Best Disc Golf Brands In 2023: Top 9 Reviews And Buying Guide


Disc golf is a fun activity and professional sport that anyone can enjoy. It will allow you to develop concentration skills, enhance mental stimulation, and condition your body. 

Many disc golf brands are available, so you should know which to pick for more efficient and smoother gameplay.

Each brand has its corresponding pros and cons, and I’m here to give you the top 9 best disc golf brands in 2023 to help you choose something ideal for you.

Best Disc Golf Brands

Best Disc Golf Brands
Best Disc Golf Brands.

Here is a list of the top 9 best disc golf brands in 2023. Scroll down for more!



Innova. Source


  • Year Founded: 1983.
  • Price Range: $10 to $20.
  • Top-Rated Discs: Star Shryke, Blizzard Boss, Star Destroyer, Star Roadrunner, and Star Wraith.
  • Plastic Grades Used: Middle Grade, Basic, Ultra-durable, and Premium Plastics.

Brief review

Innova disc golfs can deliver various products that are ideal for all levels of disc golf players, from newbies to pros. It has disc golfs that offer great turnover shots and maintain their endurance and speed even under long distances.

Many world champions prefer using the Star Roadrunner to make great hyzer flip shots even through the woods. In my opinion, it is among the greatest finesse disc drivers with long turnover shots and reliable glide.

Another flagship is the Star Destroyer, which has the ideal balance between its rim size and controlled distance. If you prefer powerful sidearm throws, I bet you will love the Star Destroyer. This disc is also great for its versatility, and it can also make amazing shots both in the backhand and sidearm.


  • Long-lasting and durable.
  • Available in various kinds and styles.
  • All the products are made with premium quality materials.
  • Some product lines deliver amazing shots even at a long distance.


  • Some are quite expensive
  • The variety of product lines and styles can be confusing
  • Not all lines are suitable for professional players and beginners.


MVP. Source


  • Year Founded: 2009.
  • Price Range: From $9 to $25.
  • Top-Rated Discs: Dimension, Relativity, Motion, Volt, Servo
  • Plastic Grades Used: Ultra-durable, Middle Grade, Double Mold, and Premium Plastics.

Brief review

MVP is best known for its overstability with endurance and consistent speed, even in long distances. 

MVP Motion, one of its most famous discs, is a distance driver loved by most professional disc golfers thanks to its control and accurate distance during a forehand throw. It is overstable and light, which will help follow the line when you take a wide pan.

Other disc golfers fall in love with the MVP Dimension due to its ideal combination of overstability, glide, and speed. It is a distance driver that can be thrown over 400 to 450 ft, and you may also get smooth S-curves regardless of any type of throw.

Generally, disc golfers love MVP discs owing to their stability and ability to maintain speed and smooth glide even when thrown over long distances.


  • Offer consistency from run to run.
  • All product lines have great performances.
  • Available in various aesthetic-pleasing styles.


  • Disc shapes and flight styles are not appealing to all disc golfers.
  • Some designs are heavy to withstand endurance and constant speed.


Discraft. Source


  • Year Founded: 1978.
  • Price Range: From $11 to $25.
  • Top-Rated Discs: Luna, Zone, Buzzz, Undertaker, and Zeus.
  • Plastic Grades Used: Basic, Ultra-durable, Middle Grade, Premium Plastics.

Brief review

Discraft discs are ideal for beginners and intermediate players due to their endurance and consistent speed. 

They do not have that much complexity and are pretty easy to handle. Most disc golfers love how steady the fade of almost all discs of this brand is.

Unlike many other brands, Discraft discs don’t require an extensive learning curve before mastering how to throw them, regardless of the product line. Discraft is most famous for its midrange discs made for all kinds of basket approaches or short drives.

If you are a new disc golf player who makes short-distanced and predictable throws, Discraft models are your best bet.


  • Ideal for new disc golfers.
  • Excellent midrange discs.
  • Does not require a learning curve.
  • Premium quality at an affordable price.


  • Weak Fairway drivers.
  • Not all product lines have varying colors.
  • Some models are too easy for professionals to handle.


Gateway - Yetidiscgolf
Gateway. Source


  • Year Founded: 1994.
  • Price Range: From $10 to $26.
  • Top-Rated Discs: Demon, Journey, Wizard, Apache, Illusion.
  • Plastic Grades Used: Durable, Basic, Midgrade, Premium.

Brief review

Many players love the premium quality of the plastics that the Gateway discs are made of, especially the modern diamond plastic. Golf discs of this brand are best known for their overstability which is friendly to beginners and old players.

Regarding the top-rated discs of Gateway, many disc golfers love Demon, one of the great overstable midrange discs. 

This model is comfortable to hold and will allow you to maintain a good grip, letting you make a polished and smooth release. It is very fast and can keep its controlled endurance and speed even with harsh weather conditions.

Another good option is Wizard, which is a comfortable long-gliding putter. It can travel in a dependable and consistent direction while still maintaining a straight flight and will end with a gentle fade.


  • Beginner-friendly.
  • Made of the best base plastic.
  • Delivers a good grip and is comfortable.


  • Inconsistent at high speeds
  • Some plastic blending can negatively affect the disc’s overall look.

Latitude 64

Latitude 64. Source


  • Year Founded: 2005.
  • Price Range: From $16 to $25.
  • Top-Rated Discs: Ballista Pro, Culverin, Diamond, Sapphire, Pioneer.
  • Plastic Grades Used: Durable, Basic, and Premium.

Brief review

Discs of Latitude 64 are beginner-friendly models thanks to their understandability and light-weightedness. 

The easy-to-use discs of this brand are models belonging to the Opto line, and beginner players typically prefer their durability and affordable prices.

This brand is also famous for the polymer blends due to its versatility and unique style. The Ballista Pro disc has an outstanding balance between stability, glide, and speed.  If you prefer a disc that can travel along tight and tricky fairways, it is the one to get. But be careful in handling it when the wind is very strong.

For beginners, the Latitude 64 Sapphire disc is a comfortable, lightweight, and easy-to-use disc built for players with weak arms. Also, it can amazingly maintain its endurance and speed in wooded and tight courses.

The Culverin is another famous model from this brand. It delivers a good distance regardless of a backhand or forehand throw. You’ll love this versatile control disc that can achieve fantastic turnover and flex shots.


  • Esthetically pleasing solid molds
  • Durable plastic types.


  • Some molds deliver inconsistencies.
  • Some discs in a few lines are too understable.
  • Inconsistencies from run to run impact the overall performance.


Prodigy. Source


  • Year Founded: 2013.
  • Price Range: From $10 to $30.
  • Top-Rated Discs: D Model S, D Model OS, F Model S, P Model S, and M Model OS.
  • Plastic Grades Used: Air bubbles, Midgrade, Basic, Durable, Premium.

Brief review

Some of the best discs from Prodigy are known for their excellent overstability and fade. Top-rated models, especially the D Model S and D Model OS, are best known for their dependable endurance and reliability over long distances.

If you are keen on a stable fairway driver that can maintain good control and accurate speed, the Prodigy F Model S is your best bet. 

The dome-like feature of this disc lets you throw it in a good grip without much effort. It also features a great fade, even more than 400 feet.


  • Made with great quality molds.
  • Good for professional players.


  • Not many outstanding disc lines are available.


Discmania - Yetidiscgolf
Discmania. Source


  • Year Founded: 2006.
  • Price Range: From $16 to $25.
  • Top-Rated Discs: Discmania PD, Discmania FD, Discmania DDX, Discmania MD3, and Discmania P2.
  • Plastic Grades Used: Basic, Midgrade, Durable, and Premium.

Brief review

Discmania delivers all types of discs for all levels of players. Its discs are easy to control and comfortable, and this brand has some of the best fairway drivers that maintain straight flights over long distances. 

If you are a new disc golfer with weak arms, the Discmania FD disc is the recommended model. It will create a great anhyzer, tunnel shots, and excellent glides to form smooth curves.

The Discmania PD is another crowd favorite!  It delivers long and straight shots ending in a reliable low-speed fade. This disc is a great option for sidearm throws, long flex shots, and stable power shots.


  • Deliver good grip.
  • Feature an easy-release technology
  • High-quality plastic with consistent molds from run to run.


  • Not ideal for intermediate players and beginners.

Infinite Discs

Infinite Discs. Source


  • Year Founded: 2012.
  • Price Range: From $11 to $25.
  • Top-Rated Discs: Aztec, Enigma, Cutlass, D Model, and Slab.
  • Plastic Grades Used: Durable, Middle Range, and Premium.

Brief review

Almost all discs of Infinite are beginner-friendly, with several fine-tuned to match the skill of professional disc golfers. One of its best-selling models is Aztec which works great as both a distance driver and a fairway driver. This model is efficient and effective in backhand and sidearm throws!

On the flip side, go for the Infinite Slab disc if you are looking for a model that can withstand tightened and wooded courses. Although it is not the best option for new disc golfers, you get used to playing this versatile disc after several tries.


  • Comfortable design for excellent grip 
  • Deliver various plastic and stability blends


  • Not all models are beginner-friendly. 
  • Most models require a certain skill level.

Dynamic Discs

Dynamic Discs.
Dynamic Discs. Source


  • Year Founded: 2005.
  • Price Range: From $10 to $30.
  • Top-Rated Discs: Raider, Trespass, Sheriff, Felon, and Getaway.
  • Plastic Grades Used: Basic, Air Bubbles, Durable, Middle Range, Premium.

Brief review

The Legacy discs are famous for their controlled endurance and fast speed. Most disc golfers prefer the Legacy Vengeance thanks to its outstanding forehand and backhand shots.

With its rounded shape and size, this golf disc delivers comfortability for all throws while allowing the disc golfer to maintain a certain degree of steadiness.

On the flip side, Legacy Outlaw has the ability to maintain a straight flight without toppling over, even with strong winds.


  • Affordable price.
  • Straight flights.
  • Comfortable grip and hold.


  • Not all discs are recommended for new players

How to Choose a Disc Golf Brand?

There are many disc golf brands available, so you must carefully gauge each brand’s strengths and weaknesses to help you decide which is ideal for your playing skills. Here are several factors that you should consider.


The discs’ price is among the important considerations to consider when picking a disc golf brand. Any brand has its respective price range, and it typically depends on the plastic quality and types. Generally, most disc golf brands deliver good quality discs priced affordably.


It isn’t a significant factor, but it helps players when choosing a specific brand. 

The more professional disc golfers use a disc, the more likely the commoners will pick this specific disc.

The Plastic Used

The quality of the plastic used is a crucial factor you should consider when picking a disc golf brand. Remember that the more premium and better the plastic is, the more comfortable grip and durable the disc will be.


With the rising number of disc golf enthusiasts joining the sport, the accessibility of those discs becomes an essential factor. 

Making sure that your chosen disc golf brand is readily available in both physical stores and online so that you aren’t forced to purchase them at inflated prices.


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If you are a new disc golf player looking for a guide as to what best disc golf brands to consider, I hope my list provides a good starting point.

Another excellent method to know what disc golf brands might suit you best is to head over to a local disc golf store.

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