Best Disc Golf Cart: Top 7 Picks That You Should Not Miss In 2023

Best disc golf cart

When I first started playing this sport, I saw some players with disc golf carts, and I thought that they were serious about the game. I also thought spending more than 200 dollars on a cart was unnecessary.

Later, I found out that a disc golf cart is more than just a cart to carry around all stuff a player wants for the game. It offers many benefits for golfers who want to really up their game and get more fun on the disc golf course.

If you are considering investing in a disc golf cart, my best disc golf cart list should give you all the information you need to choose the right one. 

So let’s scroll down to check out my top picks!

Why Do You Need A Disc Golf Cart?

Ideal For Older

A disc golf cart is beneficial for every age, especially older players. It will take all the weight from the bag off of a player’s body, allowing an older player to pull the cart behind with minimal stress simply.

Moreover, it allows them to get their normal amount of cardio in walking around the course while taking all weight strain off their back. It is a win-win for all older disc golfers.

The Comfort

As mentioned above, any player can benefit from a disc golf cart. Pulling it can take all the weight off of you, which is a beautiful thing.

Improved Play

Even if you are a young guy that takes fitness seriously and is in good shape, lugging a bag around for more than two hours will take a toll.

A disc golf cart takes all that weight off, allowing you to save stamina to put into the disc golf game. So it can be a tremendous lifesaver for all disc golf players.

Hold More Discs And Other Stuff

A cart theoretically can help a player carry more items if they absolutely need to. A cart can typically hold a fully-loaded bag and more stuff. So all you need to do is just pack it into your bag and roll it down the course.

Have A Seat For Slow Rounds

Another cool feature that disc golf carts have is a built-in seat. It is not available in every cart, but if your car has it, it will be convenient for a quick rest in the middle of a game.

 Take Your Game More Seriously

In my opinion, getting a cart will motivate you to take your game more seriously. The more you spend on this sport, the more seriously you take it.

Top 7 Best Disc Golf Carts (In-depth Reviews)

Now is the time to look at my recommendation! Here are the seven best disc golf carts that you shouldn’t miss, in my opinion.

#1. ZUCA Dynamic 

Key Features

This ZUCA disc golf cart is an excellent option for all disc golf players looking for compact storage that brings convenience and comfort to the course.

One of the things I like best about this model is that it can hold up to 300 pounds of weight. It amazed me how it can keep multiple discs and other stuff needed by the disc golfer in the game.

It features a patented and durable frame, allowing it to hold a massive weight while delivering a seating solution. You can convert this cart into a seat if you want to sit.

Its storage capacity is also great. It can hold up to 15 discs, enough for players at all skill levels. It has a solid inner top shelf and two big stretchable pockets, providing additional space for the other things players want to carry.

Finally, its two large water bottle holders will help you be hydrated throughout the game, while its small pouch will give you additional space.

Its ability to carry up to 15 discs, or even more, will provide enough comfort for disc golfers with bad or weak knees, typical for older.

The best thing about the bag is that you don’t carry it. It has a telescopic handle, which will help navigate the course quickly.


  • Offer a lower seat solution.
  • Ability to carry vast weight.
  • Compact yet large storage capacity.
  • The telescopic handle will give easy navigation.


  • A bit of difficulty in moving uneven terrain.

The Bottom Line

This model is for disc golfers searching for a compact but massive-capacity disc golf cart. The product is an excellent option for disc golf players with all the benefits and features it brings. It may be converted into a chair is the difference-maker regarding having this disc golf cart.

#2. Dbest Products Trolley 

Key Features

This cart is not made for disc golf, but its purpose and design will fit well with the need of this sport. 

I’ve seen many disc golfers using this cart, and I was impressed with how it can help them carry many things inside the course. So if you are keen on an excellent and unique disc golf cart, this product deserves consideration.

This product is among the carts with seats found in the market. It allows disc golfers to comfortably sit and relax while waiting for their turn to throw their discs, which is an excellent feature for me. 

I was impressed by its padded foam seat cushion, providing convenience to users. Besides that, its back support would help players calm and relax while resting or waiting for their turn.

I have tested this model and was impressed with the way it moves. It has oversized and beefy wheels, helping it to navigate any type of terrain and surface. It’s also easy to store because you can fold it in half.

Another plus of this cart is its versatility and flexibility in using other tasks. This cart can serve different purposes, such as a grocery cart, shopping cart, and foldable cart. Better yet, it doesn’t require any assembly, making it easy for users.

On the downside, the design of the seat isn’t in the upright position, which may cause some inconvenience and discomfort to players. But it is a minor issue, and the manufacturer should correct it soon.


  • It can be used on other tasks.
  • It can be easily folded down for easier storage.
  • The seat with padded foam seat cushion
  • The bag has seven compartments for storage.


  • The seat isn’t in an upright position.

The Bottom Line

If you are searching for a cart that offers flexibility and can be used on other activities or tasks, the Dbest products Trolley Dolly Cart is an excellent option. Besides disc golf, it is designed to use when shopping, grocery shopping, and other things you can do.

#3. ZUCA Dynamic Discs Cart

Key Features

This Dynamic disc golf cart is designed to provide a space for high-quality disc golf bags. It’ll turn all your bags into a rolling backpack, making it easy for you when playing on the field. Moreover, it will create less stress and effort, which would benefit you and may transfer to your performance during the game.

This disc golf cart can provide disc golf players with a portable solid, and sturdy seat. It has a dual purpose, allowing you to convert it into a chair if you want. 

The frame is crafted from high-quality materials, making it robust and durable. It can support up to about 300 pounds of weight, which is very impressive.

This cart can also make it easy for you to move on rugged terrain. It has tubeless foam tires, which can effectively deal with different surfaces.

Whether it is rocky, snowy, sandy, or rough terrain, its tires will successfully and easily handle this. Meanwhile, if you want more space, you can remove the wheels to gain more space.

This unit also has telescopic handles, giving you more convenience and comfort. It will be a breeze to push or pull, depending on your preference. The handle’s length is enough for anyone using it, regardless of height.


  • It can fit big specialized backpacks
  • Has a convertible seat that can support about 300 lbs.
  • Tubeless tires are made to navigate different kinds of terrain.
  • Wheels can be removed to get extra compact spaces.
  • Its handle provides convenience and comfort to anyone.


  • It is difficult to access the top due to the support bar under the seat.

The Bottom Line

This cart is ideal for disc golfers who have huge disc golf bags and don’t want to lug them. It will also help them avoid backache, body pains, and the hassle of wearing a bag.

#4. Bag Boy Quad Push Disc Golf Cart

Key Features

You need something lightweight and easily pulled or pushed when looking for disc golf carts. The reason is that it’ll be easy for disc golfers to navigate different kinds of terrain on a disc golf course. 

This reliable pushcart can carry your gear effectively and will make you comfortable transporting it from one area to another.

This 4-wheel cart will provide you with an additional advantage on the course. It will give stability to navigate on an uneven surface or move on any rough terrain. It will also protect your backpack when going to differ on the disc golf course.

The best thing about this cart is that it is designed to accommodate your bag easily. It features a bag holder, making any bag sit nicely.

Your bag will be secured and won’t swing or move on uneven surfaces. I have used it on a hilly course, and my bag has sat nicely and was very secure.

Another thing that impressed me was the foldable size which is handy when storing it. It is also highly portable, allowing you to move it from your home to the course easily, giving comfort to any player using this disc golf cart.

The only issue I found is the brake’s quality. It is a bit hard to assemble and sometimes doesn’t function as expected. So the manufacturer may consider improving this part. 


  • It has a large accessory bag.
  • Provide security to the bag.
  • Provide easy transport and storage.
  • Offer stability on uneven surfaces.


  • Brakes are difficult to assemble.

The Bottom Line

This cart is for disc golfers looking for security and stability in their bags when carrying unfriendly stuff. Its secure bag holder and 4 wheels will make you comfortable during navigation on the course with challenging terrain and uneven surfaces.

#5. ZUCA Dynamic Discs Transit Cart

Key Features

This transit cart is also an excellent choice since it will deliver different benefits and features to the disc golfer once used in the course.

From carrying multiple discs to navigation on plenty of surfaces, this cart has everything needed to make you comfortable during the game.

One of its most prominent features is the robust and durable frame which can be transformed into a seat. I inspected its frame, and it was extremely strong. 

I felt that it could carry and accommodate up to about 300 lbs. Besides, its seat can be easily flipped up to give quick access to the location of your golf discs.

The durability and quality of the bag also raised my eyebrows. Carrying at least 25 golf discs, the bag is made from high-quality polyester and delivers a vast space. This kind of cloth is very durable and offers water-resistant features. 

Moreover, the bag has a sizable zippered pouch, offering extra storage for small things you want to bring into the game. I also found a zipper door opening in this bag, delivering easy access to all the discs inside.

On the disc golf course, this cart feels very light and pleasant. Its wheels roll smoothly, and its tire feels well in moving the surface. This cart can handle various terrain thanks to the tubeless foam performance tires. This fantastic cart will easily take it if you’re playing in sandy, snowy, rocky, or rugged terrain.

Another plus of using this cart is it’ll bring so much good to your body. Using a disc golf bag may make you pick up the disc for every throw, and this can cause back strain and pain all over the body. Using this cart may help you eliminate this and comfort your body.


  • Take on various terrains.
  • Offer excellent storage capacity.
  • Has a hand-washable and removable insert bag.
  • It can be transformed into a seat that takes up to 300 lbs.


  • Axel knobs may fall off

The Bottom Line

If you are looking for a proper cart for tournament play, this model is suitable for you. You can convert it into a seat which will bring convenience and comfort to you while waiting your turn. Its storage capacity and other features will also help you to improve your game results.

#6. Dynamic Discs Backpack Disc Golf Cart LG

Key Features

The cart includes two big, tubeless foam wheels and a tube structure that will encase your pack in the main cart frame. Its tires are knurled to give excellent traction on every surface. A telescopic pole with a handle on the end is located on the rear.

The pole can reach about 51 inches, so it will be appropriate for golfers of all heights. It is well-made, easy to assemble and use, and there is nothing that could go wrong. Although it may be pricey after buying accessories along with your cart, it is an investment that will be well worth the money.


  • Lightweight.
  • Worth the money.
  • Reach about 51 inches.
  • Easy to assemble and use.


  • Durability could be better.

The Bottom Line

There is nothing overly special about this cart, but it’s slightly larger than other disc golf carts. Other than that, they are pretty similar. 

#7. Dynamic Discs EZ Disc By ZUCA

Key Features

This push cart boasts an open-access and wide design, making putting your pack in and taking it out easy. Its wheels are simple to detach and install, while its telescopic handle will keep the cart from becoming unwieldy during transportation.

The EZ is a cart that is designed to last. Your tires are airless, so you will not have to worry about them popping, and its metal frame is durable. It will guard your pack against the elements and ordinary wear and tear. 

They’re composed of durable high-density polyethylene that is developed for outdoor usage and is easy to wipe clean. With the proper tools, it is simple to install and uninstall. It is an all-terrain cart that can accommodate any bag, regardless of size, and it is all for a reasonable price.


  • Has an open-access and wide design.
  • Its wheels are easy to detach and install.
  • An all-terrain cart
  • Reasonable price


  • Doesn’t seem very durable.

The Bottom Line

Although it doesn’t come with a bag, it has more storage underneath and good bag storage space. The EZ Cart is an affordable and solid option for purchasing a quality cart.

How to Choose The Disc Golf Cart?

Before choosing any disc golf cart, I recommend considering specific features and facts other than the specifications stated. Obviously, you’ll have to choose one within your budget, but consider these factors in your buying selection.

Size And Carrying Capacity

Many players prefer to carry as many golf discs as possible, even if they do not intend to use them all. One plus of owning a cart is bringing more discs when you join a game. It is best to look for a cart carrying 12 to 21 golf discs at once.

Most carts are designed with specific storage capabilities. All have a weight limit that will indicate how much they can carry. Most brands include those specs, and you may look at a cart’s dimensions, such as depth, width, and height.

Materials Used

There are some different materials used to make disc golf carts. You probably don’t want to get all those metal-made carts as they will be hefty. 

Honestly, gaining plastic-made carts will do you no help as well. They might be inexpensive and light, but they will crack and fade in no time.

I recommend utilizing aluminum, treated synthetic materials, powder-coated steel, and stainless steel. They will be ideal for extended runs and can support heavier loads.


Do you want a cart that is easy to carry and lightweight? Many manufacturers recognized this demand and designed many light and portable carts. Moreover, you need to consider storing your cart when not in use.

Portability also involves foldability. A push-button folding is very sought-after for its speed and smoothness. Conversely, manual-folding mechanisms take time and can be challenging to fold or unfold.


Ensure that your chosen cart comes with a clear guide. If it doesn’t have any, ensure it is easy to put together. But you must decide if it delivers you fluid mobility.

Number Of Wheels

The product we are talking about is a cart, which has wheels. But the question here is, how many wheels should your cart have? There are carts with two, three, and four wheels, and each has its own set of pros and cons. 

Another thing you should consider is the weather in your area. Several courses are flatter than others, and you should go with a two-wheel cart on these courses. But if you play in humid areas or on steep, hilly courses, seeking a three-wheel cart is wise.


Add-ons give you more storage space. For instance, pre-installed holders like smartphone holders or umbrella holders will make a disc golf cart easier to use.

Some models feature a built-in seat that enables you to sit on your cart without needing a bench. However, some carts will require you to buy one separately.

Other add-ons are brakes. To avoid slipping, having a strong one is essential. It can be beneficial in avoiding potential accidents or hazards on steep courses.


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A disc golf cart is a nice-to-have for every player. It is especially beneficial for older people by offering the comfort of not having to carry their heavy bags.

Besides, the disc golf cart can also allow you more stamina by not carrying around all the weight of your bag. It can hold more stuff, even have seats, and enable you to take your game more seriously.  

Hopefully, this article has provided you with useful information about the best disc golf carts. Thank you for your interest in the article!

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