Beginner Disc Golf Mistakes – 05 Common Mistakes and Tips to Avoid


Disc golf is currently a popular sport among people around the world. However, inevitable common mistakes hinder the beginners’ progress. 

To help new players avoid these pitfalls, we have compiled a list of the top five beginner mistakes identified by pro players and ambassadors from Innova, one of the leading disc golf equipment manufacturers. 

From etiquette and rules to disc selection and throwing techniques, these tips will help beginners improve their scores, build confidence, and have more fun on the course. So, let’s dive into this post for more details!

5 Mistakes Beginners Should Avoid

Disc golf has become more popular among people looking for a new outdoor activity. Hence, we have put together a list of the top 5 mistakes of beginners and tips to avoid them.

#1. Throwing High-speed, Overstable Drivers

When beginners start playing disc golf, they may feel so nervous that they throw the fastest and most powerful drivers in their bag. 

However, this is often a mistake because these drivers require proper form and arm speed to release correctly. 

High-speed, overstable drivers help to resist turning and fly on a specific flight path. They can easily veer off course or fade too quickly if thrown incorrectly, resulting in a shorter throw or an out-of-bounds shot.

Instead of relying on these drivers, beginners should start with slower-speed discs that are more forgiving and easier to control. 

These discs usually have a more comprehensive range of flight characteristics and can be used for various shots, including straight, hyzer, and anhyzer throws. 

By starting with these discs, beginners can focus on developing their throwing technique and understanding the flight characteristics of different discs.

Over time, as beginners become more experienced and their arm speed improves, they can gradually move on to more advanced discs, including high-speed drivers. 

Avoid throwing high-speed overstable flight rating
Avoid throwing high-speed overstable flight rating (Link).

#2. Choosing Poor Discs

Choosing the wrong discs is a common mistake for beginners. It is often due to not knowing enough about the discs and their flight attributes or having too many discs to choose from. 

As a result, beginners should understand the different types of discs available. 

The wide variety of disc molds and plastic types can be overwhelming, but learning which disc to use in different situations is crucial. 

Beginners should research and learn about the different types of discs, such as putters, midranges, and drivers, and their flight characteristics. 

They should limit their disc selection to 5 or fewer, including one putter, one midrange, and 1 or 2 drivers.

They should also consider the weight of the disc and their throwing style and strength. Choosing too heavy or too light discs can also affect the flight path and distance. 

By selecting the right discs, beginners can improve their accuracy and distance while avoiding the frustration of using the wrong disc. 

Beginners should choose the right disc
Beginners should choose the right disc (Link).

#3. “All Arm” Throw

A common mistake beginners make when playing disc golf is relying solely on their arm strength during throws. 

This leads to an “all arm” throw, which is inefficient and lacks momentum, making it challenging to achieve longer distances. 

To improve their throws, beginners should learn to engage their entire body, including the core and lower body, to generate power and momentum. 

With their whole body, beginners can achieve greater distance and accuracy in their throws. To achieve this, they can focus on winding up their body before releasing the disc, using their hips and shoulders to build power and momentum. 

Through consistent practice, beginners can develop proper form and technique to throw with greater control and efficiency.

Beginners should avoid using too much arm power (Link).

#4. Lack of Patience and Focus

When beginners play disc golf, they may find it challenging to keep their concentration and focus. 

They may feel nervous, which leads to distractions or rushing through their shots, causing them to lose patience and not plan their moves properly. 

To overcome this, beginners should take a moment to breathe and calm their nerves, which helps slow down their movements. 

Although the distance is essential, accuracy plays a more significant role in achieving better scores in disc golf. 

Beginners should focus on making controlled and smooth movements instead of relying solely on power. This helps in developing a solid technique that leads to better results. 

Practicing with a specific goal will help build accuracy and patience, ultimately leading to success on the course.

Disc golf requires beginners’ patience and concentration
Disc golf requires beginners’ patience and concentration (Link).

#5. Disregarding Etiquette and the Rules of the Game

Disc golf and traditional golf share a lot of commonalities regarding etiquette and rules. Remember that the rules of disc golf change overtime according to the PDGA.

So beginners should understand the basic rules of the game to avoid frustration.

They should always wait their turn before throwing and avoid talking during another player’s throw. 

Also, walking too far ahead down the fairway can result in unnecessary delays and disrupt other players’ concentration. 

Therefore, waiting for everyone to finish their shots is essential before advancing down the fairway.

Another critical aspect of disc golf etiquette is to avoid making movements or fidgeting during other players’ throws. 

This can be extraordinarily distracting and disrespectful to the other players, and it’s essential to maintain a level of silence during the throw. 

In addition to these rules, players should be mindful of their behavior on the course, avoiding littering and keeping the path clean and tidy. 

Following these etiquette rules, beginners can show respect for other players on the course and make the game more enjoyable for everyone.

Regulate the rules of the game.
Regulate the rules of the game (Link).

By avoiding these beginner mistakes and following the tips, beginners can improve their disc golf game, score better, and have more fun on the course.


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Final Verdict

The top 5 common mistakes disc golf beginners make are throwing high-speed overstable drivers, choosing poor discs, relying too much on the arm during a throw, losing focus and patience, and disregarding the etiquette and rules of the game.

By avoiding these mistakes and practicing proper techniques, beginners can improve their game and enjoy it even more. 

Remember to start with slower-speed discs, focus on proper form and technique, minimize the number of discs in the bag, be patient and focus on accuracy, and learn and follow the etiquette and rules of the game. 

Thank you for reading!

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