade 1.
  • Max Weight: 180g.
  • Beadless: Yes.

Key Features

Coming in at 21.7cm (8.5 inches), the maximum weight of Prodigy M4 is 180 grams, like most other midranges.

The max-weight disc is better suited for golfers with quicker arm speed, while the lighter-weight disc is typically better suited for beginners.

The Prodigy M4 is among these Buzzz-like discs. It has been available for years and has become a staple disc for many players. It is truly an excellent mid-range disc that can be a noticeable addition to your bag this year. If you are keen on something like the Buzzz with more glides, you won’t go wrong with the M4.


  • Rather cheap.
  • Extremely durable.
  • Outstanding grip.
  • Fly extremely straight.


  • Slightly understable.

Best Disc Golf Putter For Beginners

What are the best disc golf putters for beginners? Here are two suggestions for you.

#1. My Top Choice: Innova Aviar 

Key Specifications

  • Flight Ratings: Glide 3/Speed 3/Turn 0/Fade 1.
  • Max Weight: 150-175g.
  • Beadless: Yes.

Key Features

The Innova Aviar is typically considered the No.1 putter in the game. In fact, there have been many Championships won using this disc for putting.

This beadless disc flies very consistently, with a slight yet predictable fade at the end of the flight. Another great thing about this model is how great the grip feels for golfers of all levels. It is available in many plastics, from Champion to DX, so it is a breeze to find one that suits your style best.

If you prefer a putter that can be used for short to medium drives, the Innova Aviar also excels at this distance range. On many of the shorter holes, you can get away with only utilizing it, which is why I recommend it for beginners.


  • Stable putter.
  • Accurate approaches.
  • Any distance putts.
  • Affordable price.


  • Limited color options.

#2. Dynamic Discs Deputy

Key Specifications

  • Flight Ratings: Glide 4/Speed 3/Turn -12.5/Fade 01.
  • Max Weight: 173-176g.
  • Beadless: Yes.

Key Features

From the first try, I found it very nice for a comfortable grip during both approach shots and putts.

Thrown with average power, this disc will fly highly straight. But if it is thrown into a headwind, it will have a tendency to turn more than its flight ratings. 

If it is thrown with more power, especially when beat in, the Deputy will tend to turn over with an anhyzer or flat release. If the disc is thrown with a hyzer release, it will flip to flat very nicely and fly as straight as an arrow to the target.

All in all, I have nothing to complain about the Deputy. It is really a comfortable putter that is beginner friendly.


  • Great for value.
  • Very straight in tailwinds
  • Feels very comfortable and grippy in hand.
  • Very true flying putter for the beginner.


  • Flippy as an approach putter with strong arms.

How To Choose Disc Golf Disc For Beginners? Buyer’s Guide

How to choose a golf disc that suits you best? Here are the factors that you need to consider when buying disc golf as a beginner.

What Is Disc Golf?

Disc golf, or frisbee golf, is a flying disc game/sport in which players/golfers throw a disc at a target.

This sport is similar to normal golf in terms of rules. But, rather than using a disc, players hit a disc toward a target. These discs have different characteristics. 

Some people focus on accuracy, while others focus on speed. There are many discs used in the sport, but they are usually identified via three categories: A driver, a putter, and a midrange.

The Number Of Discs

Golf disc sets normally include a maximum of ten and a minimum of two. They are ideal for newbies who are just starting from scratch, as they provide all of the basic discs that they need to get started.


Golf discs are available at various weights, which will decide how well they handle certain weather conditions. Competitive and advanced players typically use golf discs that weigh about 180 grams.

Lightweight discs are ideal for beginners who are working on their arm strength. 

Lightweight discs are easier to throw and help you get more distance. But, lightweight discs are more likely to struggle when facing strong winds.

As your confidence and skills in the game grow, you can progress onto the sustained discs that offer more stability and are more effective in withstanding windows.


You must examine the speed rating of a disc to determine if it suits your current skill level. This rating can range from 1 to 14, the former is the slowest speed, and the latter is the fastest. Faster discs are good options for people who want more power in their throws, while the slower ones are ideal for accuracy.

As a beginner, you should begin with slower discs which range from 6 to 9. As your shot becomes more accurate, you can switch to faster ones.


I recommend buying discs that have been durably constructed, as the plastic quality will decide how well your chosen discs hold up against the harsh wind.

If you participate in this sport, regardless of the weather conditions, your chosen discs must be robust enough to last. Avoid some plastics that will be prone to denting and scratching more than others.


The amount you have to spend will vary depending on whether you will invest in an individual disc or a set of discs.

Many players believe that investing in a set will save them more money since it consists of various discs. That means it is unnecessary to buy each one that they need separately.

The amount you spend on an individual golf disc may vary depending on the brand. Although setting a budget before shopping is necessary, you must ensure your chosen disc is not lacking in regards to longevity and quality.

If you want to try your hand at the sport for the first time, it is best to invest in one or a few cheaper discs until you’re confident that you enjoy this sport and want to pursue it further.


How Many Disks Should A Beginner Have?

Avoid buying multiple at once since it can be overwhelming and frustrating when you don’t see any consistent results. Instead, start with one or a few discs.

Do Heavier Discs Fly Farther?

No. Lighter discs typically fly a greater distance because of two main reasons. 

First, the lighter weight of these discs will help you to generate more arm speed, resulting in more distance.

For another, lightweight discs usually are more understable and flip over more, resulting in more extended airtime and long distance.

What Disc Should A Beginner Use In Disc Golf?

In general, as a beginner, you should start with a light disc, which will help you throw farther, get more fun and take your game to the next level.  You also want a lower speed and fade disc.

Are Lighter Discs Better For Beginners?

Yes, lighter discs are most suitable for beginners and young players who tend to have slower arm speeds. 


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The Bottom Line

Using the best disc golf discs for beginners is essential to improve your game as a new golfer, but that is not all!

Apart from getting the proper disc, you need extreme determination, a lot of sacrifices, and focus on gaining the much-needed skill sets to level up your disc golf game. Thanks for your time!

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