Best Disc Golf Courses In Michigan: Which One Is Suitable For You?

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Disc golf is another category of golf, with absolute power and playable in Michigan. Similar to the original one, it uses general rules and terminology.

This sport is usually held on separate courts and on which players perform flying saucer maneuvers at previously arranged standard targets.

Below, I will introduce you to the best disc golf courses in Michigan for you to best practice your accumulated knowledge.

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Top 10 Best Disc Golf Courses In Michigan

Flip City

Flip City (link).

Flip City is the best and most famous golf course in Michigan. It has a unique design with a target line for each hole to create various playing options for the customer’s requirements.

It also partly brings the challenge of efficiently classifying player skills and quickly providing training plans suitable for actual levels.

This golf course is located in the town of Shelby, with two different 18-hole layouts for customers to choose from. For many golfers, the West course is more complex and offers more challenges for players’ playing skills.

Meanwhile, the East court seems easier. It has many trees, creeks, and predefined hazards that are easy to navigate. It uses natural obstacles to make the holes more difficult.

On this outstanding pitch, the cleaners work daily to maintain the turf’s cleanliness and quality daily.

The course will come with a wide range of shops selling specialized clothing, golf discs, or accessories for an even better player experience. On the founder’s side, they provide a series of essential guidelines to help you throw better.

Here are some features of Flip City, including:

  • There are many variations in altitude.
  • The holes have challenging greens.
  • This course is quite tricky, but many options come with it.
  • It offers a variety of challenges to suit all skill levels.

Silver Creek Disc Golf Park

Silver Creek Park
Silver Creek Park (link).

Silver Creek Disc is the perfect name for your search for the best golf course for disc golf. This 18-hole course caters to all audience skill levels through challenging layouts and exclusive design features.

This facility is the choice for hosting a wide range of famous golf tournaments. Thereby, it clearly shows the quality of Silver Creek Disc.

However, it is not a dedicated yard for those who already have in-depth experience in this field. It will be best for beginners.

I do not appreciate Silver Creek Disc because it cannot fully meet the basic requirements. It does not come with stores that sell clothing or accessories. Players will have to spend large amounts of money on external stores.

Just like the traditional versions, disc golf courses often have different terrain with a fixed target audience.

Overall, there are many similarities between traditional golf and disc golf. Silver Creek Disc Park is the perfect choice for those just starting to improve their knowledge of the sport.

Blue Gill

Blue Gill is one of the most beautiful golf courses in Michigan.

The playing field has a large scale with 24 holes, providing players with a challenging discus throwing experience with a closed lane system.

The yard layout is also very unique, arranged according to the change in height.

The central court has a total area of ​​up to 8600 feet, creating a certain sense of excitement for players to unleash their passion.

You’ll want to plan for the next one as you practice on this surface. Every hole made on the golf course is exciting for moving to the next tee.

This golf course could be the perfect place to develop your skills. It supports relatively much for improving your golfing level. So, you should not miss them!

The Tailings

Located in a convenient location of Iron River, Michigan, the tailings is the most beautiful golf course today. It is in a forested area with specific changes to aspects of altitude and distance to make your game more interesting.

This golf course has a stable scale with 18 holes, meeting customers’ requirements.

There are three tees for each hole, with layouts perfect for players of all skill levels. Compared to the golf courses in Michigan, The Tailings stands out for its unique design with signage and excellent baskets.

This course has more challenging holes and some longer driveways for those who want to throw long distances. From there, help meet your requirements to upgrade your golf level.

The Tailings own one of the largest golf disc stores in Michigan. Here you can find a variety of discs of different sizes.

Hunts Hideaway

Hunts-Hideaway -Yetidiscgolf.

Hunts Hideaway was formed by experienced players with contributions from many leading industry experts to provide an enjoyable experience for all players.

This 18-hole course has a shorter round of holes for more challenge than the originals. In particular, Hunts Hideaway has multiple pads for each hole, allowing players to fully satisfy the wishes of players of all different skill levels.

Overall, I am pretty satisfied with the surface of the football field. It’s made up of artificial turf and great baskets to bring even more fun.

This course ranges from about $8 – $10 per day. This fee is entirely worth it for the great features that the golf course has to offer.

In addition, you can choose to dine and relax at their internal resorts with a significant discount if you buy a VIP ticket according to the calendar year.

Management applied this policy more than two years ago because the actual demand from customers is enormous.

Log Lake Park

If you are looking for a golf course designed to improve your technique, don’t miss out on Log Lake Park’s excellent features.

In this field, the ability to aim accurately and control the speed of the discus is of the utmost importance, allowing you to take control of your game.

Holes at Log Lake Park are much shorter than other courses in Michigan, so there’s a good chance you’ll lose a shot to land within the given circle.

Log Lake Park’s playing surface may not be well cared for and developed. The field’s grass surface is uneven and sometimes a clearing, which affects your playing experience.

Log Lake Park is an ideal place that you should refer to. The cost of the experience at this park is entirely free. Beginners can choose this as a place to practice and develop their discus throwing skills.

Sage Creek

Sage Creek is extensive with about 24 holes. It includes many different types of terrain to provide, at the same time, diversity for a more decadent player choice.

Drawing on the distinctive character of Sage Creek, this course is suitable for both beginners and experienced discus throwers. It all has the expected effect of improving the skills and qualifications of the players.

Most of the course’s holes are technical, which directs you to fine-tune your playing technique. The golf course design is excellent for giving you many attractive scenes for your discus throwing process.

With Sage Creek, no entry tickets apply. Therefore, you can enjoy practicing whenever you want for the requirement to upgrade your level.

Kensington Toboggan


A large playing field will be much more perfect for meeting your training requirements. And Kensington Toboggan is a prime example of this category.

It is a beautiful park of almost 5 acres, and this park offers a variety of facilities for all ages with unique requirements.

Kensington Toboggan has been named the most exciting course in Michigan and is excellent at hosting many professional and amateur tournaments.

Kensington Toboggan is more suitable for those who already have experience. However, those who are just starting can also refer to it and choose it.

The cost per day of the course ranges from about $5 – $7. This fee is reasonable for improving your golf game every day.

Hanson Hills – Pine Knoll

Hanson Hills – Pine Knoll is a beautiful course located in Michigan. It is near the main entertainment area in the area with a large scale of 27 holes.

In this course, pitch and pin placement are easy to change, and the lines are clearly defined, so you’re always more confident in your pitching decisions.

Hanson Hills – Pine Knoll is designed for long throws with precision. According to objective reviews, it was named the most challenging course in Michigan.

This particular property is not used for beginners but is more suitable for those with basic knowledge.

Admission to Hanson Hills – Pine Knoll is free. And it’s an offer you can’t miss for your discussion pitching level-up request.

Buttles Park

Are you a low-income person or can’t afford the entrance fees of the course?

Buttles Park could be the perfect solution for you. It features 18 holes with six sets of tees on each hole, increasing player accessibility.

This park has many trees as natural obstacles for players. Accompanied by random spaces, helping you determine the exact throw distance when playing directly on the field.


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For a golf course to perform well, it will often depend on many factors. The best disc golf courses in Michigan have been designed like that to meet the user’s requirements well.

Hopefully, the information above will help you soon find the best quality course for discus throwing. If you are not sure of your choice, it is possible to closely follow the reviews from previous players to make an informed decision.

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