Top 11 Best Disc Golf Courses In Colorado: Which Is Better For You?


Disc golf is an attractive sport, suitable for many players to practice observing and aiming. The rules of disc golf are similar to those of traditional golf.

Colorado is a famous state that offers many opportunities for this outdoor sport of disc golf. In city parks and wilderness areas, Colorado has over 200 disc golf courses with distinct design and beauty.

To help you find the best disc golf courses in Colorado soon, I have curated the list of the perfect courses below. On each model, I’ll feature and guide you on pitch compatibility. Let’s scroll down to read more information!

The Best Disc Golf Courses In Colorado

Johnny Roberts DGC


Johnny Roberts DGC is the oldest and most famous playground in Colorado, and it is valuable and attractive for all sports desired by customers.

This model possesses a unique design with short but exciting challenges, allowing a good experience for all different levels of play.

This course is roughly sized with 18 separate holes. It is regularly maintained with beautiful peanuts to increase its appeal to all customers.

The Johnny Roberts DGC is the perfect idea for your disc golf enthusiast. The entrance fee to the course is entirely free for all players.

Right at this golf course, there are quite a few restaurants providing food and drinks for players to relax and experience. If you like the environment with lots of trees around and have an attractive cost, don’t miss Johnny Roberts DGC!

Beaver Ranch DGC

Beaver Ranch DGC is the best golf course for enthusiasts of this exciting outdoor sport. It is ranked as the 11th best golf course globally, according to the world popular sports app overview in 2021.

This model is located at a convenient location, about 1 hour by car from Denver in the southwest direction. When taking this course, you will have the opportunity to experience the large-scale playing field with 36 holes.

With this program, you will have to pay a small fee for the entrance ticket. Average about $5 – $7 per day; the specific payment will depend on the time of participation and weather conditions.

When coming to Beaver Ranch DGC, customers choose between three different playing fields: Premier, Approach, or Putt. In addition, you can also request details about the tee time.

Beaver Ranch DGC covers 75 acres with user-friendly mountain views. It can increase the excitement for each game to become more meaningful.

However, it does not include convenience stores or accompanying clothing. Customers participating in golfing here will face many inconveniences and have to travel long distances to buy items to serve their needs.

In general, this model is still precious and practical for bringing exciting and memorable games to you.

Bailey DGC

Bailey is not inferior to the Beaver Ranch DGC golf course introduced before.

This model is ranked 25th on the global best golf course list in 2021. With a premium 21-hole size and affordable entry cost, Bailey soon becomes the perfect and engaging course.

Coming to this playground, you will immerse yourself in the untouched nature with the surrounding forest and trees.

Thus, helping to provide a source of fresh air for environmental protection and customer health when participating in the course. At the same time, it also facilitates the development of your discus throwing skills.

Bailey DGC is about an hour north of Denver. This location is easy to find if you are a beginner at this playground.

Bear Mountain DGC


The perfection of a disc golf course is through many different aspects. The most typical is in the feedback of customers who have experienced the system.

Bear Mountain DGC is the most impressive and engaging course in Colorado.

After many years of establishment and development, this model has received a lot of positive feedback for the quality of service and meeting customers’ wishes.

Compared to Bailey DGC, Bear Mountain DGC is only about two places behind and is an exciting discus golf course globally.

Bear Mountain is approximately 3.2km from Bailey and has a similar mountain landscape. It is also customer-friendly when coming here.

This playground has a relative model of about 22 holes with challenges winding through open fields or large groves.

It contributes to the enhancement of the player’s technical ability. For beginners, choosing a Bear can be a big challenge. It should only be used by those with experience and basic knowledge of this fascinating sport.

BuckSnort DGC


BuckSnort DGC is an exclusive golf course located in Pine, Colorado. It is a members-only golf course that offers a one-of-a-kind disc golf experience.

This model features a challenging 28-hole design set around the rocky and wooded area of ​​the neighboring plateau.

However, to join this course, you must purchase a daily or annual membership.

This course offers an exclusive reservation, and you only get two reserved tee times per day. This feature allows the game to be available at a leisurely pace for quick leveling up.

Overall, BuckSnort is a perfect suggestion for realizing your passion. It may be more demanding than other courses, but it guarantees quality for your play. Experience the charm of this golf course!

Pueblo City Park DGC

Pueblo City Park possesses an attractive landscape and is in harmony with nature. It is an ideal attraction for locals and an excellent place for disc golf enthusiasts. With great features, this model is ranked 3rd in the country.

This course was established in 1978. Through many years of development, this playground has successfully attracted many customers to participate.

When coming to this course, players do not lose any input costs. Everything is free for your experience. This golf course has also been hosting many famous golf tournaments, demonstrating the golf course’s quality.

This model is suitable for a wide variety of audiences, including beginners and those who already have experience or basic knowledge of the subject. It allows improving skills for players.

Lion’s Den DGC

If you are looking for a free course with an attractive location, then Lion’s Den DGC is not to be missed.

This model offers excellent, engaging activity near a lake. It has a relative pattern with 20 holes that are usually not crowded. The quality at this golf course is the most perfect for meeting customer requirements.

It also comes with dense pine trees or dramatic rock outcrops, allowing the increased difficulty to raise your level of expertise.

When coming to this place, you need to prepare for the sled to have specific changes in the height and speed of the discus throw.

The inside of the playground is also equipped with modern bathrooms to make the customer experience more convenient. This feature is of great significance for the development of camping or staying in neighboring areas.

The cost to enter the field is usually not too high, ranging from about $3 – $5 per day of participation. It would help if you tried this playground because it will help you train your skills well.

Golden Eagle DGC

Golden Eagle
Golden Eagle.

Golden Eagle DGC is the most beautiful and secluded golf course in Colorado.

It is located deep in the canyons of the Roosevelt National Forest. This venue has a simple design with 18 challenging holes, making your play more engaging.

Over the years of establishment and development, this course successfully brought a complete experience to many customers of different ages.

Right at this model, you will be able to encounter much local wildlife. They won’t harm you, so you don’t have to worry about this.

The entrance cost of this place is not so great. Taking the course is only about $3 – $5 per day. With Golden Eagle DGC, your level will be faster and more efficient.

Colorado Mountain College DGC

This golf course is on the campus of Colorado Mountain College. This institution maintains a challenging 18-hole practice of easy and medium easy.

By joining this course, you will have the opportunity to experience everything for free. It is a community site open to all residents of the Colorado area.

Compared to models in the area, this playground is ideal for beginners. It includes many technical strokes to stimulate the desire to learn and raise newcomers’ levels.

Meanwhile, for those with experience, this place is also perfect for helping speed up the level. Right on the south side of the campus is a pre-arranged model number 8 that makes it easy to play 9 holes or all 18 holes quickly.

If you are sure about your skill, you should participate in playing 9 holes to feel the value.

Dillon DGC

Located east of Dillon Reservoir, Dillon DGC is a fun destination for all discus pitchers. It has 18 challenging holes and comes with 9 holes for selection to suit family requirements.

This course offers stunning views of the majestic surrounding mountains, providing the comfort needed to make engaging and precise throws.

This course includes a variety of complex mountainous terrain that favors beautiful long-distance shots.

This course is free; you can take it whenever you want. In particular, it can be suitable for many different uses. Beginners or experienced users can choose to upgrade their expertise for their experience.

Unfortunately, there are no food or clothing stores at this location. Therefore, you will have to go out to buy them.

Watson Island DGC

The beautiful setting is the key to many golfers’ success, giving them endless inspiration to shoot fantastic shots.

With this feature, I recommend the Watson Island DGC model for you. This model is centrally located and has a beautiful setting full of trees and large rocks for a challenge to practice skills. It hugs the Colorado Riverfront and is a relative 19-hole size and holes designed for all skill levels.

Coming to Watson Island DGC, you won’t have to pay entrance fees. With special shopping requirements for clothes or souvenirs, this playground will meet you.

Watson Island DGC is a complete name and can fulfill all the user requirements. I recommend you choose this place for your first experience.


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With the best disc golf courses in Colorado introduced above, we hope to help you find the right system for your playing needs soon.

Disc golf is a new and exciting sport that you should try, and it helps to bring out many authentic emotions that traditional golf cannot.

Don’t forget to leave feedback on this post. Thank you for reading!

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