Best Disc Golf Courses In Oregon: Top 9 Highly Recommended Place

Best Disc Golf Courses In Oregon

Oregon is famous for its forests, mountains, and parks. This place is also a destination for disc golfers because there are nearly 200 courses for this sport.

If you love this disc sport, you will want to visit the best disc golf courses in Oregon. Read on to see what they are and which one suits your preferences.

Top 9 Best Disc Golf Courses In Oregon (Detailed Reviews)

In my actual experiences, I’ve toured all the disc golf courses in Oregon for years. But, these nine below give me the perfect memorable impression. 

If you’re curious about my hands-on experience at these best disc golf courses, keep reading for details right now.

Iguanas Head PDGC

Iguanas Head PDGC
Iguanas Head PDGC
  • 21 Holes
  • Price: N/A
  • Located in Terrebonne

The name of the Iguanas Head PDGC derives from its shape. I was intrigued by the title and chose this Terrebonne course as Oregon’s first disc golf venue.

My experience is even better with many obstacles, such as trees, sage, and water channels. It has plenty of par 52s and 21 holes. 

The challenge at Iguanas Head PDGC has never let me down through many tries.

This course is next to a park. So, you can find many places for children’s play and covered picnic tables. These add-ons didn’t affect my experience too much. 

Although newly established in 2017, it provides quite a full range of necessary services, including drinking water.

The problem I have about this disc golf course is that it’s not open year-round. You should contact the golf course owner before moving to Terrebonne.

Bend Pine Nursery

  • 19 Holes
  • Price: N/A
  • Located in Bend

I always recommend Bend Pine Nursery for beginners. The yard has concrete tees and Mach New II baskets around the yard that I’m always looking for. 

It has 19 holes in multiple lawns, benches, and many amenities for disc golf. Its unique terrain makes it possible for beginners to hone their skills. 

In particular, your young children will have an exciting and convenient initial experience because of its simple terrain.

This surface is also a place that experienced players can find. Its unique landscape and technical flaws are sure to excite you.

This disc golf course is suitable for people of all skills, especially beginners. The only problem is that the terrain is not too stroller-friendly. 

Yet, this drawback can’t affect my overall great experience at Bend Pine Nursery.

Rockridge Park Putting Course

  • 18 Holes
  • Price: N/A
  • Located in Bend

The Rockridge Park Putting Course consists of 18 short holes. This feature makes it easy for me to practice shots. I often stop by this playground when I need to practice throwing and improve my straightforward technique.

I have recommended this Bend course to many of my disc golf newbie friends.

Almost every beginner player is satisfied with the reasonably short holes and service at the course.

Base Camp at Horse Butte

  • 18 Holes
  • Price: N/A
  • Located in Bend

The Base Camp at Horse Butte is one of the most scenic courses. It is located next to the Deschutes River, with manicured lawns. The disc golf course looks like a park because it has beautiful scenery, natural terrain, and wildlife.

The Base Camp at Horse Butte is not simply an excellent vacation place. It is also a disc golf paradise for beginners and intermediate players.

The course has well-placed pins and 18 holes, which feels open to beginners. It is also challenging enough for those with previous disc golf experience.

I recommend this courtyard layout. Yet, during disc golf, I had some problems with the holes. The 13th hole, at almost 500 feet, has a not-so-good slope with my perfect pitches. I also wish the course owner would change the tees.

If the above problems are corrected in time, the Base Camp at Horse Butte will undoubtedly be the top course in the Oregon area.

Pondo Ridge at Face Rock

Pondo Ridge at Face Rock
Pondo Ridge at Face Rock.
  • 18 Holes
  • Price: Parking fee. 
  • Located in Bend. 

The Pondo Ridge is a disc golf course for players who love a challenge.

The 18 holes on the court vary in height. I have been involved with disc golf for quite a long time. While practicing on this course, I test my skills at a high level.

To conquer this golf course, I had to do most of my strokes. It is quite an exciting challenge that any intermediate disc golfer should try.

The impressive thing about this 18-hole course is the disc baskets instead of buckets. It’s much more convenient to take and store disc golf than I thought.

Pondo Ridge at Face Rock is my most frequent disc golf course in Oregon. 

Usually, it would take my group of friends and me about 2.5 hours to play a round. If you’re looking for a scenic course perfect for improving your skills, Pondo Ridge at Face Rock is a great place to consider.

Dry Canyon DGC

  • Holes: 9
  • Price: N/A
  • Located in Redmond

The Dry Canyon DGC is one of Oregon’s most extensive disc golf courses. It spans 21 acres, including 9 holes and 18 different pegs.

Due to its relatively large area, its terrain is quite diverse. At the Dry Canyon DGC, I experienced the sport in forests and landscapes with a wide range of elevation changes.

With high tees, underground baskets, and a constantly changing wind pattern, the Dry Canyon DGC is a technical challenge for players. 

To conquer this golf course, I mustn’t make mistakes on close shots. Its many fairways also helped a lot in my technological progress.

If you’re looking for a disc golf course that allows practicing a few shots in Oregon, Dry Canyon DGC is the place you should consider. If you want to get a quick round, it’s also a place to go.

Pier Park

Pier Park - Discgolflife
Pier Park.
  • 18 Holes
  • Price: N/A
  • Located in Portland

The Pier Park came into operation for the first time in 2002. After more than 20 years of development, it has become an exciting destination that anyone who loves disc golf should visit.

Pier Park impressed me with the terrain with a marked change in elevation. It also has natural obstacles of fir and cedar trees, which are pretty interesting.

Although built long ago, this year-round disc golf course still has an X basket on each hole. It also features small areas with concrete foundations to meet the highest standards for disc golf.

Pier Park is open year-round for both practice and competition purposes. If you have the opportunity to visit Oregon, do not forget to visit this particular disc golf course.

Bryant Park

  • 18 Holes
  • Price: N/A
  • Located in Albany

My first impression of Bryant Park was the rather technical layout. The disc golf course has a good mix of short and long holes, satisfying players of all skill levels.

You can start with the 300-foot holes or challenge yourself with the 700-foot par 4. In particular, the par 4s in the woods of the course also have two different baskets. Whether new or experienced, you’ll feel comfortable and confident playing disc golf at Bryant Park.

It includes quite a few holes going through the woods. Although it spanned many different terrains and was built long ago, Bryant Park is still a well-maintained course and attracts many disc golfers each year.

Skyline Park

  • 9 Holes
  • Price: N/A
  • Located in Bend

The Skyline Park is a newly established disc golf course in Bend, which is only available from November of last year to March of next year.

This course consists of nine holes and runs through densely wooded areas and natural slopes, which increases its difficulty considerably.

I was also quite impressed with the holes on the pitch. They are unique and provide a pretty cool experience.

I hope that shortly Skyline Park will change its opening time and develop further. You should consider a potential disc golf course to improve your technique.


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Terrain and climate characteristics make disc golf courses in Oregon a familiar destination for anyone who loves this sport.

Hopefully, through the brief reviews in the above article, you have picked the best disc golf courses in Oregon for yourself to practice in every week.

Thanks for your time!

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